Diary of a Geek


Emily knows a lot - like the fact that there are more than 10,000 bricks in the Empire State building, that dolphins sleep with one eye open, and that humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year. But she doesn't know one thing - how to be popular and fit in - well, until she has the chance to be transformed into one of the populars. But does being popular really make you happy? And will all the popularity go to Emily's head?

Inspired by Holly Smale's 'Geek Girl'.


4. 7th September

I woke up early, eager to make an impression on Casey. I was going to show her I wasn't just some geek! I showered, taking extra long on my hair. I curled my hair once it was dry, applied a little lipstick (okay, a lot.) and some mascara. It looked a bit clumpy but never mind. I made the mistake of applying blusher; I looked like a tomato. I rubbed vigorously at my face with a baby wipe to remove the makeup, until my face was still red - but not from the blusher, from me rubbing so hard. At least my hair looked okay. I pulled on my uniform and spritzed some of Mum's old perfume on. It smelt a little musty, but I had no time to do anything about it. I was conscious that I was late, so I picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and left in a rush. I just about made it to the bus on time.

Neither Casey nor her friends were in any of my classes. I didn't see them at all until lunch time. I sat in my usual spot, unsure of whether I should sit at the group's usual table and wait for them or not.  I looked at my watch. There was twenty minutes left of lunch and they still weren't here. Perhaps they were playing me up? That's it. I mean, why would a group of popular girls be interested in being friends with a geek like me? Tears stung my eyes and I got up, realising what a fool I'd been. Just at that moment, Casey, Emma and Jessica waltzed into the canteen. I slipped casually into my seat. Casey looked over in my direction and spotted me. She came bounding over, blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders.

'Hello!' she had a big grin plastered on her face.

'Hi, Casey.'

Jessica and Emma were still hovering, not quite daring to sit down.

'Sit down, girls.'

It was as though they had to wait for Casey to give them permission to do anything.

'So, let's see what we have to work with...' Casey said, pulling at my hair slightly.

'What do you mean by 'work with'?'

'Well, you didn't think I'd let you hang around with us looking like that, did you?' she laughed, raising her eyebrows. 'We're going to give you a M-A-K-E-O-V-E-R!' I didn't see why she felt the need to spell it out.

'Urm, okay...nothing to dramatic though, yeah?'

'I can't promise you that, honey - we've a lot of work to do if we're to make you look worthy enough to sit with us!'

'So, when does this makeover take place?' I mumbled nervously.

'Today! Well, if that's okay with you?'

'Yeah, that's fine...where will we do it though? They lock the school gates at 4.'

'At my house, silly!' The bell rang. 'Toodles, darling! Meet you after school.'

And with a swish of her hair, she was off. Wow. I'd actually been invited to Casey's house! I couldn't concentrate in Science, my last lesson. It was usually my favourite lesson, but today I felt distant and in a day dream. It was almost as though Casey had put a spell on me. The second the bell rang, I ran out of class to meet Casey. I rounded the corner and saw Casey, Emma and Jessica all waiting by the gates. When they saw me, they waved and I ran over to join them, tripping over my own feet in the process. I am such an idiot. 

'There you are!' Casey exclaimed. 'Let's go!'

It had just occured to me that I had not once talked to Emma or Jessica. They remained quiet for the whole journey to Casey's house while Casey chatted away. Every now and then when I spoke, Jessica would roll her eyes or Emma would yawn. I decided that I didn't much like those two. Casey, however, was nicer than I'd imagined! She spoke animatedly about fashion, makeup, school, her house, her friends, her family; let's just say she talks a lot. We reach her house, a cottage-type house not far away from the school, painted a mint green colour with a neat front garden. Casey's room was amazing. She had a double bed with a floral duvet on it. Little roses were painted on her white walls and light beamed through the window, lighting up the room in a way that made it seems bigger and brighter. Her dressing table was covered in various perfumes, makeup and magazines - it sounds like a total mess, but it just worked.

'So,' Casey declared. 'Let's get to work!' Jessica and Emma squealed, the first noise I'd heard from them all day.

First they started on my hair. They'd covered up the mirror, so I could make out what the were doing properly, but it involved a lot of hairspray and curlers. Jessica was getting more chatty as she got more into the job at hand, telling me about her boy troubles and annoying brother. Next they did my makeup - a lot more than I was used to. I was nervous about seeing the finished product. My eyes watered as they put on my eyeliner; you could tell I wasn't used to this. Last of all was my clothes. Luckily, I was the same small size as Casey, so Emma looked thoroughly through her closet - four times. This was clearly Emma's favourite job. She was beginning to open up a little to me and was actually including me in the conversation for once. Emma finally decided on an outfit for me, although she wouldn't let me see what it was until the 'big reveal' as she called it. At last I was ready. Butterflies filled my stomach as I stood in front of the covered mirror. Casey pulled of the cloth covering it and I couldn't believe what I saw! Was this really me? The girl looking back at me was...pretty! More than pretty, she was gorgeous! Her blonde hair was curled in loose waves. She wore (surprisingly) natural looking makeup. The outfit she was wearing flattered her body shape - a floral mini dress and nude heels. It took me a minute or two to register that that girl was...me!

'Thank you so much!' I hugged Casey. 'You've made me feel beautiful!' I blushed, realising I must have sounded really, well, geeky.

'It's okay, honey. You look fab!'

I said more thank yous, then waved goodbye and set off home. Today was a very good day. My parents and Talia were even more surprised than me! Talia even came close to calling me 'pretty', but stopped herself just in time. She was in a mood with me because I'd drawn moustaches on her The Wanted posters. I'm much more of a One Direction girl myself, you see.


Emily xo



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