Diary of a Geek


Emily knows a lot - like the fact that there are more than 10,000 bricks in the Empire State building, that dolphins sleep with one eye open, and that humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year. But she doesn't know one thing - how to be popular and fit in - well, until she has the chance to be transformed into one of the populars. But does being popular really make you happy? And will all the popularity go to Emily's head?

Inspired by Holly Smale's 'Geek Girl'.


3. 6th September

Phew! Yesterday, when I arrived home, everything was normal. Hopefully my parents hadn't realised I hadn't been at school all day. I got in a little later than usual, but no one was home, so I didn't have to face my parents and annoying sister, Talia, just yet. Talia is 1 year younger than me, making her fourteen, but even though we're close in age, that's about where the similarities end. Whereas I'm tall and skinny, Talia is short and curvy. I have bright blonde hair (shoulder length - it's weird how my hair can NEVER grow past my shoulders), Talia has ebony black hair that trails down to her waist. I'm interested in facts, Maths and drawing, while Talia is more interested in boys, fashion and makeup. Oh, did I mention? SHE'S ALSO REALLY ANNOYING. 

Today was, shall we say, interesting and unusually exciting! The day started off just like normal - I got ready for school and caught the bus to school. Nothing new there. Everything was the same as usual until lunch time. I sat at the table in the corner of the canteen; no one usually sits there with me, because it's near the bins and the toilets. I squirted some hand sanitiser onto my hand, wincing as the gel rubbed into a paper cut I hadn't realised I had up until now. I'm not OCD - I just like to be clean and organised. I began eating my lunch, but stopped when I saw - wait for it - CASEY MORGAN walking towards me, with Emma Jones and Jessica Bundy towing behind her. I froze mid-bite into my sandwich. Casey slid into the seat opposite me.

'Hi...urm, Emily is it?' I was surprised she knew my name.

'Hi,' I said with a mouth full of food. Jam slid down my chin, landing on my white polo shirt. Great. The one time Casey Morgan talks to me and I dribble food all over myself - good one, Emily.

I bet you're wondering why Casey talking to me was such a big deal. Well, let me tell you first - it is. Casey is the most popular girl in our school. She's in the year above me. If you get on her bad side, she'll rip you to shreds. If she likes the look of you, she'll suck up to you. If you leave her alone, she'll ignore you. Which is what she did to me, up until now.

'So, how you doing?'

'Urm, great, thanks.'

'Good. OMG - I love your bracelet, sweetie. Where's it from?'

'Oh, my mum made it for me.'

'Gorgeous - so trendy. So, I have B-I-G news...the girls and I,' she looked round at Jessica and Emma.  'Wanted to invite you to sit with us - for the rest of the week!'

My jaw dropped. The most popular girls in the school wanted me - Emily Whitten, geekiest girl in the school - to sit with them? This cannot be real.

'Sure,' I managed to squeak.

'Perfect. So we'll see you tomorrow, yeah? Mwah, bye!'

This was turning into the weirdest day ever. Perhaps my life isn't so boring after all.

The rest of the day was pretty normal - I got home, had my jam sandwich and milk, argued with Talia, watched TV, did homework, argued more with Talia. I flicked through my school organizer. Next week was the annual Talent Show. I never enter, but it's fun to watch, even if most of the acts are terrible. Casey, Emma and Jessica ALWAYS win. I'm surprised they can even dance in the heels they wear every year. I entered once. Two words; NEVER AGAIN.


Emily xo


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