The Life of Agnes: Angels, Americans and Agonising Agony

There are three things I love more than anything. 1) Animals 2) My family 3) My freind

In this book you'll find out about the day my best (only) freind came to school for the first time. And about how I found my soul sister in an African American girl from the past. (Who heard Martin Luther Kings speach when she was my age). You can also read about my younger brothers atempts at being a stunt man. (Ouch).


6. Secrets uncovered. (With quick explenations)

I knocked on the door which was opened by a very pretty woman. She had soft blonde hair and smiling blue eyes. She was tall with an hour glass figure. Despite having the looks of a supermodel she was dressed very casually. She was wearing a white tracksuit with a pink t-shirt. “Hello.” She said in a sing song voice. “Hi. My name’s Agnes. Tommy’s friend.” Her grin grew even larger. “Oh how nice to meet you. Come in come in.” I followed her through the door and up the stairs. Their main room was black and white and very sophisticated. “Tommy!” Mrs Jones called. “What?”

“Your friend Agnes is here.”

“What! Why did you let her in?” I was a little miffed by this. “What’s wrong?” asked a voice. It belonged to another woman. She had Tommy’s brown hair and grey eyes. “Oh. So your Tommy’s mum.” (Argh, minus 5 for that comment). She laughed. “One of his mums.” I was confused for a second. Then I realised what she meant. Poor Tommy. Fancy being the son of two Lesbians. 


When me and Tommy were in his room he explained. “All my life people made fun of me. It never really got to me. But I never had a friend because of it.  That’s why we moved.”  

“Why was no one friends with you?” He stared out of his window. I must admit I envy Tommy’s view. On the left side there’s nothing but fields. Sometimes with animals or flowers. On the other was a little village. You know. The sort with thatched roof. It’s about a miles drive from our house. “They. They thought. They thought I was gay.” Tommy blushed. “What! That’s stupid.”(Tommy may be many things but one thing he isn’t is gay).  He grinned at me, and then went back to staring out the window. We just sat there for a while. Then I turned to Tommy. “Tommy.”


“I want tell anyone. About your mums I mean.” He looked at me. “Promise?”

“Promise.” We grinned at each other. Then he stood up walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a skateboard. “You skate?” he asked. I shook my head. He threw a helmet at me and I caught it. “Fancy learning?” We walked to the skate park it was packed with kids mostly our age or older. Though some were slightly younger. Tommy showed me how to stop and start. How to keep my balance. He even taught me how to use the ramps. A group of boys sat watching us. Whenever I made a mistake they laughed. I just stuck my tongue out at them. We had lots of fun. When it was time to go home Tommy turned to me. “Let’s do this every week.” He suggested. “Yes let’s.” I agreed.

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