The Life of Agnes: Angels, Americans and Agonising Agony

There are three things I love more than anything. 1) Animals 2) My family 3) My freind

In this book you'll find out about the day my best (only) freind came to school for the first time. And about how I found my soul sister in an African American girl from the past. (Who heard Martin Luther Kings speach when she was my age). You can also read about my younger brothers atempts at being a stunt man. (Ouch).


5. A trip to the hospital (Ouch!)

CRASH! That’s the sound that told me something was wrong. Normally the first thing I hear in the morning is purr purr. (One of the cats sleeping on my bed). Or woof woof if I’ve slept in past tenish. But crash. Well I have never heard that sound first thing in the morning in my life. I jumped out of bed. (Disturbing a ginger moggie who goes by the name of Mary), and raced down stairs. My nightie billowing. Ok ok. So my nighties really an oversized t-shirt. But it comes down to my knees, (just). I rushed into the kitchen. Gonzo and Boi were looking out the window. Torquil jumping up and down, (accompanied by two small dogs). “What’s going on?” I asked. “Jacques jumped out the window.” Boi replied. “He landed on a sharp piece of metal.” My brother looked a mess. His hair was tousled and he had only one eye done up with eye liner. My older brother’s gay and while he hides it at school, he ‘opens up’ at home. I looked at our messy over grown garden. To be honest I fell nervous about tip toeing into our garden, let alone jumping into it. Of course I’m not Jacques with his new stunt man craze. Just then mum walked through the door, half dragging a sobbing (limping) Jacques. “He needs to go to hospital.” She announced. (Even though this was fairly obvious). “You’ll be ok won’t you?”

“We’ll be fine mum.” Boi replied. She nodded and with that carried Jacques to the car. Boi followed her out of the house to finish getting ready. Gonzo started boiling the kettle and grabbed a banana, (his breakfast). Torquil sat down and poured himself a bowl of cereal. Whilst I poured a bowl of cat food. (Not my breakfast).  “So what are you lot doing today?” Asked Boi when he finely joined us. “I’m just guna stay home.” Gonzo replied. “I’m going round Ben’s house.” Torquil chirped. I smiled. Torquil’s friend Ben is sweet. But a little strange. He had a bleeding inside the brain when he was born. As a result he can’t walk or talk properly. “What about you Agnes.” I yawned. “I might go see Tommy.” I replied. “Do you know where he lives?”

“Yeh. I walked home with him didn’t I?” Boi nodded. Wolfed down his piece of toast and left. I ran upstairs and began to get dressed. I put on my best blue checked shirt and black denim trousers. Hey. I wanted to make a good first impression in front of Tommy’s parents. I straitened my hair. If it’s left too long it goes curly. Giving me a tres, (very) unflattering afro. Then I put in my mini gold hoop earrings, applied some lip-gloss, picked up my bag and left. Completely oblivious to what (dark secret) I would uncover.

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