If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


9. 9


I should not feel the need to hurt her! she doesn't deserve it but I cant help myself. I need to talk to someone. I walk to Zayn's room and he is chilling on his bed like always.

"Hey Zayn? You up for some advice giving?"

"Yeah come on in mate" I sit down and I get nervous, what if he gets mad and hits me

"Well spit it out harry"

"Welll......Zayn.....I have these feelings.....and there bad"

"What is it Haz?"

"I want to hurt Zo....." He looks down and says something that I could barley hear,

"me too"


"I know its so wrong but I feel like its a need"

"....So what do we do"

"well I cant control myself I need to hurt her we can get her together tomorrow.....no one will know...come on Haz we both need this." I frown I know its wrong but I have to

"Ok" what did I just agree to....


Niall and I are laying in his bed, he holds me as close as he can and kisses my head

"Im so happy your here with me" I smile

"Im happy too" before I know it Niall is on top of me. He kisses me passionately and as his tongue licks my bottom lip begging to explore my mouth I let him in. He deepens the kiss and pushes down on me. Things were getting heated and fast, my hands went into his hair pulling him closer and his hands were at the bottom of my shirt pulling. I smile into the kiss and take my hands down to the bottom of his shirt and slowly I pull his shirt up and off. My hands feel his abs and go down to his belt.

"Eager are we?" I laugh and he takes my shirt off. His hands go to the back of my bra and he undoes it. He breaks the kiss to look at my bare breasts and just smiles and mumbles something before he continues to kiss me I cant help but laugh at his statement,

"I'm one lucky son of a bitch" my hand slowly rubs the huge bulge in his pants and he moans loudly as he goes to undo my pants but I quickly stop and tense up, Niall stops kissing me and looks into my eyes

"Babe, whats wrong?" I look down and feel the heat of tear boiling in my eyes

"I-I just don't think im ready to go all the way yet...." he laughs and hands me my shirt,

"baby....all you had to do was say, and I would stop. I love you and I wouldn't want you to be rushed"

"thank-Wait-What did you just say?"

"I-....Uh.....um....said I would stop...?"

"After that Niall"

"Um...don't want you to be rushed?"

"Niall James!...what did you say" he blushed a deep red

"I-I-I love you...." I feel a hug smile come across my face and I pull him down and kiss him passionately,

"I love you too Niall" he held me tightly and kissed me, I wish we could stay like that forever.

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