If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


7. 7


Louis takes me to his mum to have her look at my stab wound. Im nervous, what will she say, will I have to tell her what happened. I don't know why but Louis lives alone so we have to drive to her house. We walk in and a very nice looking woman sits in her living room. She looks so happy to see Louis. Louis tells her that I needed her nursing hand to fix me up

"Well come with me young lady and you two boys stay in here" Niall looked really reluctant, like he was afraid that I wouldn't come back.

"Im Jay darling, hope my boy and his friends are to mean to you" she joked, If only she knew. She takes my shirt off to see my bloody shoulder. She looks very concerned

"Now Zoe, I wont ask because Im sure it will be too difficult for you to come up with a cover story, but whoever did this, you stay away from, you hear, Ill make sure those boys protect you. Now the cut is a little infected and this will sting but you can do it" she takes a bottle and pours it over my shoulder and I flinch in pain, she wasn't kidding, It hurt. she rapped it up and told me to take Pain killers to help. She walked me back out to Niall and Louis and they stood up.

"Calm down you two, your friend here will be just fine just a little infection" they relax Niall comes and hugs me,

"Your sure your ok" he whispers in my ear

"Niall Im more than ok" I smile and kiss him making him smile.

"You know, I hate public displays of affection and you two seem to do a lot of it"

"Louis!" Me and Niall both say in unison

"Oh Im kidding loves, now lets go" We head back to Louis' house and it hits me....I have to go back to my house sometime...We get back and all six of us start watching T.V. I turn it off and stand up in front of them

"Guys....I have to go home sometime....you know that right...." Niall looks upset but you can tell he has been thinking about it too

"I do too...sometime.....eventually....Louis you know I always go back...." Niall says. Louis then stands up,

"NO! I am not letting you two get hurt again.....Niall I should have never let you go home, especially when you came back time after time...I was a bad friend for that......And Zo Im not making that mistake with you" I slightly chuckle

"Whats so funny"

"Louis....you just called me your friend" Louis walks over and hugs me

"Its cause you are, you big dummy"

"Well what do we do then, I mean I don't even have clothes, what im wearing Is Niall's"

"Well mates...I think its time for some breaking and entering" Louis says with and evil look.

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