If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


6. 6


I cant believe I kissed her...and she kissed back....she actually likes me back...and that kiss....was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. I help Zo up and grab her hand leading her to Louis' kitchen, I stop half way down the steps when I hear voices,

"What do you mean they are upstairs kissing!

"He likes her!"

"She likes him!"

"Lads, Niall likes her and now we do to"

"Alright fine with us" I turn to Zo

"We should really freak them out" she smiles

"and how do we do that" I tell her the plan and before you know it our plan was in action


"Lads, Niall likes her and now we do to" I was happy for Niall hopefully they can be too

"Alright fine with us" thank the lord. All of the sudden we hear Niall and Zo being....well....very vocal...

"OH NIALL!""OH ZOE!" we all exchange looks

"Lets go catch them in the act shall we boys" they laugh and we all get up and head up the stair, when we all get tot he top we stop dead in our tracks...there stood Niall and Zo with two buckets full of water

"Oh, no, you wouldn't dare" they look at each other and in unison said

"Oh yes we would" and poured both buckets onto Zayn, Liam, harry, and me. we were soaked.

"Oh come here Niall, I think you need a hug" I ran after Niall and we all ended up wet. We all got changed and Niall always left clothes here for when he had to come when his dad hurt him. I feel bad for Niall and Zo... I couldn't imagine.


"Here Zo you can put on some of my clothes and Louis can dry yours" I handed her some clothes and she went and changed. I had waited awhile for her to come back but she didn't....where could she be...I got nervous and run to the bathroom, I knocked, no answer. I opened the door to find Zo on the floor

"Zo, what happened!"

"I fell and I was to weak to get back up." she still wasn't changed into my clothes

"Will it be ok if I helped you change" she nodded and I gently took her shirt off, I didn't realize it but she was tiny. I took her bloody bandages off and put new ones on. I still had to change her pants but I was nervous about it

"Niall, Its ok, your just helping me" she undoes her pants and I help her slide them off I cant help but stare at her half naked Body, she is gorgeous. she starts to giggle

"Niall your staring" I blush and say sorry and I continue helping her dress, when I put my shirt on she smiled

"It smells like you" I laughed

"What do I smell like Sweat and Nandos" she bursts into laughter, she is so cute when she laughs, I lean in and she meets me half way, the kiss in passionate and intimate, I grab her waist and pull her closer and she runs her hands through my hair.

"I always come at the wrong time don't I...." we all laugh and I help Zo up and tell Louis what happened

"Love would you let my mum look at that, she's a nurse"

"Yeah, thanks Louis" she says with a smile. Finally everyone Is getting along.


A/N Hey guys tell me what you think so far!

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