If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


5. 5


.....did he just say that I......

"yes mate you heard me right" I look over at Zo, maybe he is right. Whenever I look a her amazing bright green eyes I get butterflies, sometimes I catch myself looking at her lips, just wanting them to be on mine, I think I do love her.

"Niall....say something" tears sting my eyes

"Oh my gosh....I love her" Louis pulls me into a hug

"Niall, Im sorry I was so mean to her, I know you lied today about her being passed out because I could see it all in you eyes, I will apologize to her, I promise and I will leave her alone."

"Thank you Louis" For the next few hours we sit by Zo's side waiting for her to wake up. Finally her eyes fly up and she looks up in a panic, she sees Louis and almost screams, I grab her and hug her

"Louis isn't going to hurt you love" she finally relaxed at the sound of my voice and I let go of her but she wouldn't let me go


"what love"

"Please don't leave me"

"Im not" she cries into my neck and finally she lets go she looked over at Louis who was sitting looking at the fear he had caused

"Zo....I want to apologize for everything and I want to thank you for helping my best mate out" Im glad he hasn't said anything about me loving her, I don't think she could handle it

"Ill leave you two now" Louis gets up and leaves and Zo cuddles back into my arms, I know she feels safe there so I hold her tight, I never want to let go of her. We lay down and soon enough we both fall asleep


I wake up in Niall's arms, I feel so safe and secure. I never want to leave. Louis walks in and I know he apologized but I still tensed up. As if Niall felt my discomfort her woke up.

"Well you two love birds get up I made some breakfast, hope you like waffles Zo!" he ran out the room. I wonder what he meant by love birds? does he know- I..uh..mean think I love Niall....Oh who am I kidding, I do.

"Are you alright love, can you get up" he is inches from my face, I look into his eyes then down at his mouth only to look back up to see his eyes looking at mine. Does he want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss him. He leans in and slowly and gently kissed me. I didn't know what to do...this boy has beat me and now he is kissing me, before I over think it I relax and fall into the kiss, his tongue was begging permission and I let him in. his mouth was so soft, I loved everything about that kiss.

"I thought I told you two to ge-....oh...um my bad no need to interrupt. Just gonna walk back down stairs....continue on" we break the kiss and laugh at Louis. Niall pecked my lips once more

"I think we should get up"

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