If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


4. 4

I cant believe Im doing this, I am standing at Louis Tomblinson's doorstep. the ring leader of my pain, what have I gotten myself into. Louis opens the door and his smile fades when he sees me, he looks from me to Niall and anger feels his eyes. he pushes me, his hands hitting the exact spot where I was stabbed. I fall on the ground crying out in pain.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM SLUT!" Niall gains enough strength to push Louis back.

"YOU IDIOT SHE BROUGHT ME HERE, SHE RISKED HER OWN FEAR OF YOUR SICK ASS TO SAVE ME, YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO HURT ME LOUIS!!!" Niall tried to help me up but was to weak and I was to weak to get up my self.

"Louis please help her inside and I will explain everything" Last thing I remember is Louis' arms around me taking me inside his house


I cant take my eyes off of her, she is so beautiful. When Louis went to pick her up she passed out again. Damn that idiot for pushing her. I feel Louis eyes on me but I cant stop watching Zo.

"um...cough cough.... you have some explaining"

"Louis why are you such an asshole" he looks hurt, me and Lou have been best friends since we were 5

"Lou, Im sorry mate"

"Its alright, just please explain why that...Thing is here"

"Louis, Please stop, she is a person to, a person named Zo. Lou when I told you guys to leave me and her in the bathroom and when I was done told you she had passes out....well....I li-"

"I know you lied mate"

"Then why didn't you go back in there?"

"Just finish your story Nialler"

"...Well I had apologized to her....she didn't forgive me....so....I followed her home, but when I got there her father was beating on her like mine does me but Lou she has it worse"

"why do you say that?" I bring her shirt down so he could see the bloody bandage

"He stabbed her....I stopped him from killing her...Lou I saw the anger in his eyes he was going to kill her!"

"Mate calm down and tell me the rest."

"I brought her to my house because she passed out then she woke up and she forgave me then my dad came and ...well you know and she was brave enough to bring me here." Louis looked down at his hands

"Niall Im sorry for saying stuff about her...I see the way you look at her...Mate....I think you love her"


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