If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


3. 3

I wake up to a new place. Its not my home, its not a hospital. I start to lift my head but a hand stops me. I close my eyes in pain and I open them again to a tear-filled Niall Horan. I almost scream but he covers my mouth. He grabs another pillow and elevates me up to a sitting position without hurting me.

"Niall where am I and what happened?" A saw a flash of worry in his eyes

"Don't you remember, Zo?" I nod and he gets ready to explain

"Well don't get creeped out but I followed you home and then I heard yelling and I saw you dad beating you up and then he went and got a knife and I came in and he just got your shoulder, but I knocked him out and then brought you to my house."

"Niall...." I look down and quietly say, "Thank you" I feel tears start to wet my face

"Zo...I am so sorry I thought it was bad how me and the boys treated you... and I didn't know...about your home life...I-I-" he stops and breaks down crying, I cant help but feel a little bad for him, he is right, he didn't know but still even if I had a good home life it gives him no right to beat me at school.

"Niall please stop crying"

"Im so sorry!" I pull him into a hug. It a little weird at first but I soon relax. I start running my hands through his soft blonde hair.

"Niall please stop" he sits up and looks at me with the same guilt filled eyes

"How can you be so nice to me, I hurt you Zo!"

"NIALL! I said I forgive you." he smiled and pulled me into a hug but it was to fast and it sent pain through my shoulder.

"Oh my gosh Im so sorry I forgot." I smile at him

"Niall It more painful to hear you keep apologizing" he laughed. There was a knock at the door and Niall almost looked scared for a minute. he said he would be right back and left. All of the sudden I heard loud screams and a crash. It was painful but I got up and found my way to the Living room. I look up with a feeling of horror. Niall was on the floor and a man that looked like he could be his father was standing above him. His father kicked him and left slamming the front door. I ran over to Niall whose face was bleeding. I grabbed a towel and soaked all the blood up

"Go back to my room, He will be back soon and your to badly hurt"

"Niall you saved me, Im not going to let this happen to you" then I realize, Niall felt so bad for me because he was in the same situation.

"Niall is there somewhere we can go and be away from you dad when he comes back?"

"Yeah I go somewhere when this happens but you wont like it....."

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