If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


2. 2

My eyes are still closed waiting but the pain isn't coming. I feel Niall sit down not to me and I slowly open my eyes,

"W-what a-are y-you doing?" he lifts me up into a sitting position and looks at me with his eyes full of guilt

"Zo...I-I-Im really sorry for everything the bo- ....well..I have done to you" he looks as if he could cry, as a tear drop starts to overflow onto his skin I take my thumb and wipe it away. he seems shocked at my action and I quickly put my hand down. before I put my hand all the way down Niall grabs my hand.

"P-please forgive me"

"Niall how can I forgive you if I know your just going to continue doing it?" At this he drops my hand and leaves I hear him tell the other boys that I was unconscious and there was no need to go back in. I will say this once, thank you Niall. I wait there on the floor long enough for the boys to walk away and then I get up and head to class. the day goes on without any problem but Niall has been staring at me all day. I try not to look back but how can I stay away. His blue eyes are so mesmerizing. I cant help but look sometimes. The final bell finally rings and I bolt out of class hoping not to run into the boys but in the effort of running I ending up literally running INTO the boys- well boy, It was Niall. I had ran right into his chest and almost fell but he caught me, He accidently grabbed one of my bruises and I cried out.

"Are you ok, did I hurt you, I didn't mean to" he looked extremely sad.

"Im fine" I say quietly and turn and walk away. I thought I heard someone follow behind me on the way home but every time I turned no one was there. I practically ran home and completely forgot my dads beer. he marches in and grabs my hair

"Where Is my beer bitch!"

"I forgot it my sorry" I beg him not to be mad but it just makes it worse. he threw me across the room and started repeatedly kicking me in the stomach. he had left for a minute but I could hear his foot steps coming back. He came back with a knife

"Im done wit you, Im ending It now" He pulls back the knife but someone grabs him. My dad fights him off enough to get one good stab into my shoulder. I couldn't tell who was stopping him. Whoever it was I was thankful because without them I would surely be dead. I try to get up only to realize that its to much for me and with a bang I hit the floor and collapse into blackness.

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