If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


13. 13

Zo's POV

Niall and I headed to the café, we wanted to give Louis and Zayn some time together. Im really happy for them. I still feel bad for Harry, he is alone and everyone else is home and happy,

"What you thinking about babe?" with a mouthful of food

"That you shouldn't talk with you mouth open"

"no Im thinking that we need to find Harry, I feel bad for him" I see Niall tense

"Don't feel bad for him, he can come back when he does whats right"

"Niall...he is one of your bests friends, im not going to be the reason for bad tension"

"your not, he is, its his own bloody fault"

"Stop it! you love him as a brother and you know it so stop trying to tell yourself to forget him, Harry did something wrong yes but it doesn't mean I want him to be all alone, he needs a friend Niall"

"I know babe, I just don't understand why he would do this to you, he knows I love you, If something happened to you It would kill me inside, so I just don't know why he would to that to me"

"I don't either..." another voice comes in and I turn around to see a soaking wet Harry, he had a black eye and a busted lip and looked like he could fall over any minute, I run over to him

"My God Harry what happened?" I helped him over to a table and let him sit down next to me

"I felt so bad, I don't know why I did it, Niall is right, you shouldn't feel bad for me, im worthless, I don't deserve you kindness or friendship. Im so sorry..." By this point Harry is sobbing, I pull him into a hug,

"Harry please stop crying and tell me what happened, why are you soaked and bloody?"

"I went to a bar, got drunk, then im not really sure, I just woke up in an alley, I guess I got into a fight, I walked around and I found out about Louis' acceident and I got mad at myself and punched a wall that happened to be brick..." I hadn't noticed his hand but it was swollen and purple, " I walked here in the rain so im wet. I am so sorry Zoe, I don't have a clue why I ever wanted to hurt you, you are so amazing and I...am....sorry.." he says between sobs. I get up and grab his hand

"I forgive you Harry, now come on we need to get you hand checked out" He pulls me into a hug and says thank you again, Niall awkwardly coughs, I know he still isn't comfortable with Harry, Harry then turns to Niall and pulls him into a hug and sobs in his shoulder

"Please forgive me Nialler, im so sorry, I never want to hurt you, I love you, your my brother"

"I forgive you mate, just get off me, we don't need another gay person in our house." Harry looked completely confused

"You haven't been to Louis' room yet have you?" Harry shakes his head

"Well you'll see what we mean, come on you can see his after we fix your hand" we get a doctor to put harry in a cast, he broke 3 fingers. we head to Louis' room to find him laying in Zayn's arms.

"That's what you meant!" Harry's eyes nearly fell off of his face.

"Nice to see you too Hazza, and my I say you look great" Louis says sarcastically

"Yeah mate what the hell happened?" Harry told them what happened all the way up to now

"So all in all I was an idiot, I broke my fingers, im an idiot, Zoe forgave me, im an idiot, I hugged Niall to much and he told me we didn't need anymore gay people in our house and I now know what he meant...Cough cough congrats." We all laugh

"And lastly, im sorry Zoe for trying to hurt you, im sorry Niall for hurting her which hurt you, im sorry Zayn for having to stupid idea to hurt her again, and im sorry BooBear for being an idiot...I have another apology but....where is Liam?"

"Right here and quiet confused..." we told him the whole story,

"So Louis and Zayn are a thing?" we nod "Zoe forgave Harry and Zayn?" we nod "Harry is an idiot?" we nod again and harry speaks up " An extremely sorry idiot"

"I forgive you, and im sorry for hitting you Zayn and scaring you shitless Harry, im just a little protective of Niall and Zoe..."

"Don't be sorry, I deserved it Liam" Zayn says

"GROUP HUG!!!!" Louis screams, we all laugh and get pulled into a hug, its nice for things to be good again.

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