If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


12. 12


my head really hurts, I don't want to open my eyes, it will hurt worse, someone is holding my hand, who is it? just open my eyes god dammit. I open my eyes to see that im in a hospital bed, I don't really remember much, I look down and see Zayn holding my hand, he is asleep and I can see the red marks from where the tear have fallen from his eyes. Looking at him brings it all back. I know what he said, three words I wont forget. He told me he loved me, I never thought that would happen, I feel the same, I always have but I tried to get over it because I always thought he was straight I mean he always had girls. I love him so much, I knew I would never get over him. I take my free hand and brush my fingers through Zayn's hair and he starts to stir. he quickly sits up and looks at me. He smiles and pulls my into a huge hug.

"Louis, im so glad your ok"

"I told you I had never been better" I feel him tense and he slowly sits back down

"Y-You remember what happened?"


"Do you re-

"I can forget what you said if you didn't mean Zayn" I cant help but feel hurt, does he really want to take it all back?

"Louis...I meant what I said...." I grab his hand and intertwine our fingers

"I love you too Zayn" he almost looked shocked

"Y-you do?"

"Zayn I have for a really long time...I just never told you...I felt so bad kicking you out but...what you did was wrong Zayn and as much as I love you I cant let you back to my house, its the only place Zo is safe im sorry" I feel the tears boiling over my eyes, I want him home with me but im not doing that to Zo, I cant, shes been through to much, Zayn brings his hands to my face wiping the tears from my face

"I know babe, I promise to get help, I love you and I promise to fix this." I lean in slowly to the point where Zayn's lips are only inches from mine, he leans in the rest of the was connecting our lips, I felt all the butterflies in my stomach take flight. after a couple minutes we finally separate,

"....Wow" we both say in unison breathing heavily

"Zayn...I don't want to keep you from Louis...please come back home" we both snap our heads to the door to see Zo and Niall standing in the doorway. Zayn runs to Zo pulling her into a tight hug

"Zoe I am so so so so so so so so so sorry, I don't expect you to forgive me, I will get help, im so sorry" Zayn is sobbing and begging into Zo's shoulder.

"Zayn please stop, its ok really, I promise" Zayn pulls away from her

"Im really so-"

"ZAYN! if you say your sorry one more time I wont forgive you"

"Im so- yeah" She laughs and pulls him back into a hug,

"Zayn, I forgive you, I know that you know you were wrong and now you can fix it"

"Thank you Zoe" she smiles at him

"Now, me and Niall will leave you two to it but um nurses do come in and check so don't get to heated " She laughs and winks at me. Niall puts his arm around her waist and they leave. Zayn walks back over and puts his mouth to my ear

"I love you"

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