If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


10. 10


something people should know about me is....I ease drop...and I happened to walk by Niall's room when I heard him say it....I love you....I knew it! im so happy for them. So like I said I ease drop and as I walked past my spare room I heard two voices,

"I want to hurt Zo....."

"Me too"

"What!" oh my god what am I listening to!

"We can get her together tomorrow" I cant take this! I barge in

"Excuse me, you will do nothing like that! Niall just told her that he loves her and you two idiots are planning to hurt her!" suddenly I hear someone else come in

"WOW! is that fucking true boys!" Liam says with his jaw clenched and his hand in fists...this isn't good, Niall and Liam are the closest of us...Liam walks over to Zayn and takes him by the collar

"You touch her I swear...." He punches him so hard he crashes hard against the wall

"no I promise ill make this pain ten times worse" Zayn's nose is bleeding like crazy and he is curled in a ball. Dear god someone help us Liam is going to actually hurt someone, he walks to harry

"And you curly, you really think your gonna do something" Harry is to scared to speak but he shakes his head like a mad man, finally I step in and pull Liam back

"Both of you get out of my house right now! don't come back into you have gotten some serious help! because you need it, how can you say you need to hurt her! GET OUT!!!!"

harry helps Zayn up and they get out and Niall and Zo walk in

"What happened" Niall and Zo look completely shocked

"Um...well...you see....Zayn and Harry had a plan to ...hurt...you Zo..." she looks like her tears could boil over any minute. I walk over and hug her

"Love, its ok now...trust me they wont be coming back any time soon" she looks confused then she sees Liam in the corner with his fists bloody and in a ball. she run over to him and hugs him

"Liam you didn't have to do that, I know their your friends"

"No, they were doing wrong, your so harmless, I don't even know how I hurt you, im so sorry" he starts to cry and his fists have relaxed

"Liam its ok really, I promise!"

"Thank you" she grabs Liam's and my arms and smiles

"Come on ill make dinner then we can have a movie night" Zo is such a wonderful person, I feel so stupid for ever hurting her.

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