If I had just a penny for every time I got kicked or punched....I would be rich.


1. 1

Hi, Im Zoe, but my friends call me Zo... oh wait that's right I don't have friends and who calls me Zo...well 5 guys do Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry. They are my worst nightmare, really I have nightmares about them. They bully me a lot, I mean not just names, they physically hurt me. They don't understand my story, but I hope you will. Ive been in foster care my whole life, my parents were murdered infront of me when I was 4, That's one of my bloody nightmares too. Im not sure my foster mother knows that I am alive, she is to high on drugs, and my foster father knows Im there whenever he beats me, which I quite often. My five bullies know none of this and nor do I wish them to find out. The boys beat on me everyday at least once, if Im lucky. I don't really know why they started but they did when I first moved here 5 years ago. Nothing has ever been stable for me, Not a home or parents or siblings or friends, everyone left me so I figure that Its my fault, there Is something wrong with me. 

Well its Monday morning, the worst day ever, the boys will be grumpy and will hit me more than any other day of the week. I put on some leggings and a long sweater with ugg boots. My hair is in its messy waves as always and oversized glasses take their spot on my face. I walk down stairs to see my mum passed out, nothing new. My dad walks in yelling

"You stupid Bitch! Did you take my beer!" He has drunk it all and hasn't remembered doing it.

"No but I will buy you some on my way home" He looks angry and runs at me and slaps me

"Don't lie to me!" He grabs my neck in pure anger and starts choking me. I try to scream but I cant. He finally lets go dropping me onto the ground and kicks me in the ribs shooting a pain all through my body.

"Get your ass out of here!" I get up and run out of the house and towards school. Bloody dad always hurting me, One day I swear to fight back, but for now Im just a weak teenage girl. Im only 17 and life here in London is no walk in the park. I slow down my pace when I see the school. What do I hate more, Home with my dad or school with my 5 enemy's? As I walk up to the doors I feel an arm wrap around my shoulder

"How you doing whore?" I was Louis. I just tried to keep walking but I felt more hands pulling me into a bathroom. They threw me against the wall and stared down at me with evil smirks. Louis is like their leader so of course he talks first.

"You are such a slut Zo. what are you doing in the boys facilities?" they all laugh and Louis walks over to spit on me

"Nothing but trash" He motions the other boys to attack me. They one by one come up to me. Zayn first and the strongest, kicks my in my stomach causing a whimper to escape my mouth. Then Harry,

"Oh the things I would do If  the boys weren't here" as he says it his hand grabs my chest and he practically gropes me and then slaps me. Then Liam, he stomps down on my foot and it feels like he might have broken it. All I can do is cry in pain. Lastly Niall walks up but to my surprise turns around and tells the boys to leave because he has a special plan for me today. I am terrified. what else could they do to me? They have hurt me beyond compare. I hear the boys leave and I close my eyes and wait for the beating.

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