A MONTH WITH MCFLY is about one family lucky enough to spend one whole month touring with McFly, Jenna got them in there by winning a YouTube contest and now she'll be singing in live auditoriums. Can Jenna live a month of fame and fortune??


3. What would I do?

 I thought about this one more time, If they manage me, them it have a chance of being famous, but I still had one question going through my mind, What would I do? Would I really want fame an fortune? Or just a regular life?

I walked past my brother's room making dolphin noises to annoy him. "SHUT UP" he yelled.

I smirked at how easy it was to annoy my brother.


(A/N)- Sorry for the short chapter but I didn't have any ideas. Truly, Madly, Deeply, Sorry!!! (See what I did there) Peace out!!!! -S

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