A MONTH WITH MCFLY is about one family lucky enough to spend one whole month touring with McFly, Jenna got them in there by winning a YouTube contest and now she'll be singing in live auditoriums. Can Jenna live a month of fame and fortune??


4. Nervous Wreck




                           *Day To Go On Tour*


Oh my god, I am so nervous! I have been practising so many songs and I went through my packing three times! The taxi will be taking me and my family to the airport soon and that is were I would meet the boys, a few days ago the manager called me to go through the list of songs to sing and some of them I don't even know!

I went through my packing one more time and finally, my family called me downstairs because the taxi was here. Oh god....

*Skip to airport*

I am about to board my plane to go up to Scotland (Where the tour starts) and I have already taken my sleeping pills, in case you didn't know, I am scared of heights so I always sleep on the flight to help.

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