A MONTH WITH MCFLY is about one family lucky enough to spend one whole month touring with McFly, Jenna got them in there by winning a YouTube contest and now she'll be singing in live auditoriums. Can Jenna live a month of fame and fortune??


2. Acception

Reading the letter that had been posted through my front door I couldn't help but squeal.

"SHUT UP YOUR NOT A DOLPHIN!" my big brother yelled at me. As a reply I clapped and squealed a little bit more. Reading the letter made me amazed!

It was  from McFly's manager saying I'd won the contest and would be touring with the band! I had to take my family with me but that didn't bother me.

I loved McFly since there first single Obviously came out, I remember dancing and singing to it on sing star on PlayStation 2, It annoyed all my family but I was stuck, to me McFly was a drug. A drug I couldn't go without.

Instead of love being my drug like everyone else, I had McFly and I believed that's all I needed. Until high school.

One thing never changed my love for the 4 boys. I still remember age 13 at the SECC arena in Glasgow seeing them touring for the very first time. It was so amazing. I always used to crush on Tom but my opinions changed.

Now I'm all for Dougie... But looking at photos of the young McFly Danny was definitely cutest. I can't believe none of my friends like them. I never thought I would meet McFly but here I am in a situation where I'll be spending a month in a tour bus with them, sometimes the support act other times just watching, either way at the end of the day I'll get back on the tour bus with them while the fans out there will be wishing they were me.

This is my ticket to stardom.


What if their manager decides to manage me as well, I would be able to live in fame and fortune for a month! And if I like it then I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure I live it, I hope Giovanna is there too, I would love to have other girls with me. Oh I bet your thinking what about my mum, Well, she died in a car crash when I was 3, She told me then that she would always be there.

I remember watching her drive and suddenly it was over, everyone was whispering and saying how sorry they were to us but they wouldn't say why.

So here I am and I'm gonna live the dream for my mum. She sang but never made it big.

I'll make her proud if its the last thing I do. I promise you now I will....

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