Love Is All We Need

WARNING: You may need a box of tissues.

What happens when Summer runs into her middle school crush?

Read on to see what happens. ;)


3. The Text

The text read , "hey is this summer? this is harry i know that this is prob. weird but i found your number so just text me when you get this bye;) ". OH MAH GOSH!! So he does remember me. He was thinking about me. I just let it sink in. This was Not Helping with my mixed emotions.


*A few hours later

I fell asleep. I forgot to text Harry. I text him back and it said,"yeah this is summer and we haven't talked in so long wanna meet up sometime?"

He text back almost right away it said,"sure ,Starbucks?"

i said "yes tom. at 6?"

He responded with  "sure see you then ;)". 

With that i had time to waste till tomorrow  it was only 4:00 pm so I decided to go on Youtube. It was now 8:00 if you want time to go by go on Youtube haha. Since it was eight i called my friends and asked if they wanted a girls night out. They said "yes" so we went to dinner and I told them that harry text me earlier. They were all shocked as i too. We ended up seeing a movie after.I went back home took a shower, brushed my teeth,and got in bed .As i was relaxing i could not stop thinking about Harry. Would he look the same ,what if he likes me what if ,what if,what if .I was making it alot more complicated than it should be. iI just drifted off to sleep.






NOTE: This was pretty boring but whatever this next chapter should be interesting ;)

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