Love Is All We Need

WARNING: You may need a box of tissues.

What happens when Summer runs into her middle school crush?

Read on to see what happens. ;)


2. Memories



I was cleaning my room, and I found one of my year books from middle school. I flipped though the pages, and found my class and looked at  my picture, ugh, it was sooo embarrassing i was looking at my class mates, and saw Harry I totally forgot about him we were like best friends I wonder if he had been thinking about me recently. I had a tiny crush on him, but he didn't know he was always nice to me I wonder how he is doing now. So many questions are running  though my head, I don't know why but seeing his picture triggered so many emotions .How he smiled, his dimples ,his beautiful green eyes, oh. *coming back to reality*

SUMMER!!!, COME AND EAT LUNCH!!,my mom yelled from downstairs

I'M COMING!,I yelled back

I ran down the stairs to see a sandwich, with chips on the side. I crunched and munched on my food  'till it was gone.

I ran back up the  stairs, and my phone had a new text message, I opened it and it read....

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