Love Is All We Need

WARNING: You may need a box of tissues.

What happens when Summer runs into her middle school crush?

Read on to see what happens. ;)


4. Alot More Than Starbucks

I woke up at 10:13 ,and got on my Iphone 4s , i was about to get on Instagram but i saw a new text. "A new text from Harry" i opened it and it read," morning ;)" i just sat there wondering why he was so flirty. I got it he must be a flirt now, this will be a really interesting day.I put my phone down and got up ,went to my bathroom,washed my face ,brushed my teeth,and went down stairs.As i was going down the stairs i heard a very familiar voice in the kitchen.The same voice who made shivers run down my back.I stood there frozen not wanting to move at the person i saw sitting at the kitchen table.It was Jake the same guy who said he loved me one minute and tried to kill me the next. I hated him but i didn't realize i was still frozen on the stairs until. A fresh hot minty disturbing breath was on my neck it was Jake.He whispered in my ear I'm here to finish what I didn't. Those words scared me nearly to death.What did he mean by that? *flashback* I stood there shaking with a sharp knife against my neck begging for my life.He pulled away and took off and said "i'll be back ". Those were the last words i heard before everything went black. * end of flashback* I came back to reality and mentally cursed myself for having a flashback in the arms of Jake. He was going to kill me.But I was not going to let that happen ,neither was Harry he busted through the front door and rushed over to Jake and I.Harry looked like an angel he looked the same but hotter and his voice was deep.Harry pushed Jake off of me and said " if you're going to kill Summer you kill me first". Harry turned me around looked me in my eyes and said " I love you I always have and i was going to tell you that but i figured that you were still hurt from Jake and was not mentally ready for another relationship and i want to protect you and I refuse to let that douche Jake kill you you're mune and always will be and i've always had your number i was scared that you would not remember me i love you " . By the time he was done emptying his heart out to me i was in tears because i felt the same way. I told him i love him too and we totally for got about Jake standing right there we called the police and they came and arrested him. Harry and i decided to just watch movies at his house so we could talk without distrctions. As we were in his car going to his "flat" it was quiet but not awkward.  We were just thinking about what happend ,we said we loved eachother. As we pulled in his driveway i saw a black " Range Rover" i was wodering if he had two cars of someone else was here.He unlocked the door ,we walked inside it was really nice it was very clean. Suprisingly it was only 4:30 it was already a long day. Being with harry made me feel safe.



Summer looked like an angel she was beautiful her light brown eyes and sandy blond hair was perfect. Since it was only 4:30 we ordered pizza . Summer's phone started ringing and it was her mom her face was happy then sad i wonder what her mom was saying..She got off the phone and said that her mom is going out of town and told her not to have any parties while she was gone.I didn't want her to be alone after what happend today so i said she could stay here the pizza got here we ate, she fell asleep on my lap and we drifted off to sleep. Gosh she was so beautiful.

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