Love Is All We Need

WARNING: You may need a box of tissues.

What happens when Summer runs into her middle school crush?

Read on to see what happens. ;)


6. A Twist


*A Couple Of Weeks Later

Well, my mom said that she won't be back anytime soon,so Harry and I have been hanging out !! It's been really great he is really protective since "Jake".

Harry and I were bored so he suggested we go bowling. We got dressed and while i was doing my makeup harry came in the bathroom ,and said,"You don't need any makeup I have seen you without it,and you look just as beautiful." So i just stopped doing my makeup and went down the stairs where harry was waiting for me. We got our coats and got in the car as i opened the door to get in the car I felt something crawl on my hand i looked down and it was a huge spider. I was freaking out Harry ran over to me and that's went everything went black.

* Harry's P.O.V.

I saw Summer freaking out and i ran over to her to see what was wrong and she just fell on the ground i looked around her and i saw a MASSIVE spider i flicked it off of her. I took out my phone and dialed 911.

"Hello what's your emergency ?"

"My girlfriend just blacked out after a spider crawled on her."

"Is she breathing?"


I heard sirens and i knew they were almost here so i went to Summer's side and held her hand until they got here.


*An hour later

I was sat in the waiting room while the doctors were working on her. I was so worried for her if the spider was poisonous she could die. I sat there thinking about all the possibilities, a tear formed in my eyes and people were around but i didn't care i couldn't hold it in. As i was letting my man tears out a doctor came up to me and said,"She is ok ,BUT, she will need recover time.It was a poisonous spider but we had the right treatment she will be fine." I walked into her room and she looked up and smiled at me I smiled back. I sat down next to her bed and I said ," It's all my fault this happened to you i should have opened the door for you and I should have been bitten by the spider." Before i could finish she said," It's ok this stuff happens and it's not your fault." I held her hand and looked her in her eyes and we stared at each other. The doctor knocked and we said in unison,"come in" he came in and he said," I will let you go home, just keep an eye on her ok. If she experiences an nausea or vomiting bring her back immidiatley." He walked out the room and she changed and I signed the "discharge papers" and we went back home so she could relax.








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