/// One day, Myra wished she could just be taken from the world. Someday, Callie will know her story. ///

When Callie finds a tattered old shoe box under her bed one night, she doesn't realise that her past could change in an instant. The day Myra killed herself was a disaster; Callie couldn't deal with it. Her and Myra would spend most nights huddled together in their bedroom, exchanging secrets and pretending they were best friends, not sisters. But when Callie finds out that Myra hasn't told her her own secrets, but ones she wishes were true, maybe she realises it's time to forget about the friendship they had. After all, Callie had been honest to Myra, so why couldn't she have done the same?


1. Prologue


~ Myra ~


I'm alone.

In the darkness of my room,

Trapped inside the world, blankets.


I wait.

Sitting here and watching hours fly past.

But I know no one's coming to find me.


I stare.

At the flashing lights of the cars,

As they reflect off of the window, shining.


I cry.

Years of memories stabbing me hard,

In my chest; in my head; in my heart.


I'm here.

But no one knows I spend hours doing this,

Nothing but watching the world spin around me.


I'll die.

I will someday, grabbing that knife from the kitchen drawer,

When everything really does get that much.


Because no one's waiting.

Why would anyone wait for someone like me?


I'm alone.

I wait.

I stare.

I cry.

I'm here.

but I'll die.









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