I thought I'd make a girl version of Dark. Well here goes... Isis is a bad, literally. She hasn't cared for anybody since she was 14. Most people like to stay away from her. Niall isn't a goody-two-shoes, but even he knows to stay as far away as possible from Isis. When Niall starts to realize all Isis needs is love, will he be the one to take the rough job and show her what it's like to feel and show love?


1. 1

"Get out," I told my latest one night stand. "We just finished. It's late at night," he complained. "Get the hell out of my house, you dick!," I screamed. He huffed and pulled on his boxers and pants and walked out, carrying the rest of his belongings with him. I grimaced at my rudeness. Stop it, Isis, I told myself. You're a hard ass bitch. Stop feeling sorry for everyone else. They never felt sorry for you.

-next day-

Niall's P.o.v:

"Thanks," I told the man as I took my caffeinated drink. I sat in a booth and stared out the window. I saw a girl with long wavy black hair in the reflection of the glass. She was staring at me. I turned and saw the girl most people try to avoid, Isis, the baddest girl in Mullingar. She wore a smug smirk as she stared me down with her golden brown orbs. She walked towards my table and sat down across from me. "Hey, sexy," she whispered, seductively. She took one of hands and played with my fingers. The other hand circled the rim of my cup. "W-what do y-you w-want-t?," I stuttered. Oh, way to go, Niall, I thought. "You," she mumbled, looking me right in the eyes. She stopped tracing the rim of my cup to pick up my phone. She let go of my hand to type her number into my phone. Suddenly, a beeping came from somewhere. She pulled out her phone. Great. Now, she has my number. "I'll see you later," she said, before standing up. Most men's eyes, including mine, followed her movements. She turned back and looked at me with a grin. Then, she walked out of the coffee shop. Oh, God. I'm dead.

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