Haters (1D Fanfic)

Elizabeth, Liza for short, hates One Direction....well, that is strong but she doesn't care about them, she hates how all her friends gush and make goo-goo eyes at boys that have absolutely no chance at. It pisses her off. Then she enters a contest....not really.....where if you win you get to live with One Direction for a month.


2. Two

----3 Months From When Liza Wrote The Letter----

Stretching and Yawning Liza made her way down the stairs. Summer had just started, school ended yesterday. Next step.....collage. She had gotten all her applications two or three weeks ago. Her mom and dad still weren't up and it was, like 7am. Usually they get up even earlier. Liza wished she could sleep in but, she was still on school schedule.

She started cleaning at 8am. Always early. As she took a break around 10 her mom came down the stairs.

*Ding, Ding, Dong* The door bell rang. "I'll get it mom." Her mom was still in a sleep coma. Opening the door she was assaulted by cameras and flashes. "Uh, can I help you?" One person came from the crowd and offered his hand. "Yes, hello. Are you Elizabeth Garret? I am Simon Cowell. You, my friend, won the contest with Haters. You get to live with One Direction for One Month!"

He mother came up behind her. "Lizzy, what is this about?" She shrugs "No clue, Mr. Cowell can you clue me in as to how I won 1D? I kind of don't hate them, but I don't love 'em either."

He laughs "You, girly, entered The Haters contest, did you not?" Suddenly Liza remembered the magazine and Hater article. Shaking her head she said "Oh, no, no, I did not enter, I was just writing to let you know about my opinion on the who 'Haters' thing." Again the prick laughs.

"To bad, sweetie, you need to go back. their were no other haters. You gave no opinion of One Direction so you won because a hater would rather talk about how stupid it was to do that than write on why they want their opinion of 1D fixed. Go, pack. We will be back tonight to pick you up." he smiled and ushered the cameras and people away. Shit. Her friends were going to kill her.

Liza's POV

This will not be fun, maybe I can run away? No, Garret's are not cowards, we do not run. My dad knocked on the door. "Why didn't you tell us about that?"

"Because I honestly didn't think I would win. I just did it to tell them that 1D Haters would never what to meat them." I shrug, I honestly thought I wouldn't win. I shut my suitcase and grab a change of clothes and squeeze past dad. "I'm going to shower so if you are going to yell at me, wait till I'm done, 'k?" He nods and walks towards the stairs.

Why did I win? Why did I have to enter the stupid contest?




An hour later I am sitting on my front steps in old jeans, a red t-shirt and a baseball cap. Waiting for the asshole Simon Cowell. I did some research and found out how mean he is.

Finally, a limo pulls up and Cowell steps out, he smooth's his jacket and smiles brightly. The driver comes and takes my suitcase but I keep my backpack. "Hello, Elizabeth, can I call you Liza?"

"No, call me Mrs. Garret." I step into the long limo, and totally blow him off. He wipes his hand on his jacket. "So, Mrs. Garret, where are your parents?"

"They are at work. With real jobs, to earn money." I put my headphones in and ignore his attempts at conversation. Jack ass. We drive for a while, until almost 6 O'clock.

We pull up in front of a extremely tall building. A hotel. I pull out my headphones and shut down my iPod. "Penthouse." Cowell says. We walk in, and he gives me a card. We are okayed through the security then are taken up in a very shiny elevator.

At the very top we stop. Even out here in the foyer it has a nice view.

We walk through the doors and One Direction stand their, they seem almost as happy about this as I am. Good, let them suffer.


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