Haters (1D Fanfic)

Elizabeth, Liza for short, hates One Direction....well, that is strong but she doesn't care about them, she hates how all her friends gush and make goo-goo eyes at boys that have absolutely no chance at. It pisses her off. Then she enters a contest....not really.....where if you win you get to live with One Direction for a month.


3. Three

Liza's POV

One by one the guys stepped forward to shake my hand. First was Harry. "Hello, I am Harry Styles. My friends here are Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. Just ignore them if they start to be mean, they get in a bad mood when they don't eat, especially Niall." He smiled as if we were sharing a secret. Yeah, right.

"I'm Elizabeth Garret." To bad my mothers training kicked in. "Nice to meet you guys." I stepped forward to shake all their hands. They all muttered hello's.

Cowell clapped. "Ok, well, get some food and then sleep, you have a hard day tomorrow boys and Mrs. Garret." He sketched a bow and left.

Niall let out a sigh and they all visibly relaxed. "Oh, thank God. I hate him. So much!" He walked toward the kitchen. Zayn and Liam fallowed. "Harry, we are going to order pizza. It that ok Elizabeth?" I nod a tell them "Well, since we all hate him call me Liza. He is a complete ass ain't he?" Niall laughs from the kitchen and Harry says "Oh yeah. If you'll fallow me Liza, I'll show you to your room."

We walked down a long hall. "First door is me, the one across is Liam. Next, on your left is Louis, and across him is Niall.  Zayn is on the left up here and on the right farther down is you." He pointed to a door, and opened it to show me a lavish room. "A bathroom is connected." He showed me the door and dropped my suit case on the bed. "If you need anything, Liza, just ask one of use. Though if I were you I would stay away from Louis, he loves to tickle people." He winked and left.

It was a good thing my mother worked with male models and let me come to work. Other wise I would have been thunder struck by them, but I have seen hotter.
I sit for a moment then walk silently down the hall and into the living room, then, fallowing the noise, to the Kitchen. The guys were fooling around. Zayn was sitting on the counter and laughing at Liam and Louis. I was going to get all the guys confused, but whatever.

I laugh as Niall takes out some flour and starts to tip it on Harry. "Hey, Boys, if you make a mess you clean it up, I am not your maid." Harry looks at me and Niall dumps the flour on him. Spluttering he goes at the blonde boy. Zayn walks over to me after hopping off the counter "Sorry about their childish behavior but they are all trying to impress you." He gives me a look and leaves me standing their, puzzled by his comment. Weird.....well, weirder than the rest of them.

The phone rings and I answer it.

"Boys! Pizza is coming up!" I yell and go to the elevator doors.

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