Haters (1D Fanfic)

Elizabeth, Liza for short, hates One Direction....well, that is strong but she doesn't care about them, she hates how all her friends gush and make goo-goo eyes at boys that have absolutely no chance at. It pisses her off. Then she enters a contest....not really.....where if you win you get to live with One Direction for a month.


7. Six

Liza's POV

I wake up to the sensation of someone jumping on my bed. "What the FUCK!?" I sit up and ask. I rub my eyes and look around. It is still darkish out side. I look up and see Niall and Louis jumping on my bed, smiling like loons. "Get the hell out of my room, you pervs!" I start to hit them with my pillow and they run laughing from the room. I am laughing like crazy but I get up and shut (and lock) the door.

I get dressed quickly and put on a pad, almost pms time, yeah! I get to hang out with 1D and pms at the same time. Joy. That should be fun.

I walk out to join the guys. As I walk past Louis and Niall I Gibbs slap them and they laugh. For good measure I slap them twice. "Jerks." I mutter and get myself some cold pizza and a glass of milk. I ask them "Why did you send them to get me?"

Harry answers with a shrug. "We have a press conference today and we needed you up. Then, we have a small concert." He smiles and I grumble and walk back to my room to pack.

Louis stands in the doorway and watches me. "Need any help?" I shake my head but he comes in anyway. I will have to set up some rules I guess. "Not a morning person are you?" He asks.

I turn to him. "Well, DUH!"

He studies me and sits down. He is crossing so many boundaries right now.

1. He is in my room

2. He is on my bed

3. I can't stand people in MY SPACE

4. He is in my space.

Ugh, male egos. "Leave." I tell him. He laughs, and he doesn't leave. Ok, I am now pissed. "I said. LEAVE!" I yell and start hitting him. He jumps up and runs from the room laughing. Damn boy. I take a deep breath and fallow him with my bag. "OK! Listen up you stupid boys, I have rules.  NO ONE IN MY ROOM ULESS IT IS A EMRGANCY. NO ONE TOUCHES ME. NO ONE TOUHES MY STUFF, UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION." I yell all of these and glare at all the boys. They see cowed. Good.

I walk to the kitchen. "Ok, where are we going today? When are we leaving?"

Harry steps forward hesitantly. "Um, we are going to the Good Morning America building here and doing an interview then we are going downtown to the local middle school for a small concert. Then we are going to the hospital to sing to the sick kids. Then we come home and hang until we fall asleep."

I nod and ask "Time?"

"Um, half an hour." Liam says.

"K, I need a shower." I put my glare back in place. "No one comes in my room." They all nod vigorously. I head for my room and yell "Don't touch my bag!" The head some laughter. I groan and head to the bathroom adjacent to my room.

Louis's POV

Mm, I like a feisty girl. She goes to her room to shower but yells 'Don't Touch my bag!' Niall and I sigh. Harry and Liam laugh. I get up and head down the hall. Zayn stands at his door, right across from hers. Dang......I walk into my room and start moving stuff around and cleaning up a bit. Zayn stands in my door. "Louis. Don't let Sarah happen again. Boundaries, remember? We can't cover every thing up." He leaves. I flinch. Sarah had been my girl friend but we had a fight and I......I killed her. They helped me get ride of the evidence and her body, we.....oh god...Sarah. I can't let that happen to Liza.

I take a deep breath and begin to meditate.

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