Haters (1D Fanfic)

Elizabeth, Liza for short, hates One Direction....well, that is strong but she doesn't care about them, she hates how all her friends gush and make goo-goo eyes at boys that have absolutely no chance at. It pisses her off. Then she enters a contest....not really.....where if you win you get to live with One Direction for a month.


5. Note

Dear, people

Please, Shut Up. No Hate. I don't CARE if you NEED the next chapter or your going to DIE, suck it up and live with it. I don't want any hate or 'update' messages here or I will never update again, I promise you that. Just leave me alone and let me recharge my mind for a few days. I update when I want to not when you want me to.

Just For your Information, Hate and updating messages are for little kids who don't know how to criticize someone or how to praise them correctly. If you want to leave a message please think it out before you do.....or just don't leave one.

Patience is a virtue, get some.


P.S. Don't send me messages like "I will kill you if you don't update." or "The world is waiting" or anything else totally stupid. First, you don't know where I live, second not enough people have read it to be considered the 'world'. When I get 6 billion views you can tell me the world is waiting, until then.......shhhhhh, I am trying to think.

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