Haters (1D Fanfic)

Elizabeth, Liza for short, hates One Direction....well, that is strong but she doesn't care about them, she hates how all her friends gush and make goo-goo eyes at boys that have absolutely no chance at. It pisses her off. Then she enters a contest....not really.....where if you win you get to live with One Direction for a month.


9. Eight

Liza's POV

Me and Jenna talk for an hour or so before Harry comes to get me. A light knock sounds on the door and Harry pops his head in. "Sorry to interrupt, but, Liza we're leaving in a bit. About 15 min." He pops back out.

"K, Harry, be their in a min." I look at Jenna and we start laugh again. She sobers up quickly and says "Be careful, don't let them break your heart." I nod and stand. "Of corse, I have my guard up so no worries." I pat her on the head and start to the door.

"Liz, are you going to work this month?" She looks so sad.

"Yeah, but only a bit, because I'm supposed to be hanging with the 1d guys. Sorry, Jen." She gets up and you walk out with her. The guys are waiting for you be the elevator, sighing autographs and talking to the kids, and nurses.

Jen makes a face and walks away. I laugh at her. "Bye, Jen, see you." She makes a waving motion over her shoulder.

The drive home is weirdly silent. Awkwardly silent. "Soooo, you guys do that often?" I ask. Liam nods. "Yep." Zayn and Louis are playing with his phone and Harry is just sitting their. Niall is in he front with the driver.


At the hotel I go to my room and set up my computer. I open up my email. I have a few hundred email's from my friends. Great.

--(In The Kitchen)


The guys sit around. Harry opens a bottle of water from the fridge. "Guys, I think I'm going to ask Liza out on a date. What do you think?"

Louis grabs a knife off the counter, conspicuously and walks around the table, as if to go for the fridge.

He spins and stabs Harry.

"Oh my god! Louis! What the fuck man!" Liam yells and steps away. Niall stops eating and asks "Did you just stab....Harry?" Harry looks at the knife in his side and then at Louis. He drops to the floor.

Zayn grabs his phone and dials 911. Louis smiles down at Harry, "I don't think you should ask her out." He runs to Liza's room, still with Harry's blood on his hands.

He stops at the open door. Liza has her back to him. He creeps in. When he is behind her he says "Hi, Liza." She shrieks and turns around.

"Jeeze, Louis, you scared the crapola out of me." She glances at his hands. "Is that blood?" She points. He holds them up, and he strokes the side of her face. "Yes, it is Harry's blood, he wanted to take you from me." Liza pulls back. "Wait, you stabbed Harry?"

He nods. "Yes, I love you, Liza, and he was going to take you from me. I need you, Liza. I need you."

Liza's POV

Ok....Louis stabbed Harry. Not Good. I reach up and pull his hand off my face. "Louis. Lets go see the others, ok? And make sure Harry is not dead."

"NO!" He yells and runs to the door. He slams it shut and locks it. He puts the desk chair under the knob.

"You are mine! Liza, I love you, I need you! You cant leave me!" He is crying.

A knock sounds on the door. "Louis. Remember Sarah. That can't happen again. I called the police and they are coming to take you in. Come out of Liza's room. Now." It was Zayn. Louis puts a hand over my mouth. "No." He whispers "NO! She is mine! I'm the only one who loves her."

"Harper Lee." Zayn says. Louis drops to the floor, passed out.

I open the door and let Zayn in. Louis ripped my shirt at one point. I tug it shut. Zayn zip-ties Louis's hands together. "I had him hypnotized after Sarah, incase he went off the wall again. I'm sorry it was you, Liza. Come on, lets leave him here until the police come. Harry should be ok." He takes my hand and leads me from the room. I yell sounds behind us.

"He woke up, damn." Zayn says. He shuts and locks the door.

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