Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


14. Vibrations

“Go on the bed.” He instructs, closing the door.

I sit carefully on his well-made bed, tucking my skirt under me. I don’t quite know what he wants to do. Liam is double sided, much like Louis. Sometimes I get his nice side and others his horny one. I just hope I can get his nice one.

“Louis didn’t help you with your self-pleasuring during detention right?” The brown-eyed boy demands. No....

I’m about to say yes, but then I think: If he already knows the real answer and he realises that I lied, I think the consequences might be worst.

Mournfully, I shake my head no.

“Well then that’s what we’ll be doing.”

“Please Liam... No.”

“Aww don’t be sad love. It’s for your personal benefit anyways. And a little of mine because I think I’ll be enjoying seeing you squirm the whole evening.” He smirks. “So I’ll be enjoying without doing the hurting. But technically it isn’t supposed to hurt at the first two stages....”


Liam turns around and rummages through his closet, pulling out a large black box.

I’m scared to see what he’ll fish out of that because it certainly doesn’t seem like he’ll pull out unicorns shitting butterflies.

Liam takes out a familiar object, and places the box back to its initial place. He turns back around to face me, holding the object up. A butt-plug.

It’s only then I realise I’m shaking like a leaf.

“Please Liam.” I beg, not wanting to have one of these inside me once more. “Not that.”

“But you owe me remember? This morning we could’ve had sex, but I decided to let you pass without a fuss. But having this inside you,” He says, twirling it around his fingers, “Will pay your debt. Now turn around.” He instructs.

“Li please I really don’t―”

“You don’t always get to have your way Soph. We are the ones in charge, not you.” Liam ends, pushing me on my stomach on his bed. “Consider yourself lucky I didn’t make you have it during school.” He says, lifting my skirt up and bringing my panties down, exposing my ass.

“Liam please!” I plead, trying to get the nice part of him.

I squirm and he slaps my butt with his free hand. “Stop trying to make your way out of this.” He seethes, before pushing the object past the tight ring of muscles. I stiffen and he slaps me again. “Relax.”

“God Liam....” I groan, shutting my eyes as he pushes it deeper and deeper. “Li...Am.... Please....” I gasp as it fills me up painfully, stirring up new sensations. “Unhh.” I grunt, digging my face into his sheets.

“Here. All done.” Liam finishes, bringing my panties back up and lowering my skirt to cover the bump that surely poked out of my underwear.

“Massive thank you, yay.....” I whimper. Brusquely, the object inside me hums to life, starting vibrations. “Liam!” I scream, clutching the sheets tightly in between my fingers, body writhing to make the vibrations stop. I curl into a ball, shaking madly, while whimpers poured out of my lips. The pleasure felt too delightful to be pleasing. It hurt. I felt on the point of climaxing, but the vibrations just weren’t enough for me to reach it. “Liam stop! Pl-Pl-please! Liam!” I gasp, the intensity of the pleasure eliciting tears.

“Since you asked so nicely.” Liam says, stopping the pulsations.

Out of breath, I turn around to face him. In his hands was placed a small remote with 3 buttons.

“I guess you realised that that little toy does more than last time. You see, what you just experienced was the smallest level of vibration. Let’s behave and not get to the third one yeah?” He smirks. “And behaving means no cheeky comments and no bitchy attitude got it?”

I nod rapidly, my breath ragged.

“The boys and I are the only ones allowed to take it out of you got it?”

I nod.

“Supper time!” A voice yells from downstairs.

Liam smiles and places the remote in his trouser pocket.

“Directives are, you can’t tell Harry or Niall about that little plaything inside you. Only Lou, Zayn and I will know about it.”

“And why you three?” I say, still panting a little.

“Because I wanna see the other two’s reactions to all you’re moaning.” He responds.

“What if I don’t moan? Because I’m certainly not planning to.” I snap.

“Louis, Zayn and I are gonna make sure you do. And that comment was on the verge of being bitchy. Cut. Out. The. Attitude.” Liam instructs. “Now come on, let’s go eat.” He says, taking my hand and helping me stand up. He pushes me forwards and out of his room. I feel it resting inside me, rubbing my inside walls at every step, which makes it hard for me to walk properly. We’re only past his doorframe that he stops me.

“Sophie. This just won’t do. They’re going to notice something’s not right. Walk normally.”

“I can’t Liam.” I say.

“Aww c’mon love... I’m pretty sure you can. At least, try.” And there he goes, being sweet.

Taking a deep breath, I try my best to walk like a normal person would, slowly getting used to the inner abuse the sex toy was providing. I gasp a little as I walk down the stairs, closely shadowed by Liam’s tall form. Once were finally at the bottom, Liam grabs my hand.

“See. It wasn’t that bad was it?”

I look down at the floor.

He doesn’t wait for an answer and he pulls me to where I guessed was the dining room. That place was gorgeous I tell you.  Maybe a little too elegant for my taste, but the fact that it was placed in front of a window giving on the exterior was brilliant.

Niall and Louis were already seated, the latter sitting back to the window, having a pack of ice on his injured hand.

“Go sit beside Niall.” Liam instructs softly in my ear. I nod, and do as told, careful to keep my walking straight and steady.

“Hiya love.” Niall says, smiling as I sit beside him slowly.

“Hey.” I mumble back, avoiding his gaze.

At that moment, Harry and Zayn stroll in, bringing in various things. Salads and veggies, juice and water, the side foods.

“Are you alright, love?” Niall questions not even touching the food. Harry leaves and Zayn takes a seat on Louis side of the table.

“Peachy.” I reply, my eyes locked on Liam as he takes a seat in front of me, in between Louis and Zayn.

We hear a clashing sound in the kitchen, making us all jolt in surprise.

“I’ll go see.” Niall sighs, getting up.

As soon as he’s out of hearing range, Liam starts talking really fast to both boys.

“Sophie has the special object inside her lads... We’ll pass around the remote during supper and see how she reacts to everything yeah?”

Louis smiles and nods his head excitedly and Zayn only nods, not really seeming into the plan that much. What changed him over the two years?

I don’t have the time to dwell much on it as Harry and Niall both come back with the main plate, Niall chuckling a bit. Harry gives the blonde boy a playful one-handed shove before placing a steaming Shepherd’s pie in the middle of the table.

“Dig in.” Is all he says, before taking the other seat beside me. The boys start attacking the food, while all I can do is feel nauseous at the thought of what the boys could do to me tonight.

Niall starts stuffing his face with everything he can grab while the others are trying to take a hold on some food before it’s gone. I barely have time to blink that there’s no more left on the table.

“You’re not hungry Soph?” Niall asks, surprised.

“Yes, but―”

It’s at that moment Liam decides it’s funny to start the vibrator. I bite my lip hard, hands gripping the seat tightly as I try not to moan at the irregular treatment.

“But what Soph?” Niall ask, confused I stopped in mid-phrase. I feel Harry and the other boys watching me intently, waiting for an answer. Louis and Liam were clearly holding sniggers, and Niall and Harry seemed unsure of what was going on, while Zayn watched the scene silently, chewing on his food slowly as he looks at me knowingly from under his lashes.

I shake my head no rapidly, on the verge of tears from retaining my moans. I shut my eyes tightly. Stop the fucking vibrator Liam....

“Soph...?” Niall’s Irish voice questions, laced with uncertainty and anxiety.

 “Are you crying?” Harry asks, incredulous, concern etched in his features.

“No, dipshit, I’m sweating from the eyes.” I manage to reply sarcastically as Niall rubs my back uncertainly, as if he didn’t believe I was actually crying.

A foot roughly kicks the bottom of my seat, making a loud whimper pour out of me.

Harry and Niall frown, and Louis and Liam do the same, pretending to be as confused as the two others. I can’t believe Harry let my insult pass as unnoticed...

“What’s wrong with her?” Louis demands, acting innocent. I feel his foot giving mine a playful shove under the table. So he’s the one that kicked my chair!

I let out a low growl.

“Sophie.... Are you feeling well?” Liam enquires, playing along.

“Zayn?” Harry questions the darker boy, voice hard.

“I seriously have nothing to do with her whimpering.” Zayn shrugs, taking another bite of Shepherd’s pie.

“Do you know what is then?” Harry urges.

Yes please Zayn please...Denounce the other two bozos...

“No idea. Maybe because you’re the one that arouses her right now.” Zayn proposes so innocently. I hear Harry exhale beside me.

Suddenly, Liam stops the vibrator. Thank god. I shoot him a glare but he waves it off subtly. I kick his tibia under the table and he flinches, sending me a warning glare.

My stomach growls in famine at that same moment.

“Are you hungry?” Niall sighs, exhausted.

“Yes!” I gasp out.

“So why won’t you eat Soph? You aren’t having an eating disorder right?” Niall asks with a mask of horror on his face.

“Noooo!” I groan, reluctantly. “I didn’t even have the time to grab some food. It was gone before I had fully processed Harry saying that we could serve ourselves,” I word vomit before I get the chance to moan again.

Niall sighs in relief, and gives me some of his under the watchful silence of everyone.

“Thank you.” I mumble, before planting my fork in and taking a bite.

The boys start making small talk and I squirm nervously every time one of their gazes land on me.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, I hear my phone’s clear ringtone. They all freeze in surprise, all but Harry who pats around in his pants, huffing in disbelief. Keeping my precious phone in his chinos, he presses a button and gets back to eating.

“You took my phone?” I seethe, placing my fork down carefully. NO one touches my phone. I’m so stupid not to have realised he had it earlier.

“Yup. You can’t be trusted remember?” Harry replies simply, flashing me a dimpled smile. My phone rings again.

“Can you give it back...? Please?” I beg.


It rings once more and he huffs, pulling my beloved object out of his trousers.

“That girl, your cousin I think, doesn’t stop texting you, asking if you’re alright. She doesn’t even stop when I text back a yes.”


“We developed a special texting code since the time I’ve been kidnapped two years ago. So Harry, unless you let me reply, she won’t stop.”

“Are you threatening me, babe?” Harry cocks his head to the side, as if daring me to say yes. He pushes my phone back into his pockets. Nooo...

The vibrator starts up again, and this time I’m sure it’s Louis’s doing. The older boy has a smirk plastered on his face as one of his hands is placed under the table and the other is resting underneath the icepack.

“Are. You. Menacing. Me. Sophie?” Harry repeats, wanting an immediate answer. I turn my head away, shutting my eyes, tears coming back. Niall places his hand on my lower back, rubbing softly.

“Nooooooo....” I groan giving up. I put my head down in shame at the sound that came out of my lips, my breathing ragged as I try regaining control over it.

“What is wrong with you?” I feel Harry tense up beside me. He looks around, confusion clear in his eyes.

I have to tell him... I have to tell him Louis and Liam are doing this....

I didn’t have to. He seems to have it figured out, his eyes slit in realisation. Wrong reaction here....Feelings are showing...

“Liam!” He exclaims angrily standing up. Utensils clink on the table and I kept my head down, biting my lip harder and harder as the pulsations inside me amplify. Louis clearly increased the level....Bastard.

“What mate?” The brown-eyed boy responds, taking a careful sip of tea.

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