Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


27. Unique

As time passed, we talked about nothing and everything, including Perrie, my family, what I had done over the last two years, our hopes and inspirations and that kind of gibberish. We dodged the subject of the other four boys, and how I felt about each of them. I didn’t know myself.... But I really did enjoy this different side of Zayn. Niall worried me, Louis made me feel unprepared, Liam was still a wonder and Harry... Harry was just so perplexing.

Zayn and eye would occasionally look up at each other consecutively to improve our drawings, make them more realistic, and when we did look at the same time, I would end up looking back down rapidly, smiling at my sheet.

“Here ya go.” I show him once I’m finished.

“See, I knew you could draw better than a stick figure. You actually draw really cute cartoons you know?” He compliments.

“Okay okay but can we go visit the house now that I’m done drawing?” I beg with puppy dog eyes.

“No... Because I’m not done... ” He frowns, biting his lip as he continues his drawing. “Put a little colour on your sketch.” He advises, keeping his eyes on his sheet as he pushed the box of coloured crayons and pastels in my direction.

Once I finished Zayn’s cartoon representation, I started making some of every boy, occasionally stopping to look over at Fate and the ducklings. Zayn though, was clearly still working on his initial one. And he didn’t want me to look at it, covering it with his arm the whole time.

“You hungry?” He asks after hearing my stomach grumble. He looks up from his drawing for mere seconds, waiting for my answer.

“No. My stomach is just letting you know it’s angry.” I reply sarcastically, placing the pencil on the table.

“Fine then I won’t get any food.” He shrugs, a smile on the corner of his lips. His brows are knit in concentration as he continues drawing lines.

I stare at him for a couple seconds, waiting to see if he’s joking or not.

“Okay yeah I’m hungry.” I give in.

“What do you want to eat? Name something... We have almost every food item possible.”

“Surprise me. Oh no don’t in fact.” I recall the shower incident, where he totally took advantage of me. “Pasta would be nice.” I answer after a moment of thought.

“Pasta it is then... ” He heads inside. “Can I trust you again?” he questions just as he’s about to shut the sliding door. “You won’t get lost or look at the drawing?”

“I promise I won’t. I’m staying with Fate.” I sigh, standing up also. “I’ll probably be under a tree when you come back.” He smiles and vanishes inside, shutting the door behind him. My chair scrapes along the wooden patio as I leave the table, and remove my socks before joining Fate near the pond. She was observing the fish with interest, her paw occasionally slashing the water.

“Hey Furball,” I coo, picking her up. She mewls in protest, and I place her back on the ground grudgingly.

“Hey you... You’re supposed to be on my side.” I scold her. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes. “Nah it’s okay.” I reassure her. I start walking to the tree near the gate and hedges that separated the house from the open field, and notice she’s following me. I guess she just didn’t wanna be carried then.

I walk under the tree and sit so I’m leaning on the tree’s bark. Fate pounces on me. I giggle as she starts placing herself so she can be comfortable on my thighs, her little claws tickling me.

Karma and the other ducklings, suddenly pull out of the water, quacking noisily as they waddled to join us in curiosity. Fate reflexively takes a defensive pose on me, and I laugh some more, caressing her back.

“Hey calm down... They’re friends.” I mumble, scratching her behind her ear.

The six ducklings assembled around us, pecking here and there in inquisitiveness. I lift my hand up to hold Fate still, but they all quack nervously, before shuffling back to the water. Except Karma.

 I cock my eyebrow up as the little duck gets up on my legs, and gets closer to Fate, before practically hiding under her paws. My cat pushes him away in annoyance, but Karma comes back again, this time huddling under my hand that was on the ground. I cup my hand and lift him up, so he’s on my stomach.

“You’re a special one aren’t you?” I mumble, looking at the feathery creature in wonder. “Fate...” I warn as she approaches to toss him away again.  She doesn’t look up at me and keeps gazing at Karma. To my surprise, she goes and licks his head. Karma then jumps off my hand, and places himself in between her paws once more. She doesn’t move the little guy.

“Friends already huh? Well that escalated quickly,” I chuckle as Karma start peeping happily.  I pet Fate lovingly, and Karma starts complaining, chirping in envy. I grin and give him the same affectionate treatment.

Zayn appears a few minutes later, two bowls in hand as he walks to join our little trio.

“That duckling is a strange one isn’t he?” He states as he takes a seat beside me. He hands me a bowl of peculiar looking pasta.

“He’s not strange... he’s unique.” I retort, taking a look at what he just gave me as I placed Fate and Karma on the grass with my free hand. Ham cubes, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli... He had a whole garden in there. But he also had grapes. Weirdo.

“You’re the strange one that put grapes in your pasta salad here...” I tell him, looking cautiously at the contents of the pasta salad.

“No... I’m just ‘unique’.” He pouts, quoting me.

I look at the salad again, my stomach rumbling. “I have ham cubes and you don’t? Why?” I complain.

“Yeah because you can eat pork and I can’t. I’m Muslim, and you’re not. Now don’t be difficult, and eat.” He instructs, taking another mouthful.

“How do you even know my religious orientation I never―”

“Just eat Soph.” He groans exasperatedly, shutting his eyes. Then, he starts staring at me expectantly.

I gulp before taking a careful bite. I had to give it to him... It was the best pasta salad I had ever tasted.


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