Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


15. Tortuous Pleasure

I let out another low moan, and Niall stiffens beside me, comprehension also slowly dawning on him. Tears fall down my cheeks. Gosh I never wanna find out what the third stage is.

“You put it in her didn’t you?!?” Harry fumes.

“Yes he did.” Zayn answers as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“And you knew about it? You said you didn’t know!”

“I didn’t want to be part of this little fight, which evidently was inevitable.” Zayn retorts coolly.

“Liam! Why did you use it now? She behaved today as far as I know!” Harry reflects his anger back on Liam.

“Just for a little fun mate―” Liam says defensively.

“Fun? Liam she’s crying!” Harry bursts. I can’t help scowling a little. You made me cry to you know Harry? But you didn’t give a shit because it was during those many nights after my escape...When you guys kept texting me threats...When I cried myself to sleep...

“Louis could you stop it pleeeeaaase.” I whimper abruptly, not being able to live through that much torture much longer.

He nods, giving me a sly smile, followed by a half-apologetic one when Harry glared.

I exhale, my breathing unequal and tattered as soon as the vibrations stop. I why can’t I fucking fall down my peak and get over with it?!?

“Well maybe this wasn’t fun for her, but I must admit that this supper was quite entertaining...” Louis pipes up. Harry crosses his arms over his chest and I squirm.

“She was supposed to like it, it was her self-pleasuring....” Liam mumbles, taking another sip of tea. The sex toy inside me was seriously bugging me, as it rested perfectly immobile.

I writhe on the chair a little, trying to get it to make me fall down from my high.

“Well she clearly wasn’t!” Niall flares, entering the argument.

“She owed me something nevertheless.” Liam retorts. “Nothing restricted me from doing this.”

“Why did she owe you anyways?” Harry questions.

I’m half listening as I can’t help twisting and turning on my seat, trying to get some kind of friction, tears all gone.

“This morning, I let her pass through my room without doing anything.” The brown-eyed boy answers.

Harry exhales loudly, not knowing what to reply.

Louis undoubtly notices my state of distress, and he decides to kick the bottom of my chair once more, making the toy move forwards.

I moan loudly.

“Could you stop using it on her right now?” Harry inhales.

“We’re not doing anything.  It’s all of her doing.” Louis raises his hands in surrender and Liam nods, Zayn approving also.

“Then why are you writhing like that Soph?” Niall asks softly.

“I... Just... I can’t reach.....” I stammer, trying to explain.

Liam answers for me.

“That’s because she’s constantly on the brink of climaxing.... She just needs a little stimulation and she’ll have one of the best orgasms of her life.” He shrugs. “Now the question is, who’ll give it to her?” Liam says, leaning backwards in a relaxed position. He was right. I needed to reach the peak of that orgasm bubbling inside me, or I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Both Niall and Harry’s heads turn almost eagerly in my way. I think I even saw a look of hunger in Louis baby blues as he also turned his head at the statement. I gulp. Liam knew this was gonna happen. That Niall and Harry would desperately want to give it to me. That’s why he didn’t want them to know.

“Look... I-I-I think I’m gonna g-go take a cold shower and hope t-to wash it offfff.” I say, voice unsteady as I stand up to leave.

“NO!” The five voices chorus.

I back up carefully, wanting to get out and away from their hormonal selves.

Harry stands up, walks to me and lightly, yes lightly, grabs my arm and holds me in place. I fidget nervously, feeling the effect his touch has on my body right away... A strong dose of arousal.

“No fucking way you are washing this off.” Louis continues. “One does not simply wash an orgasm off!” He adds, almost insulted. Sass master is here I see. “One of us’ll make you climax. Hard.” He adds, a determined look on his face.

“Well it’s cer-r-r-rtainly not g-g-gonna be you... Sw-w-wollen fingers remember.” I mumble, looking at the fingers that rested underneath the ice pack.

“Precisely. Swollen equals bigger.” Louis retorts, smirking cockily.

I can’t help moaning at the thoughts he just put in my mind, the sex toy inside me not helping the cause. I have to stop thinking about what they can do to me... I’m dirty minded whore. I deserve to be punished, see the blood trickle down my wrists once more...No! I can’t...

I keep throwing punches to myself in my mind, these who come out as whimpers out of my mouth.

“See? The thought alone is arousing you.” Louis pulls me out of my morbid trance with his cheeky comment.

“No. That thing inside me is.” I reply dryly while I reluctantly lean on Harry for support, suddenly having difficulty standing up alone. Harry’s hand silently snakes around my waist protectively, holding me to him. I faintly see Niall stiffening.

“Are you sure babe? I thin―”

“Shut up... Both of you. Now. Who’ll do it?” Zayn enquires breaking Louis’s and I’s argument. He leans back on his chair with two arms behind his head. “And where?” He adds.

“Her room.” Liam says it like it’s obvious. “That way, the others can watch if they want.”

They all nod slowly, in agreement.

“Don’t m-m-mind what I want...It’s not l-l-like I’m—mmm in the room or-r-rr something.” I manage to grumble out, a little frustrated they were making all of this about them. And that my problem wasn’t closer to being solved.

“Who wants to do it?” Zayn enquires again. They all raise their hands. Really? You are raising your hands?!?

“No...” Harry backs away from me a little, walking in circles in front of all of us. His hands are buried in his curls, his eyes closed tight as if in deep reflection. “We should let Niall do it.” Harry gives up, sighing as he ruffles his curls. What?!?I’m hearing wrong...

“What?!?” The four other voices question in unison, equally incredulous and surprised.

“The whole point of this, as I can comprehend from Liam’s earlier explanation, is her self-pleasuring. And I think the one that can make this the most pleasurable, is Niall.” Harry’s clearly pained as he speaks. He rubs his neck warily, looking down at the floor.

I, on the other hand, am now expecting to see flying donkeys over our heads, as I can’t believe Harry, of all the people in this room, would say this.

“I’m dr-r-reaming r-r-r-right? You did n-n-not just say that?” I stammer incredulously, trying not to scoff.

“Don’t add to it alright?” Harry retorts brusquely. “Because if you start making fun of me, mocking or something similar to that, than yes, it will be a dream and I’ll make sure to have you all to myself.” He warns, rapidly getting caught up in his emotions. “I just thought that maybe for the one time that you actually have to want one of us to help you, you’d want Niall because he’s all lovey-dovey, sweet and stuff,” His voice was becoming bitter as he kept adding to Niall’s qualities and ability to affect me positively. The room was perfectly silent apart from Harry’s husky word-vomiting.

The urge to shut him up was strong as his rambling continued on and on without any interruption. It was almost a wonder how much stamina he actually had. He had tears of frustration in his eyes and he kept going in circles, pulling his curls.

“... Plus, you’ve become closer to Louis too and Zayn is certainly less aggressive and all and Liam is slowly being converted to being less harsh when he’s around you. And it’s certain you wouldn’t want me to pleasure you because you hate me more than all of the lads and―”

That’s it. I grab him and cut him off with a kiss, surprising everyone in the room including myself.

“I d-d-don’t hate you dumbass.” I say, pushing him backwards a little while staring at him intently, hands on my hips. “I don’t h-hate any of you by the way. I just hate the way all of you assholes treat me.” I spew boldly, spinning around to face all of them before looking back into Harry’s jade orbs. Yeah the dumbass and asshole parts were only to be sure I wasn’t too sweet with them.

Harry was gawking, speechless, fists clenching and unclenching.

Maybe I went too far with the comment? I shudder at the thought of what this could result into.

But then, just like that, Harry storms out of the dining room muttering angrily.

It was then I realised the deathly silence that was hanging in the room.

“Wha-wha-what?” I stutter, puzzled.

“You kissed him.” Niall states, a broken look deep into his baby blues. I feel a strong pang of guilt when I see how dejected he seems, but I decide to push it away. I’ll take care of the guilt later.

“I kis-s-ssed everyone here already. Wh-why make a fuss of that on-nnn-ne?” I manage to say, groaning the word ‘one’. Wow. I really need to take that thing out of me right now...Control yourself... No desire nothing... I successfully handle to calm my breathing down, diminishing my arousal a notch or two.

“You, babe, kissed Harry out of your own free will.” Zayn declares.

“And?” I shrug. Don’t shrug idiot. This was wrong!

“You never kissed someone freely apart from our fucking sessions where we make you feel so good you just had to give in.” Louis continues. Of course, count on Louis to say this.

“That’s not true....” I mumble digging memories in my head to prove them wrong. Maybe Padgett has proof? I can’t think straight right now...

“Look, let’s take care of you alright.” Niall says, ending my thinking as he grabs my arm.

“Well I’m going in my room to watch the show.” Liam announces, standing up. “Are you coming Lou? Zayn?”

“Yea sure,” The latter replies. Louis though:

“Nah I think I’ll stay here... The urge to wank might become too strong and I only have one hand to do so... And there’s no way I’m taking a cold shower. So nope.”

I roll my eyes. “You could always ask Harry to do it for you, if you wanna watch that badly.” I mumble under my breath, chuckling a little. Niall obviously heard me as his grip stiffens on my arm and he gives me a warning glare. Saying nothing, he starts dragging me along. I can’t help walking sluggishly, and it slows him down. Clearly irritated, Niall picks me up bridal-style and carries me to my room, passing through his own.

“Why do you keep making things difficult for yourself?” The blonde boy sighs, placing me on my bed softly. He doesn’t let me answer as he places himself so he’s hovering over my body. “I heard your little comment, about the Larry action... Leave the part about us being gay alone.” Niall exhales, his gaze penetrating into mine. “Understood?” He grinds his hips into mine a little, heightening the arousal that I had managed to cover.

I nod frantically.

“Now moan.” He thrusts his hips into mine once more and I feel him hardening in the tight material of his trousers. No no no...He shoves his hips against mine again.

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