Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


4. The Manor

I groan softly, my eyes fluttering open and close as I wake up from what seems like hours of sleep. Its dark outside and the only thing I can see are the headlights of Harry’s car on the road.

 My body responds numbly to my brain as I command it to try to make me sit up straight. My head is pounding, my thighs are aching and I feel nauseous.

My pulse quickens as a warm hand places itself on my leg.

“How are you feeling?” Harry’s husky voice demands, rubbing my leg soothingly.

“Woozy.” I reply, rubbing my temples. I have a horrible headache.

“Hmm. Guess the side effects will act on a little longer.” He says, almost to himself.

A few seconds later, he pulls the car to a stop, in front of a very unfamiliar house. And yeah I said house, not flat. The dwelling was placed on a field, far away from any kind of civilisation. And it wasn’t small.

“Where are we?” I whimper.

“Sweden.” He shrugs.

I inhale, shock present all over my features.

“Kidding,” he smirks. “We’re just a couple miles away from your flat. I couldn’t take you back to London, you had school to finish. So as soon as we learned you were in Mullingar, we loaned the place, moving most of our stuff out here. Come on.” He smiles, getting out of the car.

I try doing the same, but I guess my body was still numb from the ‘chloroform’ because the next thing I know, the ground is approaching my face way too quickly. My breath catches in my throat as I shut my eyes in fright.

Suddenly, the air stops rushing as I’m caught by the arms. I open my eyes, breathing shakingly. My nose is a few centimeters from the paved ground.

 I gasp and shut my eyes once more as I’m practically flung upwards and caught easily, cradled in strong arms. I lift my head up and my terrorized blue eyes meet with concerned green ones.

“I don’t think you can walk just now.” He says carefully.

“No shit Sherlock.” I groan while grimacing. His strong cologne was creating an unusual sense of security in my mind, and I didn’t like it. Stop it brain. He represents danger, not security.

He starts walking, but I stop him.

“Wait! Padgett!” I exclaim, trying to wriggle out of the older boy’s arms to grab my beloved turtle. Shapes are blurry around me.

He tightens his grip around my body, forcing me to stay immobile.

“Could you stop writhing? You’ll fall to the ground.” He informs.

“But Padge―”

“Don’t worry sweet cheeks. I’ll get the turtle later tonight. You’ll have it before you go to sleep.” He coos.

I pout, pulling my tongue out.  He chuckles, before shutting the car door and heading to the house. As soon as he sets foot in, I silently declare that it’s not a house. It’s a manor! A freakin’ manor!

I’m already feeling completely disoriented as he walks through different rooms, before setting me on the couch of one of the many living rooms. The pounding in my head is suddenly makes itself more present.

“Wait for me there, I’m going to get the other lads.” He warns me.

“No!” I protest, standing up. Somehow, I still feel dizzy and I end up falling back down on the couch, whimpering in discontent. Damn side effects!

“Yes.” He closes with a smile on his lips, hands crossing over his chest. “And anyways, you have nowhere else to go: I have your cell phone and the house is isolated.”

“Manor.” I mumble, my head pounding once more.


“This is far from being a house. This is a manor.” I repeat, rubbing my temples to ease some of the thudding. I try to focus on my surroundings, but my head is too woozy.

“Sophie don’t be ridiculous. It’s a―”

The disturbing sound of glass breaking is heard from somewhere in the house, followed by feet stamping and yelling.

“You wait here.” He orders, before leaving to go see if the boys are still all alive, or not. Hope not.

The pounding in my head diminishes as I’m feeling less stressed, having Harry gone and far away of me. Technically it’s not that far away, but he’s not in my line of vision so it counts.

My thinking is disturbed by a soft knocking on the doorframe of the living room. There stands Niall, the one amongst all of them I was most afraid of seeing again. Not because he scared me, but because he could control me like none of the others could. Something about him always made me give in to him, even if I was angry. He had power over me.

His face is emotionless as he comes forwards, eyeing me up and down. There’s a glint in his eyes that wasn’t there two years ago. Is it bad, is it good? I don’t know.

 I gulp nervously as our body heats start mixing, my pulse quickening almost unhealthily.

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