Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


53. Remorse

“Hey you okay?” Harry asks worriedly once I get inside his car.

“I’m fine Harry.” I sigh, voice trembling slightly. “Can we just go to the hospital?” I ask, looking out the window.

“Sophie look at me,” The British boy demands softly.

Slowly, I turn to face him. A fresh round of tears starts pooling in my eyes.

“Love you’re not okay.” He shakes his head. “Get out of the car.” He sighs, undoing his seat belt and stepping outside the vehicle.

“Wh-wh-what? Why?” I stutter, not understanding. Unfastening my belt, I watch him as he walks around the car, takes my hand and pulls me up.

 “I don’t like seeing you sad... ” He starts, cupping my face in his hands. “If this day with me is what makes you so miserable, we don’t have to do it.” He speaks quietly, his eyes gazing right into mine.

“No Harry I want to do it.” I reply truthfully, sniffling a bit.

“Okay good... Then why are you so down?” He enquires, his thumb wiping my cheek.

“I’ll tell you later okay?” I bring his hand down to my lips with my good hand and give it a reassuring kiss. “Right now I just want to get this damn cast off,” I continue.

“If you say so...” He hugs me tightly and kisses my forehead, before letting go and getting back inside his car while I stay standing, looking at the mansion sadly.

Niall I’m so sorry.

“You comin’ babe? I thought you wanted to get your cast off?” Harry chuckles, peering at me from the driver’s seat.


I sit down beside him and put my seat belt.

“Hey I wanted to give you this by the way...” The curly-haired boy realizes, reaching in his back pocket. He pulls out my cell phone, and hands it to me. “Last night made me realise I had to give it back to you.” He explains, starting the engine.

“Thanks.” I nod, clenching the object tightly between my fingers. Hopefully I can make things for Niall a little better...

“So how does it feel?” Harry asks as we get out of the hospital.

“Liberating.” I sigh happily, looking at my bare arm once more. “But my arm still feels like jelly...” I grimace, turning my wrist in very small circles.

“Does it hurt?” He frowns.

“No, it’s just a little weird.” I shrug.

“Ok tell me if it starts to hurt or something... The nurse said we’d have to go back to the hospital and get it checked if it happens.”

“I know what she said Harry I was practically beside her.” I chuckle as we approach his car.

“Just making sure.” He opens the passenger door and lets me in, before walking around the vehicle and taking a seat beside me. “So what do you want to do today?” The green-eyed boy enquires, giving me a lopsided grin.

“So you didn’t plan anything?”

“Of course I did. But I can change the plans if you wanna do something in particular.” He explains.

“Well then we’ll go ahead with your plans... I’m up for about anything right now.”

“Perfect. So what time is it? I need to know how many activities we won’t be able to attend.”

I pull out my cell phone from my back pocket, opening it to check the time.

“About two thirty.”

“Can’t believe how slow hospitals are.” He shakes his head, putting the keys into the ignition. “I mean we came in at noon. Noon. That’s two and a half hour ago.” The curly-haired boy continues incredulously. “That means three things we definitely won’t be able to do.”

“How many did you plan exactly?”

“About a dozen... Give or take a few,” he smiles sheepishly. “But hey I knew we wouldn’t be doing all of them.” He adds, noticing my baffled expression. “Hopefully we’ll do three or four.”

“You are a passionate person Harold.” I shake my head, chuckling. “Everything you do, you do it fervently.”

“And that’s a good thing or...” He trails on, unsure.

“What do you think?” I ask him.

“I guess it’ll depend on the situation.” He shrugs. “Passion is good at the right moments.”


I gaze around the different streets as Harry drives, not quite knowing what to talk about now. Niall’s voice yelling at me starts resonating in my head as the silence lingers. I flinch, recalling vividly our argument.

“So you never actually answered my question Sophie: What do you want to do today?” Harry enquires, keeping his eyes on the road.

 “Anything will be fine.” I reply, wanting only to get my mind off things. “Just not something too big. Simple things are cute, and usually the best. Big events are just too demanding for me right now.”

“Women. So indecisive.” He sighs.

“Because you know so much about them right?” I retort rolling my eyes, a little offended.

“I think you forgot I actually had a girlfriend before I met you.”

I can’t help the pang of jealousy in my chest, but I keep listening to him as he pursues talking.

“She was uncertain about pretty much everything now that I think of it... Maybe she’d been uncertain of me, that’s why she chose that other guy over me.” He huffs.

“What was she like?” I probe.

“Marianne? You two have similar traits in fact, but she had those beautiful brown eyes, and was a little taller. She was also quite a lively person, very expressive. Although she wasn’t half as strong as you are. Don’t think she would’ve survived what we made you go through two years ago and even this year...” The curly-haired boy shudders.

“How long were you two dating? I thought you’d been single pretty much the whole time you were in the band.” I continue.

“We kept our relationship under the media’s radar... I think you realised that anyone mingling with One Direction almost immediately gets all their secrets poured out to the public.”

“Yeah.” My mood drops a little. “About that... ” I add, frowning as I think of Ashley and her implication. “Isn’t it supposed to be soon you’re to call the magazine? What’re you going to do after all? You haven’t found the person responsible for its creation and Christmas will be here very quickly.” I have to call Ashley today and ask if she can do something about it.

“I don’t know honestly.” He sighs, discouraged. “Maybe we’ll end up arrested, lose our careers and go to prison. We deserve it anyways.”

My heart skips a beat.

“No Harry. You do not. ” I protest. “It wouldn’t be fair. I’d go to court and invent a story to overthrow everything the magazine said. I wouldn’t let you end up in prison.”

“Why not? We basically screwed your life.”

“On the opposite, you’ve done so much for me. You boys made me strong. You made me fight for what I wanted. Yes there were many bumps on the road but in the end, you even helped overcome some of the most difficult situations of life.” I elaborate “You guys also saved me from my mother... I’m pretty sure she would’ve thrown me in the streets as soon as I turned eighteen. ”

Harry sighs again, halting the car because the light in front is red. I notice his hands are slightly shaking on the steering wheel.

“Harry look at me,” I whisper.

He turns his face slowly, sadness etched on his features.

“I’m so sorry for all I’ve put you through... I keep thinking of it and I’ve been really horrible Sophie.” The green-eyed boy apologizes.

“Harry.” I shake my head, wanting to undo my seatbelt and hug him. “This is supposed to be a happy day.  You got your 24 hours with me, make it count. No stress, no nothing. Only happy moments alright? Stop worrying about things like that. Think of how much fun today and tomorrow’s going to be!” I continue on a brighter note.

The car starts moving again as the traffic light flips to green, but Harry stays silent, thoughtful.

“Happy moments? As in Padgett worthy ones?” He asks after a couple seconds.

“Yeah you could say that.” I nod.

“I know exactly what we’re going to do first then.” He declares, turning the vehicle left.

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