Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


11. Rage

To my surprise though, I did pay attention, taking notes here and there as he talked, shooting me casual glances once in a while. Weirdly, he wasn’t the only one shooting me sideway looks. In fact, most of the girls of the class kept looking between me and him constantly, jealousy present all over their features... Something tells me the boy students of the school won’t be too happy about all the attention the substitutes are getting.

Unexpectedly, the rest of the class goes on pretty fast, but when the bell rings, Zayn calls upon me.

“Sophie, could you come here please?” He asks politely as the girls strut outside the class, trying to catch his amber eyes but failing miserably.

Sighing softly, I clutch my books tightly and go over to him.

“What Za― Mr. Malik.” I correct myself walking to his desk. He smiles.

“Sooo. I wanted to ask you... What happened with Harry earlier today?” He demands

“I-I-I What?” I stammer, caught completely off guard.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He enquires, leaning in his chair while placing his hands behind his head.

I can’t help noticing the flexing of his biceps through his shirt as he does so. Focus, Soph. Focus.

“Nothing really happened.” I mumble, looking away.

“Well if you say so... I’m just here to listen.” He shrugs, leaning forwards once more.

“Why? What changed you over the two years? Why are you suddenly so caring?” My thoughts tumble out of my mouth without my permission and his look hardens visibly. Shit.

“Would you rather I be more like I was before?” He questions through clenched teeth, one eyebrow cocking up.


“Well don’t get on my bad side Sophie.” He finishes, standing up to be face to face with me. He lifts my chin up, making me look up into his golden orbs laced with dark rims. “I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.” He whispers, tossing a strand of hair out of my face.

“So basically you’re telling me you can’t control yourself?” I retort.

“Not around you.” Zayn says softly, shaking his head in denial.

What?!? Now how am I supposed to react sanely to that?

“Look...Umm...I don’t know what to say so I’ll just... Leave.” I stammer awkwardly before heading for the door.

“Wait.” He grabs my arm and I flinch reflexively. He drops his arm. “Do you need help in English? I mean you kept taking notes.... I’m willing to give you a hand once in a while at home, whether it’s with your homework or just simple questions.”

“I uhhh...No. Yes... But I don’t know. Sure. What?” I stutter uncomfortably before sighing, my weight shifting from one foot to the other.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll be ‘tutoring’ you on Wednesday nights.” He says doing air quotations at the word tutoring.

“I need help for English. ENGLISH.” I say, emphasizing clearly what I meant. “Not anything... uhhh... sex related.” I look down.

“Since when are you so squeamish about sex?” He enquires incredulously, frowning.

I don’t know, I think while looking back up into his eyes confusedly. Why indeed?

“Look Za- Mr. Malik... Or whatever. I really have to go. I think I’m feeling weird right now.” I end, getting out of the class, closing the door behind me.

As soon as I turn around, I’m roughly shoved against the wall beside the door. My books fall to the ground for the millionth time this day.

“Well well... Is someone trying to get extra credit?” Jade’s voice sneers, her hand locked on my shoulder. I look around to see the full content of J RAGE around me, dangerous glints in their eyes.

“No. And it’s none of your business if I do anyways.” I retort, trying to push her away.

“Not so fast.”

Her minions rapidly push me back against the wall, making me wince.

“You are a little too close to the One Direction boys to our taste. You should let us, professionals, get the attention.” Rachel says, twirling her dirty blonde hair between her fingers while loudly chewing gum.

I roll my eyes and try once again to get away from them, failing yet again.

“Leave me alone alright?” I seethe, almost spitting in her make-up glazed face. “Not all boys drool over you. Some of them actually have common sense and a good taste. So get the fuck away from me.” I say, not knowing what anger fueled me to swear. I blink back tears of frustration. Stop it Soph! It’s not like I have a claim over One Direction... And I’m not as pretty as J RAGE either...

“Well aren’t you cute.” Gabrielle coos while towering over my small frame, being the tallest of them all. “Trying to act all brave and fearless?”

People are starting to crowd around us, making me feel nauseous.

“I don’t have time for your royal behaviour right now so if you’d please excuse me,” I sneer as a small dizziness clouds my senses.

Pushing it away, I try scuttling through them but Elle blocks my way.

“Ah ah ah...” She chastises, shaking her manicured finger in front of my face. I can’t help shrinking. I don’t understand... Why can’t they find someone else to pick on? I have my own problems already.

“Now don’t scare the poor thing.” Jade laughs high. An ugly, bitchy, get the attention laugh.

More people come around to see what’s happening, freezing me even more into my state of inaction. But my face stays hard and emotionless. Why can’t I do anything? Why am reacting like this? I don’t know.

She grabs my chin with her carefully decorated fingers. “Listen to me―”

“Is something going on here?” A booming voice echoes in the hallway. A British one. Fantastic. Note the sarcasm. God. They can’t even let me fight my own fights.

“No hostility in the hallways.”

Harry comes out of the crowd, students moving out of his way. Some boys shoot him looks, as girls keep eyeing him up and down.

“No fighting allowed in school.” Harry repeats.

“Sure Hazza... Whatever you say.” Jade answers in a sickly sweet voice, hitching her skirt up a little. Stupid, desperate, girl.

“It’s Mr. Styles.” He corrects, but I can’t help notice the little slip up when his eyes flickered downwards.

“Whatever you say... Mr. Styles... I like kinky relationships too.” Jade responds, rolling his name on her tongue.

“Enough. Now everybody clear out, you have classes to attend.” He demands, claiming power over students only a couple years younger than him. I’m still surprised no one has thought of hitting him yet. I would’ve done it. Gladly.

I feel my anger mounting for no particular reason as he comes to me while the other students spread to go to their next class.

“You alright love?” He asks softly once were alone in the hallway. And he dares to ask me if I’m alright?

It’s too much for me, and I let out all my anger out in my hand. I slap him. Hard. And it feels good to let all my anger out on him. The sting is painful against my palm but I keep a straight face, breathing softly as I bring my hand back down. Realisation hits me. What did I just do? And why did I do it?

Harry rubs his jaw slowly, before his glare meets mine. I see his cheeks turning red where my hand collided with his face and suddenly, I’m not so angry anymore. Only deeply troubled. What did I just do?

 I almost immediately regret my harsh action. And Harry was gonna make me regret it even more. I know that just by the predatory look in his eyes. Why did I hit him? Because he deserved it. But why? I was jealous? No.

Out of the blue, I panic. Not knowing how to react properly, I stand on the tip of my toes and hug him.

“I’m sorry, please don’t hit me.” I say softly, really not wanting to be punished right now. Surprised, he stays immobile before returning the hug uncertainly.

 “A simple ‘Thank you Harry’ would’ve had sufficed,” He utters surprised, before returning the hug awkwardly. “Now why’d you hit me?” He enquires huskily, still massaging his jaw. “Because I’m pretty sure I just saved you from her jealousy or whatever that was.”His anger seems gone suddenly...It can’t be the fact that I initiated the hug can it? A simple loving gesture does the trick? Hmm. Good to know.

“I hit you because I didn’t need your help.” I frown, some of the anger returning. “You guys are always there somehow. I’m capable of solving my problems alone.”

He cocks an eyebrow up in curiosity, his hand dropping from his cheekbones.

“You sure?” He challenges, his body suddenly pressing mine on the wall.

“Yes.” I retort a little overwhelmed. My hands on his shoulders, I try shoving him away but it feels like I’m forcing against a boulder. It’s pointless.

“Still sure?” He chuckles, our breathing mingling.

“Ugh! Yes!” I pout giving him another useless shove. “I’m tired of being pushed around by everybody!” I muster.

“You, my dear, seem to have a little difficulty with yourself defense even when you’re angry...” He remarks smirking. “You’re not even able to get yourself out of situations.” His words sting badly. But they shouldn’t.... I’m just weak around them...He’s right... I’m so helpless, not matter the situation...

I roll my eyes, but I’m on the brim of tears. Why am I so emotional today? Ugh.

“Thank you, Harry, for making me feel worse about myself.” I say voice wavering.

Harry expression changes from teasing to soft rapidly just as Niall makes his appearance at the end of the hall.

“No Soph I didn’t mean―” Pushing Harry away in his drawback, I run into Niall’s arms, tears falling freely down my face. Why was I so weak indeed?

The blonde boy engulfs me into a wary hug, taken slightly by surprise by my action.

“Darlin’ are you al’right?” He asks confused.

A door roughly slams behind me and I turn around to notice Harry’s absence.

“Sophie, are you okay?” The Irish boy repeats, caressing my head. “You seem troubled.” He adds, wiping away my tears.

I practically start word vomiting into his shirt.

“I am okay! I’m troubled alright! I guess it’s the fact I’m starting to fully process you guys kidnapped me again which makes me so moody today and it’s giving me horrid headache and I feel I’m gonna explode and―”

He places his finger on my lips, pulling us out of the hug.

“Want me to take you home?” Niall demands softly, cupping my face into his hands. He rubs my cheekbones slowly, expecting an answer. Why do you have to be freaking irresistible Niall?

“No. I have to go to class.” I snap, putting a barrier in my feelings. I wasn’t gonna show him my debut of ‘feelings’ for him were my weak point.

“Women are so complicated.” He sighs softly and I roll my eyes, anger mounting slowly once more.

“Then why did you kidnap one huh?”I say, voice elevating. “You could’ve kidnapped a guy so then you’d be able to use your gay―.”

Niall takes me completely off guard and grabs my wrists really hard, pinning them on my sides.

“Sophie. Stop right now. You, of all people, know we’re not gay.” His voice is low, but there’s a faint tint of pain. “Are we at the point where I’ll have to show you?”

I look away, frustrated.

He pushes me against a locker.

“I asked you a question, love. Am I gonna have to show you Sophie?” Niall’s usually sweet voice is sharp and cutting.

“No.” I writhe out of his grasp, not meeting his blue eyes once.

 “Good.” He mumbles.

I walk to my books that lay forgotten on the floor where I was harassed by J RAGE, silently shadowed by Niall.

“Do you want me to walk you to class?” Niall asks timidly. I guess he’s a little embarrassed by his rough behaviour.

“No thanks. I think I’ll manage, it’s only at the end of the hall.” I reply, bending down and picking up my books. “And anyways, I’ve been here for longer than you. I know the directions.” I frown slightly at my accidental pun.

“I’m sorry Sophie... I got a little... Carried away.” He sighs after I’ve gathered all my belongings. My gaze meets his wounded one for mere seconds. I feel guilty letting my snappy attitude on him, over all people. He had been the gentlest after all, even though he keeps listening to Harry...

“Me too Niall. I’ve been feeling so unstable today and I’m sorry I’ve let my frustration out on you, but I have to go.” I answer before leaving him to head to my class, drama. Hope Mrs. Lively is there today and not Louis.

To my relief, it indeed is Mrs. Lively who’s taking charge of the class and I grab a seat beside Emily just as the bell rings.

“Glad to see you’re right on time Miss Miller,” Says her annoying strident voice. “And today class we shall be doing partner work. Grab a peer and create a sketch that lasts about a minute or two. On you go.” She ends as people start shuffling around to find their partners.

I huff loudly before spinning around to speak to Emily, bringing our desks together.

“Em. I really have to talk to you. ”

“Please, that would be highly appreciated.” She replies. “I’d really like to be informed beforehand of your sleepovers.”

“Sorry! It wasn’t exactly planned!”

“Sophie Miller, use your inside voice.” The snappy teacher demands gruffly from behind her desk.

“Yes Mrs Lively.” I reply rolling my eyes before turning to Emily. “Look,” I whisper to her. “I wasn’t planning a stay with my kidnappers. Harry just came yesterday while you were gone and took me to some countryside house placed in the middle of a field or something... I’m not even sure.”

“Where?” She asks.

“Dunno. I wasn’t even supposed to tell you I lived in a country house. But I really want you to know where I am you know... In case something happens to me and I’m not at school.”

“I’m pretty sure I could find it on the internet... Is it big?”

“Em, it’s a freakin manor!” I cry out before placing my hand over my mouth. Shit, I yelled.

“Miss Miller! You have detention tonight! I warned you about your volume tone already!” The teacher snaps.

I groan, placing my head in my hands and Emily chuckles a bit.

“You can’t say she didn’t warn you my dear.” She says.

“Come on! You’re supposed to be on my side!” I exclaim.

“Sophie Miller you are having detention for the rest of the week!” Mrs Lively says sternly, standing up. “One more outburst and you’re out of this class!” The whole class turns to look at me and I roll my eyes in exasperation. Just fucking great.

“Now everybody return to your work!” The teacher finishes, huffing. The students all return to their small talk and writing while I can do is try to pull my hair off my skull.

I sigh. Fuckin’ great. The boys are gonna kill me.

“But you, yesterday.... Who were you with? Who gave you a lift after all?” I ask Emily curiously.

She very visibly blushed.

“Who? Who was it?” I beg, pulling her sleeve. I really loved gossip, especially when it concerned my friends.

“It was Kyle.” She gives up, making me stop tugging on her clothing.

“Kyle? That dark, blue-eyed guy? God he’s hot right? What did you two do exactly?” I ask, getting excited. Kyle was the captain of the school soccer team. He was a year older than us, but boy was he hot. Lucky Em!

“Well he noticed you weren't there to give me a lift so he offered me one. But then he asked me if I wanted to hang out at the park with him and his friends so I said yes. And then we chatted for the rest of the night until he drove me back at the flat where I only realised you were not there this morning.”

“So he realised I wasn’t there with you? Em, I think he’s stalking you!” I squeal softly. “Oh my gosh! This could be good! Or bad...” I frown, realizing I didn’t know much about the boy. If he was like my captors, he wouldn’t be good news. “You’re gonna be careful right?” I add seriously.

“Of course.” She rolls her eyes but I notice she has a smile on the corner of her lips as we start doing our work.

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