Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


49. Pain Treatments

First thing I realise when I wake up in my bed is the fact I have a horrible headache, as well as a painful throb in my right cheek. Why in the...? Oh yeah Liam slapped me, because I slapped him and talked back. Boy are you stupid sometimes, messing with a boy with a broken heart.

I squirm a little and flinch at the feeble sting. Oh that’s Louis’s fault though. Damn him and his spanking. Taking a deep breath, I scowl, not finding the atmosphere very familiar. Clearly, I wasn’t laid on my bed.

Suddenly, I hear Harry bursting through a door angrily.

“You’re a fuckin’ idiot you know that!”

I frown, keeping my eyes closed.

“You’re no better! Being all over her and shit when were in a crisis!” Liam retorts from farther away.

I hear a frustrated yell, but I stay quiet, listening intently.

“Harry calm down.”

“Lemme go Louis! I’ll fucking kill that bastard! He hit a girl! My girl!”

There’s the sound of struggling.

“Harry, let it go! You hit her too, remember!”

A door shuts.

Wait Louis knows? Oh yeah he and Harry tell each other everything.

“Yeah but at least I fuckin’ apologized afterwards! And it wasn’t as hard! I didn’t knock the living daylights out of her!” Harry whispers harshly, clearly not wanting to be heard by the other boys.

“He’s not the one who made her pass out. I think she had a strong emotional distress and Liam’s hit just helped making her pass out.”

“Help?! How is hitting someone helping?!”

“Harry that’s not what I meant...”

“Well that’s certainly what you said.” The younger boy grumbles. “How could he even do that to her?”

There’s a loud sigh, followed a loud clanking upstairs.

“Look Liam’ll apologise soon enough okay?” Louis’s voice is reassuring. “He’s just as confused and stressed as all of us about the bloody magazine, and his break-up certainly didn’t help.”

“Yeah well he should learn to control his temper.”

“You’re the one to talk. Don’t you remember two years ago? That little tantrum with Sophie in the shower, when Marianne broke-up with you on the phone? I think you were just a tiny bit too rough with her.”

“Quit talking about Marianne. We’re over since forever. And I was not too rough with Sophie. She liked it.”

“Harry... Stop assuming stuff. You fucked her with the song Nails for Christ’s sake.”


“Well I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in her top ten Best Fucks list.”

Weird how their conversation quickly takes a different path.

“Bloody hell Louis she doesn’t have a list.”

“And how would you know Mr.?”

This is getting ridiculous. Grimacing in pain, I pry my eyes open. Taking a quick look around, I realize I’m on the living room’s couch. Oh that’s why it didn’t smell familiar. I sit up carefully. My throat feeling a little sore, I clear my voice, making my awakening known.

“Oi look she’s awake!” Louis claps.

Harry turns around to look at me, before ushering the older boy out of the room.

“What? Why?” The blue-eyed boy whines.

“Get out please.” Harry shakes his head.

“No I’m chaperoning this.”

“Louueeehhh.” The younger boy groans, pushing him out the door.

“Fine. I’m going to have her Saturday anyways. Bye!” The Doncaster boy smirks, quickly bolting out the door. I shut my eyes in exasperation. Jeese this boy can’t keep a secret.

I don’t think Harry believed Louis though.

“Hey love, are you alright?” Harry’s face is a mask of worry as he comes over to me. “You’ve only been out for a couple minutes, but boy you scared me.”

 I look at him without talking.


“Louis’s right you know.” I speak up, voice slightly hoarse. I try clearing it again, wincing as my head throbbed painfully.

“What’s he right about? About you having a list?”

“Of course not.” I roll my eyes. Boys and sex... “He’s right about you already having your turn in Liam’s situation.” I explain, rubbing my sore cheek.

“I know,” the curly-haired boy sighs an ashamed acknowledgement, “I just don’t like thinking about it.” He continues, before taking a seat beside me on the couch. He frowns as he cups my cheek with one hand, inspecting it. “Does it hurt?” He enquires, his thumb ghosting over my skin.

“A little. But hey I’ve been though worse.” I grin.

“Do you need something to lessen the pain?”

“Ice would be good.” I say thoughtfully.

“In my professional opinion, I think a couple kisses can make it stop hurting completely.” He proposes, a small smile creeping on his face. “I’ve heard kisses are the perfect treatment... Even better than ice.”

“Are you sure of that?” I enquire, batting my eyelashes.

“Want to test my theory?” He smiles, leaning in slightly.

“I don’t know,” I tease. “Maybe it has some side effects...” I trail on.

“Well I’m willing to take the risk,” Harry smirks, before bending down to press butterfly kisses on my sore cheek. I’m taken aback for a few seconds. I was almost certain he’d kiss me on the mouth...

Harry continues his treatment nonetheless, pressing longer kisses when he neared my mouth and shorter ones when he was higher up my cheek. I can’t help grinning like an idiot the whole time. That’s the Harry I fell in love with.

He pulls back after a few seconds, pain suddenly filling his eyes.

“By the way...I’m so sorry I didn’t intervene before Liam hit you. I never thought he’d take it that far.”

“It’s okay... it wasn’t your fault.” I reassure.

“But it was. I could’ve stopped it.” He protests.

“Just like Niall and Louis.”

“But I was closer.”

“Harry it doesn’t matter.”


My hands reach for his curls and this time I’m the one to initiate the kiss, pulling him towards me. His lips are warm against mine.

“Harry it doesn’t matter.” I repeat, my eyes begging for his to believe me.

“You promise?” He mumbles, nose touching mine. “You promise you’ll never use that as an argument next time we fight?”

“I promise Harry. If I do, then I give you the right to remind me, in any way you think proper.” I grin.

He beams down at me, before joining our mouths once more. I smile on his lips, the softness of his kiss resulting into a feeling of warmth and comfort which spread rapidly through my limbs. His hand reaches behind my head, carefully lowering me to a laying position on the couch. He breaks the kiss, managing to place one of his knees between my body and the sofa, and the other on the opposite side.

“So is the pain gone yet or do you need further treatment?” Harry whispers.

“If I must be honest... more treatment certainly wouldn’t hurt.” I murmur back.

“Hmm... I might know what you need darling.” His hands tentatively cup my breasts, igniting arousal from my body. I let out a low moan, and he takes it as the go signal to continue.

One of his hands slides under my shirt, and I shiver from the cold contact. Keeping his mouth latched with mine, I feel his fingers slightly toss my bra aside, and place themselves over the sensitive mound of fat on my chest. Harry starts groping my left breast, rubbing slow circles with his thumb on my nipple.

I feel my hormones beginning to kick in, and there’s no doubt his are too.

“Careful Harry...” I gasp between kisses. “I think I’m starting to feel some side effects....”

“And are they good or bad?” He enquires, voice husky.

“I’m not quite sure.”

He snoops down to the crook of my neck, and starts peppering it with more kisses, pressing his mouth around my neck with various strengths, eventually lowering down my collar bones and closer to my chest.  The green-eyed boy pauses once more, faintly breathless. “If I could cover every inch of your skin I’d do it, kissing your scarred wrists the longest.” Harry admits, before pressing his mouth on the little cut I’d done on my arm earlier. “I love you... So much. And I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done in the past.” He continues.

“S’okay Harry. I forgive you.” I sigh, shutting my eyes.

“You forgive me way too easily,” He mumbles on my skin. The British boy pulls back and looks into my eyes, before pressing a delicate kiss on my lips. “I love you.” The curly-haired boy murmurs again, tossing a strand of hair away from my face.

I love you too. But I can’t tell you that just yet...

“I really wish you can say it back one day...” He whispers sadly, realizing I won’t answer.

“I can’t.” My face drops, and I toss my legs off the sofa to a sitting position, the previous sexual atmosphere gone completely. Harry also sits up, frowning.


“I’m not sure about my feelings towards you yet.” Lies. I’m just not ready to break Niall’s heart. Especially these days, where’s he’s unstable.

“It’s okay... I have the time to convince you.” He says, hugging me. “We do have a 24 hour day together. I’ll have you swept off your feet by the end of that day.” Harry promises.

I rest my head on his chest, sighing. Why can’t things be simple?

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