Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


21. Mother Nature Strikes

I have a horrible headache. I open my eyes slowly, before shutting them again and snuggling deeper into the Niall-odoured sheets. I’m gonna stay here forever. This is gonna be my death bed, I decide with a loud sigh. I hear loud shouts downstairs but I ignore them, wanting to stay in the blankets for as long as possible. Maybe I’ll end up desiccating or something.

Suddenly, I feel wetness pooling down below. I knit my brows in confusion. What?!

Lifting the covers up, I curse. Niall’s previous light sheets had a spot of burgundy, matching the one on my pyjama pants.

Fuckin’ great. Seems like my body hasn’t agreed on the ‘stay in bed’ plan. Fuck you Mother Nature.

I huff once more, eyeing the blood in disbelief. But then it hits me. That means I’m not pregnant!

I frown. It’s weird that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind earlier though... I had stopped taking the god damn pill after my release. I hadn’t seen the point. But then why didn’t I think of it after the intercourses with the boys? But I don’t believe it has crossed the boys’ minds too because I don’t recall any of them using condoms... they seem to hate these baby-preventers anyways. It’s not like they are the ones that are stuck with the baby afterwards.

I huff once more and then I realise that I simply can’t stay in bed. I have an internal debate on what I’m about to solve my bloody period. Should I go see the boys downstairs and ask if they have stuff, or go to the bathroom and try to find the things alone and then sneak back into the bed, without alarming the boys of my wake? I opt for the second choice and get off the bed carefully, grimacing as I feel more blood trickling down.

Pushing away the uneasiness, I open Niall’s door gently, popping my head outside to inspect the hall. No Louis, no Liam. I’m good to go. I hear them though... they’re probably downstairs, playing one of their loud games.

 Closing the door gently behind me, I tip toe my way to yesterday’s bathroom, the only one which I remember the route to. I seize the occasion to take mental notes about my surroundings in order to be acquainted with the manor. It never hurts to know more about my surroundings.

When I finally arrive to the door of the bathroom, the house is eerie. No sound is heard.  I guess I just got farther than their playing area; I shrug, before turning the handle.

Brusquely, alarms start ringing loudly.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m completely bewildered. Why the fuck would someone put alarms on a bathroom door?

Then I hear them, Liam and Louis, stampeding loudly up the staircase. Just great.

“Faster Louis! She might be harming herself!” Liam’s worried voice comes closer. Oh that’s what it’s all about!

“I’m not a fucking Olympian,” The older boys pants, complaining.

“I told you we should’ve watched her sleep until she woke up!”

“Yeah and then we’d be like that stalker, the sparkling vampire!” Louis spits back.

“There she is!” Liam yells around the corner of the hallway.

“Soph!” They come running, hands all over me, inspecting every inch of my skin.

“Are you alright?!” Liam shouts.

“I will be as soon as you shut the alarm off!” I retort just as loudly. My head is pounding madly.

“Oh right.”

The noise stops almost immediately as Louis reaches into his back pocket.

“When did you even have the time to place this shit.” I scowl, massaging my temples.

“Language.” Liam chides. “And yeah last night, not long after Harry brought you to bed, we had a small group counsel and we decided on a couple things.” That couldn’t be good.

“Okay then.” I grumble. “Now, can you two explain to me, why I can’t go to the bathroom alone?” I exhale once they let me go and that the alarm has stopped ringing into my ears.

“Halloo! Have you already forgotten, what happened to you the last time you were alone in a bathroom baby-cakes?” Louis demands, tapping my nose.

“Of course I remember.” I scrunch my nose and pull backwards a bit, heading to enter the bathroom. Liam grabs my arm.

“We can’t trust you.” Liam shakes his head.

“Fine then. How do I get to go to the bathroom without one of you?” I grimace.

“Why do you wanna go to the bathroom?” Louis enquires.

“What if I want to take a piss?!”

“You clearly don’t! You said ‘what if’! And you’re not doing that ridiculous ‘I need to piss’ dance.” Louis argues.

“Not everybody does that dance Lou.” Liam sighs, face palming himself. “Not everybody acts like a 5 year-old.”

“I do not!”

“You do!”

I sigh. “What I want, is girl stuff alright? I’m on my period.” I give up, rubbing my temples.

“You’re on your period?” Liam questions, shooting a sideways glance in Louis’s direction.

“Yes. Something all girls have. I haven’t changed since two years.” I roll my eyes. What was their problem?  Oh yeah maybe they just realised that they could’ve been fathers...

“I think we pushed luck a bit too far huh?” Liam tells Louis. The latter nods his approval.

“Okay what’s going on?” I huff.

“You didn’t continue taking the pill over the last two years didn’t you?”

“Why would I? A: I didn’t know which one it even is and B: I didn’t know you were actually gonna kidnap me again!”

“I thought that you’d take my text as a warning.” Liam retorts.

“So it was you who sent me that text!?”

“I signed with my first initial.”

“Two of you have that initial smarty. But let’s get back to the point shall we? What has my period gotta do with this entire pill thing? I don’t recall learning about that anywhere in Sex Ed. Or whatever.”

“What do kids learn these days?” Louis sighs.

Hey weirdo... You’re not that older than me.  I frown, coughing back the remark.

“Liam, tell her. I’ll call Hazza and make him stop at the pharmacy.” Louis says, pulling his phone out of his back pocket. He walks away from us, but still in our view.

“Okay sooo... Where do I start?” The brown eyed boy starts awkwardly. “So the pill we gave you last year was supposed to stop your umm...”

“Menstrual cycles?” I supply, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yeah that. The first week or two when it’s taken, it only retards the cycle for a couple days, that which happened to you right? Two years ago your period was late if I remember correctly?”

“Yes.” I roll my eyes, shifting my weight from one foot to another in annoyance as I didn’t the point of this right now and the wetness in my panties felt uncomfortable.

“So if it’s taken for longer than two weeks in a row, it stops the cycle completely, eliminating any chance of getting you pregnant. So we thought that you’d continued taking it after your escape, and we were so horny and vengeful when we got you back that we didn’t take the time to ask if you had indeed continued to take the pill.”

“And sooo...?”

“We’ll we’re only gonna make sure not to push our luck again.” Liam ends with a shrug.

“That’s good news. Maybe next time you bozos can simply think of using condoms and I wouldn’t have to worry about taking that stupid pill.” I mutter. “And if you guys used condoms, we would be sure I wouldn’t end up preggo because of a certain malfunctioning of the pill or whatever. I think I already read somewhere that I’m supposed to take them at the same time everyday for them to work properly.”

Liam shakes his head. “Not these ones. We got you special ones that work as long as you take them every day.”

“How thoughtful.” I say in a fake sweet voice. “How’d you get them anyways?”

“When you got the money, you can get lots of things others can’t.” Liam shrugs.

“Of course.” I roll my eyes. “Now can I just get some girl stuff? I’m getting uhh... sticky.”

“Yeah sure.” Liam finally takes me inside the bathroom and shows me a cupboard. He opens it. “This has all the stuff you need.”

Why didn’t I see these yesterday?

“Okay... Can I do my stuff alone?” I question, placing my hands on my hips.

“You won’t―”



“Liam I won’t harm myself I swear.” I huff.

“I’m just outside the door. I’ll hear you if you open the cupboard with the sharp objects,” he menaces.

“Who wouldn’t hear? It has a godamn alarm on...

“It has a bell.”

“Same thing.”

“No it isn’t.”

“Look I won’t touch it.” I sigh.

“Be quick.” He gets out and I overhear a little of him and Louis talking before the door closes fully.

“Hey Liam! Guess what? Harry said that he’d...” Is all I caught. Curious. But it better be good for me...

I pass my hand through my hair once, before grabbing what I need and doing my stuff. Listening closely, I hear Liam and Louis on the other side of the door, talking excitedly. Something about Bruce Wayne and Glen Coco. What the fuck. These boys are really peculiar.

I look down at myself and scowl. I can’t stay in my pyjamas... they’re dirty. Plus I really need a shower.  I pop my head out the door reluctantly.

“Louis can you get me some clean clothes please?” I ask the older boy.

“Sure love. What da ya want? Dress? Skirt? Jeans? Tees? Jumpers? Choose your victim.”

“Something comfortable... Not too sexy please Lou.” I say, before shutting the door. I hear a knock at my door about five minutes later. The exact time I took to jump in the shower wash and get out. I answer the door with a towel wrapped around my body. Louis hands me the pile of clothes, licking his lips reflexively as he eyes my state of almost nakedness. His eyes turn a faint darker colour and my breath hitches, my pulse quickening, some unnecessary hormones kicking in at mental images he just sent me involuntarily.

I thank him quickly and shut the door before he can pull a move. What was that Soph? I think shakily while shaking my head. Calming my breathing, I take a look at what he gave me: Salmon pink TOMS, white polka-dotted skirt, aqua camisole, loose salmon tee, One Direction necklace, One Direction bracelets and simple panties. Wait. No bra? I dig around once more, and end up empty handed on the bra-level. Louis, little bastard.

I open the door, hiding behind it.

“Lou, did you forget the bra?” I enquire.

“No. It was intentional.” He shrugs.


“Because you, love, don’t always get to have things your way... Even if you act cute and pitiful and all. Now hurry and dress. We’ll take care of you right after.”

Fuckin’ awesome, I mumble to myself before shutting the door again. What does he mean by ‘take care?’ I slide on my clothing, and jewelry, grimacing when the bracelets touched some of my sensible wrist skin and glowering at the lack of bra. I huff once before getting out. Liam is missing, I remark.

“Perfect.” Louis claps.

“Where’s Liam?”

“He went to make you a little something to eat. You’re gonna eat all of what he’ll make you.”

“What time is it?” I question as my stomach growls.

“Quarter past one. You slept a lot, lemme tell you that. You’re hungry, right?”

“Starving.” I admit, rubbing my stomach to soothe a sudden spark of cramps. Hopefully they won’t end up like last time with Liam... I shiver. “Yeah I’m hungry.” I repeat.

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