Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


12. Monster

When the bell rings, it’s finally lunch. Em and I rapidly head to our regular table, only to find Harry lounging on it. A cocky smirk on his luscious lips. What? Luscious? Eww. No.

 Reflexively, I lick my own lips, moistening them a bit before crossing my arms over my chest.

“Could you get your ass off this table? We’re supposed to eat there.” I snap. I feel Emily tense beside me which still makes me wonder exactly what Harry did to her this morning...

The green-eyed boy sighs, but surprisingly does as demanded.

“Happy now?” He scowls.

“Peachy.” I reply, sitting down and almost immediately imitated by Emily.

Harry stays there and stares at us in contemplation.

“Can we help you Har― Mr. Styles?” I ask, pulling out my lunch.

He seems to shake out of his unusual trance.

“No. I just wanted to tell you I’ll be waiting for you where I dropped you off right after school.”

“I won’t be there.” I say simply.

“Yes you will.” He replies.

“No, I won’t. I have detention tonight and for the rest of the week. ” I huff.

“Naughty student.... I think I’ll tell Mr. Tomlinson to meet you there. I’d do it myself but I have to have a little chat with Nialler.”

“Seriously?!? Louis?” I whine.

Emily stays silent, watching the intercourse between Harry and I.

“Yup.” He says, pulling out his phone from his pocket. He rapidly types something in and is almost immediately replied. “It’s settled. You’ll be going back home with Louis, and then Liam apparently wants to see you tonight...” He trails on. “So I’ll be stealing this,” He rapidly pecks my cheek, “And I’ll continue my lunch supervising.” He ends leaving.

“Great. Detention with Louis. Of all people.” I exhale noisily in annoyance when he’s far away from us. “Harry’s trying to kill me before the end of the week.”

“You know what... I think Harry likes you more than you give him the credit for.” Emily points out, taking a bite of her food.

I turn to look at her confusedly.


“I think that he wants you to like him. That’s why he isn’t the one doing detention. He doesn’t want to be the one that you’re scared of.” She continues.

“The guy kidnapped me Em. He doesn’t care whether or not I like him as long as he can do what he pleases with me.”

“I think he’s been holding back. I mean, he didn’t react that badly when you asked him to ‘get your ass off’ the table.” The brown-eyed girl remarks. “He did agree to let you talk to me this morning, and he lets you talk to me right now. He even lets you go to school. I think he’s been giving you more freedom than he initially planned. Don’t you notice these things?”

What she was saying made some sense....He actually gave me a choice when we were in the closet, he reacted like any jealous boy would react when I ran into Niall’s arms earlier this morning, he defends me constantly... Indeed, something’s not common about his reactions.

“He’s Harry. Moody, bipolar, horny, uncontrolled Harry Styles. I don’t know what goes on underneath that mass of curls.” I shrug.

“Well that was just my observations.” She ends, taking a sip of water.

The day goes by fast. Really fast. And detention seems to be calling my name eagerly.

I swear I was shaking madly when I did enter the detention room. To my pleasurable surprise, Louis wasn’t there. I gave my name to the teacher sitting at the front giddily but what she said next made me frown.

“Sophie Miller? As for your detention, Mr. Tomlinson specifically requested your help in room 360.”

“But Mrs. Lively said―”

 “He had Mrs. Lively’s permission.” She cuts. Fuckin’ awesome.

“Okay then.” I mumble, stepping outside the class and making my way to room 360.

I knock twice before entering, my pulse quickening madly.

“Leave your belongings on the floor and close the door,” The British boy demands, sitting on the edge of the desk with a playful smile on his face. Huffing, I do as asked, but I stay near the door.

“Now. Mrs. Lively’s told me you’ve been speaking loudly during class...What am I gonna do about that hmm?”

I stay silent, looking at him while trying to show no emotion.

Louis swings his legs back and forth on the side of the desk, looking at me with his deep blue eyes. He places his hands together.

“Well let’s see. I have two things in mind. First off, speaking loudly means you have a big mouth right? I know what I’ll do about that...”

His trousers visibly tightened.

“And then I’m pretty sure I’ll have the time to show you how to shut up while doing things right?”

I clearly knew what two things he had in mind with these statements. And I was not particularly looking forward to them.

“So... Are we doing this the hard way or the easy way?” Louis questions, getting off the desk. “’Cause I’m perfectly fine with either way.” He continues, advancing predatorily towards me while his eyes cloud with lust.

His hands place themselves on my waist and he spins me around so I’m back to him, facing the door.

“What’s it gonna be love hmm?” He mumbles, nuzzling into my neck while lightly grinding his hips against mine. His soft hair gently tickles the inside of my neck, which results into goose bumps rising upon my skin. “Are you gonna resist to me or not?” He nips the sweet spot in the crook of my neck playfully and brings my body closer to his possessively.

I should resist... I should do something...This is not good...Maybe let time do its effect? I’ll give it a shot... Maybe Louis’ll show some hidden feelings....

“Are you gonna be harsh if I don’t fight back?” The words pour out of my mouth before I can fully process them, making Louis pull away from my neck incredulously.


“I said: If I don’t resist, will you be brutal with me or not?” I repeat softly, my lower lip quivering slightly.

“Lemme remind you that this still is detention.... But alright.” He says, placing himself back in his initial position where we were very close together. “If you don’t cause me too much trouble, I’ll go soft on you.” He whispers, his cool hands slipping under my blouse to trace slow, sensuous circles on the sensitive skin. “After all, you do have to attend detention for a whole week, who knows what you’ll do with every boy... Do as I say and all will be good, okay love?” Louis ends, turning me back around to face him.

“Hmmm.” I hum unsurely, looking everywhere but in his teal eyes.

“Sophie. Am I clear?” Louis repeats, tilting my chin up to gaze into his eyes.

Come on Soph... You can do this... Play the game and it’ll be over soon, I reassure myself, exhaling softly.

“Yes Mr. Tomlinson.” I mumble discouraged.

He releases his grip, satisfied.

“Good! So you’ve already understood the principle that I’m your teacher, therefore your superior.”

I can’t help rolling my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest in an exasperated way.

“Cut the sass.” He orders. “Now. Rules are that you aren’t allowed to talk without my permission. You’ve talked too much today already.” He continues, his breathing getting slightly raspier and his trousers clearly tighter.

Louis backs away a little, eyeing me appreciatively. He places a hand under his chin thoughtfully. He smiles suddenly. “Take off an article of clothing,” The blue-eyed boy instructs with a grin.

He actually is teasing himself with my body... Weird boy, I think as I remove my shoes, tossing them aside. I place myself back into my initial position, hands crossed over my chest.

“Another.” He commands, visibly annoyed that I chose to take my shoes off over any other piece of clothing.

Puffing out softly, I remove the sleeveless cardigan that was over my blouse, putting it on the floor near my shoes.

Nervously, I start rocking back and forth on the balls of my feet as Louis eyes my blouse curiously, cocking his head a tad to the right. Breathing stealthily, he comes closer to me once more. Carefully, he presses his index finger in the hollow of my neck, and starts tracing patterns all around the soft skin of the neck, occasionally bringing two of them closer and closer down the blouse and into my cleavage.

I’m practically shivering, goose bumps all over my skin at the unusual treatment.

Louis unbuttons two buttons of my blouse, exposing my bra, before he realises I’m shaking like a leaf.

“Shhh, love... I’ll warm you up soon enough... Don’t be scared,” He coos affectionately in his rich Doncaster accent. “I’ll be careful... I’ll control myself.”

His arms wrap around me protectively before he leans in for a tender kiss. Yes, tender. Not lustful and dominant. It felt different. A good sense of different.

Hesitantly, I respond to it, not quite sure where all the gentleness is coming from.

Louis takes my lower lip in his playfully, demanding entrance.  I unenthusiastically oblige and he practically thrusts his tongue in, groaning on my mouth. His hands tangle themselves messily in my hair and he rapidly loses control of his lust, his kisses suddenly more demanding.

“Lou-Lou-Louis!” I gasp. “You’re losing it!”

“It’s Mr. Tomlinson for you!” He orders, pushing me onto my knees.

I wince and gasp at the same time, shocked.

He plays with the zipper of his pants before bringing them down. “Now suck.” He rasps huskily, grabbing my hair with one hand and his erection with the other.

I’m too stunned to move yet.

He pulls me closer to his throbbing manhood. “NOW!” He demands, shoving himself deeply in my throat. It is then that I discovered Louis could be a sex-craving monster at times... It’s like the other side of joyful, immature Louis. And it isn’t pretty.


Ever since I could remember,
Everything inside of me,
Just wanted to fit in
I was never one for pretenders,
Everything I tried to be,
Just wouldn't settle in

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

Can I clear my conscience,
If I'm different from the rest,
Do I have to run and hide?
I never said that I want this,
This burden came to me,
And it's made its home inside


 Louis lets out a guttural groan as his cock reaches the far back of my throat. Reflexively, I start gagging, tears springing to my eyes. But Louis gives me no time to calm myself. He roughly starts face-fucking me, forcefully making me bob my head up and down his length.

Shaking, I gaze upwards and our eyes meet. His blue orbs soften a little in realisation, and his movements smoothen, some of the monster in him gone.

“I’m almost done love...” He says in a gentle voice, his movements less harsh, letting me the chance to take some of the control. I feel him close to orgasm and I try to pull away, but it only ends up angering him and he decides to pull my head callously onto his length, keeping it there till I swallowed every last bit.

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.



“There...” He groans, before pulling out. Beads of sweat are pearled in the soft hair over his forehead and he brings his pants back up, not bothering to zip them shut.

I’m about to say something, but he presses his finger on my lips, silencing me.

“Tsk tsk... No talking Sophie.” He reprimands. “Go on the desk.” He adds.

I huff, and stand up a little wobbily before sitting on the edge of the desk.

“Good girl...” He mumbles, placing himself in-between my thighs. His arousal grows once more. What if he loses control again?

I have a strange, nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, making me squirm uncomfortably.

“Are you alright babe? You seem perplexed about something,” He draws out slowly, his thumb pads rubbing my thighs under my skirt.  I stay silent.

“Love?” He questions again. “You can talk to me...”

“I’m confused and frustrated...” I reply, my gaze not meeting his. “And scared you’ll lose control.” I add.

I shiver as a weird sense of déjà-vu clouds my mind.





“I’ll go shower with her,” Niall proposed, inching towards me. I shoot him a dirty look and inch closer to Harry.

“No.” Harry responds a little too roughly, hugging me to himself. I look at his features, jealousy written all over his face.

“I’ll do it mate,” Louis bumps in. Harry hesitates lightly, before handing me over to Louis. The blue-eyed boy grabs my hips softly, hugging my body to his, like Harry had previously done.

I see Harry give Niall and Louis a stern look, before heading out with the fat lady. Louis picks me up bridal-style, and leads us to a very antique looking bathroom.

As I timidly looked around, Louis deposits me on the countertop, placing himself in-between my thighs. He looks at me straight in the eyes, concerned.

“Are you all right sweet cheeks? You seem, deranged, by something.” He says, cutting out his words carefully.

Goosebumps appear on my skin as his thumb pads went up and down my thighs, going higher each time.

“I’m frustrated.” I let out, feeling like I could confide into Louis more than any other guy.

“What kind of frustration? Is it sexual frustration? Because if it is, I’ll gladly help you with that.” He purrs.

“No! It’s not that!” I snap back a little harshly. “Sex is definitely not going to brighten my mood right now.”  I breathe out, sighing exasperatingly.


[End of Flashback]


“I won’t lose control...” Louis’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

“How can you be sure?”

“Because deep down, over the lust-craving part of me, lay feelings.” He says, hands over his chest poetically. “I’m not always a sex-craving monster ya know?”

 I look at him peculiarly.

“Look... What if we have a safety word? Would it make you feel safer? Like stripes or something.” He proposes, giving up.

“Would you actually stop?” I enquire. “Would you be able to overthrow your lust?”

“I’d do my best, even though I’ve been feeling that the lust has had a certain power over my actions.... But I’d really try my best love...Especially for you.” He trails on, his hands resting in the insides of my thighs.

My breathing becomes slightly uneven, and I feel hormones kicking in at that little action. Unexpectedly, heat pools at the bottom of my stomach and I gasp a little, in shock.

“Let’s just get this last part over with and then I’ll take you home and make you feel cozy and stuff.” He ends. “Shush and all will be perfectly fine...No moaning... Only writhing.”

Louis wastes almost no time at all. Both his hands dig under my skirt, pulling my panties downwards. His fingers ghost my clit. He smiles greedily, some lust tinting his azure eyes.

“See? You’re all wet and ready for me already... This isn’t going to be long.” He tries reassuring me but by the way he licks his lips, I know he won’t have as much control as he said he would.

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger


I gulp as he carefully slides a finger in me, almost immediately followed by two other. The older boy forces me into a laying position on the desk, my legs dangling from the side. He curls his fingers. I thrash in undeniable pleasure on the table, biting my lip which makes him groan in an animalistic way and shove them in deeper. Satisfied, Louis starts building a constant rhythm, ramming them in and out at a rapid but intriguingly, pleasurable pace.

“You’re ready for me aren’t you? You’re ready for my big juicy cock to tear you apart.” He whispers in my ear. My breath gets caught in my throat, more heat suddenly heading south. The blue-eyed boy removes his dexterous fingers and pulls his straining erection out of his trousers, giving it a few rubs.

“It arouses you when I talk dirty to you, doesn’t it?” He asks, his voice chapped and deep.

My head nods without permission, my body lacking of physical contact.

He places himself over my body, hitching the skirt high before holding himself up with his both arms beside my head. His shaft is placed teasingly over my entrance and he slides only the tip in.

I squirm in discomfort, making a strangled sound.

“Tut tut.” He reprimands, pulling backwards a bit. I writhe and Louis lowers himself so he can whisper in my ear.

“You want it bad huh? The massive cock pulsating inside your tight vagina....Well you know what... I’m feeling nice today so I’m just gonna thrust it deep inside you.” At these words, he shoves his hips forwards, his cock going all the way to the hilt.

I shake my head left and right, overwhelmed.

“Warp your legs around my waist.” Louis orders, panting softly. My body obeys and as soon as I do so, the blue-eyed boy pulls backwards before ramming back in.

“Christ,” He mumbles, going again and again, propelled by lust. A choked grunt slips past his swollen lips and the monster resurfaces, his hips thrusts ruthless. But it wasn’t unpleasant like his face-fucking, just disturbing.

Can I clear my conscience,
If I'm different from the rest,
Do I have to run and hide?
I never said that I want this,
This burden came to me,
And it's made its home inside


“Say my name!” He orders raggedly, his pounding making me shake on the desk. “I want you to yell my name as my big hot dick fills your tight, warm vagina up with cum!” He adds puffing. I come undone, the words he used being the reason.

“Lou-Lou-Lou Mr. Tomlinson!” I yell, my scream echoing in the soundproof classroom. He gasps an unhealthy moan and empties himself inside me, his arms wavering beside my head.

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because,
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me


We lay immobile one over the other breathlessly; listening to each other’s rapid heartbeats for minutes before Louis hoists himself up, putting his trousers back on.

“Detention is over. Come on, I’ll bring you home.” He sighs, passing his hand in his sweaty hair. I nod, still inundated by everything and sit back up, pulling my underwear back to their rightful place. I lose balance, still wobbly from the treatment and Louis catches me, before hauling me up bridal-style. I can’t help nuzzling into his neck, searching for some kind of reassuring, but he doesn’t give it. Instead, he steps outside the class and heads outside, seating me into his car. I look up at him to find troubled eyes.

“Louis. I need my thin―”
He cuts me off with a soft, careful kiss. Pulling back, he caresses my face. “Stay here, I’ll go get them.” He says before closing the car door.

Feeling exhausted, I lay back on the leather seats, shutting my eyes. What the fuck am I doing with these boys?


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