Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


41. Louis

I struggle in his grasp, hitting his back. “Lemme go! I can walk! You’re a fucking coward! You can’t even punish me yourself!”

Brusquely, he drops me on the ground, making my head hit the floor with a loud thump. I blink back tears, rubbing the back of my head instead.

“Now walk.” He instructs, pushing me forwards. “And I’m starving you until you learn to fucking behave again!” The British boy concludes, giving me another shove.

“If you do that, I’m not going on that fucking date with you. Nor the fucking trip for the holidays.” I menace, walking towards Louis’s room as slowly as possible. He grips my left arm, pulling me forwards.

“I have my ways to make you cooperate.” He seethes, before tugging me inside Louis’s room. The blue-eyed boy turns around as soon as we enter.

“Hey mate what― Whoa. Has the little couple been fighting?”

“Louis I’ll fucking kill you!” I start to jump on him but Harry holds me back. I squirm and struggle. “Louis why’d you tell him?! You fucking bastard!”

“I would fuck you right now for that dirty little mouth of yours...”

“You’re an ass you know that!?”

“But oh how you love that sexy ass of mine.”

“Anyways,” Harry breaks in, “She needs to be punished.” Harry shoves me over to Louis, the latter wrapping his arms tightly around me, placing his head on my shoulder in a lover’s embrace. I shrug him off, but his arms stay around my body.

“What did you do Sophieboo?”

“Shut up! I’m giving you the silent treatment” I try to elbow him in the stomach, failing miserably.

“That little brat completely destroyed my room. I’m going to try to fix it a little before tonight while you take care of her...” Harry says to Louis.

“Well someone’s been misbehaving a lot lately, don’t you think Soph?” Louis mocks, turning me around briefly so we’re facing each other.

Pushing back my urge to spit in his face, I pull out my tongue. Chuckling, he spins me back around to face Harry.

The Cheshire lad looks at me directly in the eyes. “If I don’t manage to fix it in time, I’m sleeping in your room, naked.” The green-eyed boy tells, poking my chest. “Let me tell you your sleep won’t be pleasant... you aren’t quite fond of toys if I remember well?”

Freeing my arms out of Louis’s grasp, I reach over to strangle the cocky prick but the older boy swiftly encircles my arms once more.

“So Harry you want me to babysit her or...”

“I let you do whatever with her, as long as she learns her lesson.” The younger boy finishes, smirking at me.

“Harry you’re a coward! You can’t even punish me yourself!” I writhe around in Louis’s arms, but his grip is vice around my limbs, probably forming bruises.

“True because you’d end up enjoying remember? It wouldn’t be called punishing.” He shakes his head and leaves, shutting the door behind him.

“Lock it please!” Louis yells.

As soon as I hear the faint but recognizable click of the bolt, I just stop holding myself up on my feet, letting Louis support my weight.

“Sophie you have legs. Please do use them.” He sighs, holding me up for a couple seconds. Seeing as I wasn’t going to listen, he just dropped me on my ass. Oww.

“Why did you tell him!?” I whine, looking up at the British boy, ignoring my sore bottom.

“I warned you at the hospital.” The blue-eyed boy frowns, sitting on his bed in front of me.

“You said you’d wait till weekend! I would’ve told him by then! I would’ve fucking told him! You ruined everything! My perfectly prepared plan, you fucking ruined it!”

“You, had a plan?” Louis chuckles.

“Yes, had! Please note the past tense of the verb have. I had a plan.” I repeat.

“Look no matter how much you complain, it’s done. But I’m curious... What was your plan?” The Doncaster boy enquires.

“None of your fucking business.” I snap.

“Hmm, firstly watch the language and second, it can lessen your punishment time. So choose wisely what you’ll respond.” His voice takes a darker edge.

“You really are going to punish me?”

“Yeah. It’s been a while since I got laid properly and my hand can’t do the job anymore.” The brown-haired boy shrugs. “But you’re avoiding my question. What was your little plan Soph?”

“What about Eleanor? Aren’t you two like, together?” I deflect.

“Not quite... She’s a little too nosy to be my girlfriend just yet and things are getting complicated already with media discovering our location and all... a girlfriend would only complicate things. Sophie answer the damn question! You won’t escape the punishment either way. You’re just making me angrier.” Louis huffs.

“Why do you even care?” I whine.

“You’re entertaining...” He rubs his temples. “Look I have ways to make you talk if you don’t start talking in the next five seconds. One...”

“Knowing you, I’ll only have three.” I spit back.

“Two, three, four...” he warns accelerating his count.


“For fucks sake Sophie!” He grabs my left arm, hauling me on his bed. Almost immediately, he’s towering over me, placing my casted arm in between his knee and my waist, and my left one over my head. “Stop testing limits.” He says between clenched teeth. “You’ll get hurt.” He sighs, pressing our foreheads together. “I don’t want you to get too hurt.”

As we gaze in each other’s eyes, our breathing is ragged, and I immediately feel the sexual desire emanating from him, the darker shade of his eyes being a good indicator as well as his tightening pants.

“So you want me to get hurt?” I murmur. He lets my left arm go, placing both his hands beside my head.

“Pain makes people alive. I like you better alive.” He smiles, slowly lowering his face while looking alternatively between my lips and my eyes, as if asking for permission.

I slowly bring my left hand down, about to slap him but I decide otherwise and place it along the side of my body, mimicking the right arms position. I’m supposed to make Harry angry. Not Louis. Louis and I aren’t supposed to be quarreling. Harry was the one who was supposed to snap and punish me so we could hate each other. But he didn’t punish me. He still wants me to love him, to trust him... And I do, even though he fucking slapped me... Sophie you’ve been brainwashed. How pathetic. I give up.

“If you want to slap me do it. I deserve it, I was a dick. Plus, I like it when you struggle.” Louis breaks into my thoughts casually.

“If you insist.”

I raise my hand again, momentarily distracting him as I knee him in the stomach. I flip myself around to crawl away but Louis rapidly becomes more aggressive, pressing me face first in the mattress.

“That’s more like it...” He turns me back around so we’re face to face. “You are just so much more fun alive,” he breathes raspily, “And I find it easier to punish you when you’re rebellious, because you’re too innocent otherwise...”the British boy continues, before closing the distance between our mouths.

I respond instinctively to the intimate caress of our lips, my good hand tangling in his feathered hair.

“Hit me again.” He demands between kisses. “Slap me.” He urges, before pinching a nipple.

“No...” I cry out. “I can’t.”

“And I can’t punish you properly if you aren’t reacting disobediently...” he groans. He connects our lips once more, one of his hands trailing the length of my body sensually. He grips my thigh. “Resist. Please.”

“I don’t want to,” I shake my head and he jumps on the occasion to nuzzle into my neck. His warm tongue starts tracing circles on my skin, making goose bumps rise on my skin.

“Soph you’re a fighter... C’mon fight me.”

“That wasn’t my plan...”

“To hell with the plan! We’re going to have some mind blowing sex if you listen to what I say. You’ll have bruises and every time they are faintly grazed by somebody or something, you’ll think of me.”

“I don’t like you angry... you become that monster...”




“Lou-Lou-Louis!” I gasp. “You’re losing it!”

“It’s Mr. Tomlinson for you!” He orders, pushing me onto my knees.

I wince and gasp at the same time, shocked.

He plays with the zipper of his pants before bringing them down. “Now suck.” He rasps huskily, grabbing my hair with one hand and his erection with the other.

I’m too stunned to move yet.

He pulls me closer to his throbbing manhood. “NOW!” He demands, shoving himself deeply in my throat. It is then that I discovered Louis could be a sex-craving monster at times... It’s like the other side of joyful, immature Louis. And it isn’t pretty.

Louis lets out a guttural groan as his cock reaches the far back of my throat. Reflexively, I start gagging, tears springing to my eyes. But Louis gives me no time to calm myself. He roughly starts face-fucking me, forcefully making me bob my head up and down his length.

Shaking, I gaze upwards and our eyes meet. His blue orbs soften a little in realisation, and his movements smoothen, some of the monster in him gone.


[End of flashback]


“I don’t like you as a monster.” I whisper, shuddering at the memory. “I rather you as a jolly, perverted and immature guy.”

“How am I supposed to punish you now...” He shuts his eyes, pulling away from his leaning position to a sitting one on me as he rubs his temples thinking deeply. “I’ll manage to stop if it gets too extreme. If you make me look into your eyes and you tell me you want to stop, I swear on my life I will stop.”


“If you fight against me, I’ll go on the double date with you this weekend. As a lame apology for telling you off to Harry before said time.”

“You said Harry wouldn’t―” he places his finger on my lips.

“We don’t need to tell him you have a double date. We can just say I’ve found that another one of your kinks that involves public sex and we want to experience it and everything will be fine.”

“You are not telling him that because it isn’t true.” I snap.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We’ll find something.” He huffs. He rolls his hips into mine a little, trying to retrieve the arousal he had lost during our conversation. “Now struggle. Make it seem like I’m forcing you to have sex with me.”

“I think that’s your kink huh?”

“Wow. Was about time you noticed.” Louis says it like it’s obvious. “Guess why Harry chose me to punish you over all the other boys? Their kinks aren’t as intense at mine... But enough of the talking and more fucking!” He deflects, leaning forwards once more to capture my lips in between his.

“Quick thing though... you’ll be careful with my broken wrist, right?”

“I am not cruel. And it isn’t exactly the kind of pain that I was talking about earlier yeah.” He frowns. “Just don’t hit me with it please? According to Liam, plaster hurts.”

“Fine.” I chuckle, recalling today’s earlier event.

“Now c’mon little whore, shut that pretty cock sucking mouth of yours and show me what you got,” he taunts, using these particular words to provoke me. And they do. I feel anger mounting rapidly.

“I am not a whore and I’m not a cock sucker.” I say darkly.

“I beg to differ.”

“You asked for it.” I mutter, before I start thrashing around under him, trying my best to get him out of his straddling position over my body. I only succeed into making him move a little more upfront.

“C’mon you can do better than that.” Louis mocks, easily keeping down on his bed. I feel his arousal growing, his eyes turning a darker shade of blue.

I manage to kick my legs and roll over, resulting me falling off the bed with a thud. Ouch I fell a lot today yeah? Barely registering the thought, I rapidly stand up and run to the door of my room, the one I don’t remember anybody locking. I turn the handle and find it unlocked. I’m about to run inside but Louis arm’s are suddenly around my waist, pulling me back into his room.

“That would’ve been too easy wouldn’t it?” He whispers huskily in my neck, shutting the door with his foot. He drags me back to his bed, places himself in his regular straddling position and pulls my shirt off my body forcefully.

His hands start towards my bra, but I push his chest, attempting once more to dislodge him.

“Tsk tsk eager to have me naked already?” Louis chuckles, his eyes completely clouded with lust. The brown-haired boy reaches over to his bedside drawer, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. “It’s only to make things more... Entertaining,” he explains with a wink, before placing both my arms over my head and locking them together with the metal cuffs.

 I whine, feeling my cast dig into my other hand roughly when I moved. I think I rather the skin to skin contact...


“Yeah I’m floating on a cloud,” I say sarcastically.

He slaps the inside of my thigh, a loud smack echoing through the room.

“Don’t sass me little girl.” Louis warns.

He gets off the bed and pulls his shirt off, undoing his pants to stand in boxers. He starts crawling over me but I kick towards his face, momentarily preventing him from coming any closer. “I love it when you’re feisty,” he purrs, before digging his nails into my ankles.

I whimper, pulling at the handcuffs to try getting him off me but the metal only ends up digging into my soft flesh, and the cast pressing into my other hand.

Louis has a predatory look in his eyes, and I know the monster is starting to take over him gradually. He takes both ankles in one hand, and brings my skirt down my legs swiftly with the other.

The Doncaster boy licks his lips as he hoists himself up and over my body once more, attacking my bra. Seeing as my hands are tied over my head, he simply tears it off my skin, not giving two damns about the material. I don’t either, as I am not the one paying them anyways.

He automatically fondles my perking nipples, with his thumbs and starts playing with my breasts, groping the mounds of flesh tightly every two seconds or so.

“Louisss,” I groan, shutting my eyes as I give up every sign of resistance.

He slaps my chest.

“Keep fighting or I’m spanking you, little slut.” He orders, before nuzzling into my neck to nip the sensitive skin.

I want to fight back, but I whine and stay still as his teeth suddenly pierce the skin. Skillfully, Louis starts sucking the small wound, his hands still playing with my chest. I shut my eyes tightly, swallowing back a loud moan as his hips begin dig into mine harshly, the only material between our lower centers being my panties and his boxers.

Heat pools at the bottom of my stomach at the thought of Louis inside me again. I realise it has been a long time since I had got the proper sexual attention, and my hormones we’re desperately craving it.

“You dirty whore you want to be spanked don’t you? You didn’t listen to me... You want my hands on that perky ass of yours and you want them slapping it ‘till it’s raw? Slap it so hard you won’t be able to sit on it tomorrow without attracting attention? I imagine you going to class and trying to sit without whining... You’ll be having dirty thoughts at the reminisce of what we’re about to do right now...I bet your wet at the thought of this happening tomorrow.”

As if on cue, wetness drips down my thigh at his dirty sayings and I moan loudly, bucking my hips upwards.

“That’s it you little slut. Now get on your hands and knees and show me that naughty ass of yours so I can teach it a lesson.”

I do as asked, digging my face into his pillow to whimper as the handcuffs scrape my exposed wrist. I feel the cold air hit my lower center as Louis removes my panties completely, his hand tapping my cheeks lightly.

“I’m gonna give you ten alright? Five for each of the arse cheeks. And I want you to count them for me.” He instructs, before his hand strikes my right butt cheek with a loud smack.

I shudder and groan in the pillow, the pain preventing me to talk.

“Sophie you have to count or you’ll stay at one.” Louis chides. He hits the right one again and I flinch.

“One,” I respond, voice strained. The blue-eyed boy slaps it again. “Two.”

The sound echoes loudly through the room, it’s almost frightening at what force he actually dared to hit me.




“Four, five.”

I swear it must’ve been his full force as my right cheek felt as if it were on fire. I’m on the brim of tears, hiding my face into Louis’s pillow as he strikes the left one.


“One.” Already my skin is getting numb. He didn’t hold back at all. The monster is totally controlling him now, I am sure. My heart is thumping loudly in my chest but I keep counting.

“Two. Three.”

I feel two of my heartbeats harder than the others, but I’m not sure to have felt another blow from Louis so I stay silent, biting my lip.

“Sophie we need to start over! You stopped counting and I just gave you two.” Louis reprimands.

“No, no, no Please! Louis no stop. Stop spanking me. I don’t like it.” I whine, all previous arousal gone.

“No talking apart from counting.”


I let out a sob, turning my head around so I could look at him in the eyes.

“Louis I can’t take it anymore. No more spanking, please.” I beg, on the brim of tears. My ass felt as if it had been pierced with thousands of small needles everywhere.

Recognition lights up his eyes almost immediately. “Yeah okay.” He helps me turn back around so I’m on my back.

I hiss, feeling the material of his sheets grazing my sore ass.

“I’m so sorry. I got carried away again...You still want to fuck though right?”

“Anything but spanking at this point.” I agree, shutting my eyes. I reopen them brusquely when I feel his tongue at my entrance, licking long stripes between my folds.

“God Louis,” I moan, urging him to come even closer by squeezing my legs tighter around his face. He takes my thighs and spreads them apart though, not allowing me to control him.

I hiccup as his tongue enters me before licking my clit. Wetness drips out once more and Louis smiles, lapping it up. He pulls back and I whimper.

“Louiisss don’t leave me like that.”

“Calm down kitten, I’m just ridding myself of these,” He motions his boxers and pulls them off, exposing his throbbing member. He takes it in his hands and glides his thumb over the slit, resulting a moan.

“Want me to―”

“No I think you’ve been punished enough,” he shakes his head, before taking his place on the bed. Hooking my legs over each shoulder, he slides his shaft on the length of my folds a couple times, making heat puddle lower down once more.

“You’re not going to finger me first? Or something?”

“No, you’re wet enough.”

And with that he sheaths himself inside. I wanna reach over to grasp his hair but almost cry when I remember my hands are tied over my head.

“Louis’s untie me,” I gasp pleadingly.

“No.” He gives another harsh thrust.

“Pleeeeaassse,” I moan at he hits the perfect spot.

“I said no!” he opposes, reaching over to the bed’s headboard behind my head. He starts using it as a lever to propel himself deeper and faster into my awaiting body.

He doesn’t react as I lower my legs from his shoulders to his hips, making myself more comfortable and he keeps plowing in and out of me. The position is perfect, and I start to lose focus, pleasure overwhelming me.

“Lou I think I―”

“I know,” he says, removing one hand from the headboard to rub circles on my clit. That does it. I come down from my high loudly, blabbering a string of nonsense and swears as the Doncaster boy smiles down at me, keeping his hurried rhythm to reach his own undoing. An unknown number of thrusts later, he’s emptying himself inside me with a guttural groan, dropping beside me.

Our breathing is irregular and our bodies are covered in sweat.

I squirm a little.

“Care to untie me now Lou?” I enquire raspily, having lost all feeling in my hands.

“Sure.” He very lazily places himself over me, reaching over to his bedside drawers to retrieve the keys to the handcuffs.

And at that exact moment, someone bursts in Louis room. 

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