Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


44. Forbidden Fruit

I jolt forwards alertly, the sound of a door brusquely opening scaring me. Blinking a few times, I realise it’s an angry Harry who’s standing in the doorframe. Why is he even angry? I gave him his time to talk no? I promised him his 24 hours alone with me―

 “Sophie get―!”

“Shhh!” My mouth speaks the words before I think them, cutting off Harry’s shout as my limbs automatically move to motion Niall’s sleeping figure. “Don’t wake him. Please shhh.” I murmur pleadingly, already knowing what I had to say as if it were a repeated verse of a play. I frown in lack of understanding, before looking around. Whoa. I’m in Niall’s room? Hold the fuck up mind; you’re playing a trick on me... This is a serious case of déjà-vu. Except I had a cast… and now I don’t. Oh my God that’s so cool.

I wriggle my fingers and feel my arm in wonder, before Harry’s voice brings me back to this weird reality.

“Come. Here. Now.” Harry commands lowly while beckoning me forwards, his green orbs piercing holes in my skin.

Apparently every part of my body has its own mind as I unravel Niall’s arms from around me, my breathing steady and wary. I automatically freeze as the Irish boy stirs, holding my breath anxiously. For some unknown reason, I knew Niall mustn’t wake up. Something would be wrong if he did. But I can’t remember what…

The sleeping boy breathes loudly, but shows no sign of awakening. Niall can’t wake up.

I shut my eyes and think for brief seconds… Why does all of this seem so familiar? Wait... Oh is this like a reliving of earlier? This isn’t reality…. My pulse slows in relief at the understanding, but accelerates when I see Harry’s murderous look. How can you even relive something anyways, apart from in dreams? Is this what it is? A dream? Just a very vivid dream?

I quietly stand up from Niall’s bed, my mouth forming words but my mind not comprehending them.

Harry must’ve heard something though as his look hardens, jealousy screaming through his features while he eyes me up and down. Maybe the jealousy comes from the fact that I’m in Niall’s shirt and boxers though...

“You are in no position to discuss anything. Don’t make me come and get you Soph. You want Niall out of this? Get. Out. Of. His. Fucking. Room. Now.” The curly-haired boy separates each of his words precisely, his tone leaving absolutely no place for negotiation.

My head turns to the blonde as Harry’s voice elevates.

Niall rouses, letting out a loud sigh as he turns around. His eyes are still shut but I can tell he’s not into a very deep sleep, his eyelids twitching.

“Quiet down please Harry.” I whisper.

Niall mustn’t wake up. The voice at the back of my head keeps nagging me to keep him asleep. Mustn’t wake Niall up. Niall can’t wake up. Why? I dunno but it makes my head throb, too many questions going wild in my head at once.

“Shhh! Just shut up please!” I beg to the voice. Woops. Shit. Harry probably thinks I was telling him to shut up. Oh no.

“That’s it! I’m done with you!” The British boy storms, before swiftly pinning me on the bed beside Niall.  He holds both my arms over my head, his green eyes piercing into mine.

I don’t remember that happening earlier. This can’t be good.

“You listen here sweet cheeks. I’ve had enough of your behaviour. I’ve been patient and understanding but you’re treating my concern like shit. So here’s what I’m going to do all right? I’ll treat your feelings like shit for a little while. I’ll pretend not to care about them.” He coos, tapping my nose.

“Harry n―” His hand rapidly clamps over my mouth, his body pressing mine into the mattress beside Niall’s.

“Don’t worry love; your sexual desires though, will be more than fulfilled.” He mocks. “Or maybe not. Maybe I won’t let you cum.” The green-eyed boy chuckles. Oh my God this is going to turn out to be an erotic dream no? Did Harry give me the arousal drugs before I went to sleep? No he couldn’t.

The curly-haired boy’s hand slides up and down my stomach, stopping at a lower point down below my navel.


“Shhh… You don’t wanna wake Niall up now do you?” He whispers, his palm pressing harder against my mouth. He pulls back slightly, glancing in Niall’s direction.

The blonde turns around, his back facing us.

“I’m going to make you orgasm just beside him okay? But you can’t make a sound.”

“I can always make you suck me if you piss me off too much or you’re too loud,” He murmurs, digging his face into my neck.

His warm body presses against mine harshly, his hips digging into my own. “Spread your legs for me,” He exhales, before kissing the inside of my neck.


“I said don’t talk,” Harry orders urgently. “One more outburst and I’m gagging you. And obey. Spread. Your. Fucking. Legs.”

I shake my head negatively.

“Love, I know you like it rough, but I don’t want to harm you this soon.” The brunette mocks. “Now open up sweetheart or we might just have to do it the hard way...”

 Me being my stubborn self, I don’t move an inch, keeping my thighs tightly joined.

He sighs. “This whole thing just turns me on even more. Hard way it is then.”

Harry roughly tugs my legs apart, suddenly making my thigh ache. He places himself in-between them, before removing Niall’s shirt from my body.

“I rather you in my clothes you know?” He shakes his head, throwing it in a corner. Free my hands of his grasp, I push his chest.

“Harry I don’t want you to do this!” I protest, heart thumping in my chest.

Niall stirs beside us, exhaling loudly. Harry’s eyes become slits as he tightly grips my arms again.

“I don’t care what you want remember? It’s all about what I want. And right now, I want you to shut up while I fuck you beside a totally oblivious Niall.” He continues, removing his shirt. He uses it as a gag, shoving it inside my mouth before tying it behind my head. He easily flips me around, and lifts me up, his crotch pressing into my ass as he leans in to whisper raspily in my ear. “Don’t say a word, he’ll wake up.” He chuckles, one of his fingers playing with the elastic of Niall’s boxers on my body. Harry pulls them off.

My palms are sweaty as I get nervous, and I start shaking, goose bumps rising all over my skin.

“Shhh don’t be scared love... It’ll only sting for a bit yeah?” The British voice says silkily in my ear as I feel his naked erection going up and down my slit teasingly.  “Take a deep breath,” He advises, before pushing inside.

I groan loudly through the gag, my eyes darting Niall sleeping just beside.

“Harhhhheehh slmmurr pleeeghh,” I try to beg him to go a little slower, the gag diminishing my pleas to low moans and whimpers. My arms drop, resulting into having my face pressed into the mattress. Very uncomfortable.

“C’mon Sophie..,”

Harry slows a little to help me hold myself up once more, before resuming his rough rhythm.

“You’re mine,” Harry growls, pulling out before plunging back inside my throbbing walls. “Say it Soph. Are you happy? You finally did it. You made me snap. But now I’m just making sure you’re mine. Say you’re mine.” He pursues, shoving his member back in my body. “Say it.”

“Cannnhhmmm.” I protest. Hey dumbo, you gagged me you little shit. As if he had read my mind, he unties his shirt from my head and I take deep gulps of air.

“Now say it. Say it and I might slow down.”

Wanting exactly that, I tell him what he wants to hear.

“I’m yours Harry. You know that. You always knew it anyways.” I gasp. To my relief he slows a little.

“I beg to differ.” Hearing the voice dripping with the Irish accent surprises me. He’s awake?

The waist on the mattress shifts and my arms give out once more. I fall forwards, only to be caught by Niall.

“You need me too you know. You’re my princess. A princess needs her prince.”

“Niall can’t you like? Yeah skip the lovey dovey shit for now and do what you’re supposed to do?”

“What the fuck do you mean by do what you’re supposed to do?! Ouch Harry!” I whine as he thrusts deep inside me.

“Don’t swear.”

“We had it all planned. I was fake sleeping.” Niall shrugs.

I moan loudly as Harry changes angle and hits that one spot.

“Harry pull out for a sec I don’t like explaining things to her when she’s half-listening.” The blonde sighs.

“Fine. But be quick I was almost there.” Harry whines, taking his cock out of me. I gasp, my hands balling into fists as my body throbbed with desire.

Niall arranges me so I’m straddling his hips, gazing directly into his baby blues.

“Basically Harry told me to go fetch you after Louis punishment so he could come and afterwards and we’d make you choose. He wanted a little advantage because you teased him all day. I accepted and pretended I was sleeping the whole time, because Harry’s kink is public sex and I thought―”

“Wait a second there. Choose what?”

“Which one of us you want most. You’re going to have to stop playing with our feelings one day or another. Since lust for the other is part of your criteria for a relationship―”

“It is not.”

“Well it certainly helps...” He motions Harry before continuing, “But to put it simply, we decided to have a threesome to see who has the best technique to get you to cum faster.”

“Oh my God this is twisted. I want to wake up. Right now.” I say shakily.

Niall like that was too weird. This dream is too weird. Harry must’ve given me the arousal drugs. Fucking Prick. I’m going to kill him as soon as I figure out how to wake up. I pinch my arm and shut my eyes, but when I open them again, I’m still on top of Niall wearing only a bra, with Harry hovering behind me.

“I want to wake up,” I repeat, trying to get off Niall.

“No you don’t,” Harry denies as he thrusts his dick inside me once more.

I groan, tears pricking my eyes.

“You’re ours for the rest of the night.”

Niall’s calloused fingers trail along my body as Harry pursues his rapid thrusting, stopping where my body and Harry’s were joined. His digits start fondling with the sensitive area, his thumb finding my pearl and swiftly rubbing circles.

“You’re so pretty like that,” The blonde whispers. “All sweaty and bothered on top of me, on the verge of collapsing. You’d be head first in the mattress right now if it weren’t for me supporting you.” Niall says, his skillful fingers still rubbing circles. He suddenly slips one of his digits inside my hole, alongside Harry’s moving cock.

“Oh my God, Jesus Christ,” I whine.

“You’re close huh? And I only have one finger in... What if you had two big cocks pulsing through your walls?” Niall whispers dirtily, adding two other fingers in my vagina simultaneously.

“Niall keep talking dirty, she likes it I can tell. She tightened around me when you did.” Harry says from behind me.

“You’d like it? Being filled up to your max? I wonder if we got Louis to join us and have you triple penetrated how you’d clamp your wet walls around all of us.”

“Oh my fucking God!”

A harsh pinch in the inside of my thighs shoves me into reality.

“Sophie you can’t swear, even though you’re half-conscious.” The raspy voice chuckles.

I wake up brusquely, and stop breathing almost immediately at the view of Harry’s mesmerizing green eyes only a few centimetres away from me. My heart is pounding wildly in my chest. A dream. It was all a dream. A fucking dream, literally.

“Good morning sunshine… Had a nice sleep?” The curly-haired boy chuckles.

“Nice sleep?” I shove him away, getting him out of my personal space. “How dare you Harry?!” I exclaim incredulously, poking his chest.

“What did I do?” He frowns.

“Don’t play dumb Harold you know exactly what!” I seethe.

“No, I don’t, so please enlighten me.” The British boy rolls his eyes.

“You gave me the arousal drugs! I don’t know how you managed, but you gave them to me I’m sure!”

He starts laughing whole-heartedly.

“It’s not freaking funny!” I fume, crossing my arms over my chest. “The worst part is that the dream was exactly what you told me about yesterday! You freaking fucked me beside a sleeping Niall! Plus you had the nerve to wake me up before I could actually be content!”

Harry laughs even more, clutching his stomach before rolling on his back.

“Oh my God you are crazy.” I shut my eyes. “It’s not funny at all!”

“You’re right, it’s not funny, it’s just completely hilarious! This is mental!” He hoots, on the brim of tears.

“Care to tell me what’s the funny part in all of this? I think I missed it.” I snap.

“I did nothing, absolutely nothing Sophie, and you dreamt of me, in a sexual way! Oh my God this is a dream come true! Quite literally even!” He laughs even more.

“What do you mean you did nothing?! This does not make any sense! Harry you drugged me like last time!” I protest.

“Sorry but that dream was all of your doing sweet cheeks!” He says between chuckles, still clutching his stomach in laughter. “I guess you’re hiding your lust for me, just like I hide mine for you.”

“Don’t get too cocky Harry, Niall was there too. You two actually formed a team to please me…”

“Hmm maybe we could try this in real-life. See who gets you to orgasm faster or something.” The green-eyed boy proposes thoughtfully.

“Niall would never do that… And no Harry I don’t believe you!  Why would you purposefully wake me up at the climax point if you didn’t know I was having an erotic dream hmm?” I enquire prodding him, not buying his innocence.

“Stop poking me.” Harry flicks my hand away. “It was a pure coincidence really. Louis wanted me to wake you up for school. Something about you two having a deal whatsoever?”

“Yeah he takes me to school when I want and I let him be the only one to sign my cast.” I look down at my casted wrist. “And I think he made sure that I hold my end of the deal, there’s absolutely no space left.” I roll my eyes, smiling absentmindedly.

“Then you better hurry and dress up because he’s leaving in ten.” He says, standing up.

“Why would he leave without me?” I frown. “If it weren’t for me going to school, he’d be able to sleep.”

“He has a date with Eleanor this morning.” The green-eyed boy explains, putting on a shirt.

“Oh.” I can’t help but feel a pang of deception.

“Are you jealous?” Harry questions, cocking his eyebrow upwards.

“No, but from what I’ve gathered, I don’t think she’s okay for him. If Louis really wanted to be with her, he wouldn’t sleep with me behind her back. ” I shrug, also standing up.

“I don’t blame him though.” He whispers, walking up to me. “I’d probably do the same because you’re the most beautiful girl on Earth.” His hand cups my cheek. “It must become so tempting when you’re the forbidden fruit that’s just within reach.” The British boy nuzzles in my neck.

“I’m not the forbi―”

“Yes love, you are, ‘cause you are mine.” Harry insists, before biting the sensible skin in my neck.

“Oww…” I push him away, rubbing my neck. “You’ve got to stop being so possessive.” I reprimand, plucking Padgett off of Harry’s bed. I walk over to the door leading to my room and open it, stepping inside with Harry close on my heels.

Fate’s head pops up from my covers as soon as she hears me enter.

“Hey there gorgeous,” I coo, placing Padgett on my bed before picking her up in my arms and caressing her head. “I’m so sorry I would’ve slept with you yesterday but Harry here didn’t want me to. He even took me away from Niall’s room…” I say in my baby voice.

“You do know I could be even more possessive, right? I am sharing you with Niall yeah?” Harry points out, following me as I walk to my closet to fetch my school uniform.

“I don’t like it when you say it like that Harry... I seem like an object.” I mention quietly, opening the light of my wardrobe.

“I’m sorry love... It’s just sometimes I really wish there we’re more than one of you. It’d be so much easier...”

I stay silent, deposing Fate on the ground before I start rummaging for my stuff.

“I wonder how it’s gonna be when you’ll have to go on tour again.” I say suddenly, thinking out loud. “How media is gonna portray the strange love triangle between you, Niall and I, and how your fans will react when they’ll let them know band is slowly falling apart because of me.”

“The band is not falling apart,” Harry scoffs.

“It’s not? When was the last conversation you had all together? Or last game of something? Or prank? Or even song?” I probe, grabbing my clothes from the hangers.

“Guess what? Christmas is arriving! That’s pretty much the best time for heart-warming get-togethers and stuff.” He says sarcastically. “We’ll be fine.” He sighs.

“I hope so. I really do.... But now can you please just... yeah leave and let me change?” I demand, urging him out my closet.

“Girls and their privacy,” Harry rolls his eyes, but steps outside.

“Guys and their horny selves,” I retort before locking myself inside the closet.

I quickly slide on my clothes, and get out with Fate in my arms.

“Hey Sophieboo you comin’?!” I hear Louis shout from downstairs.

“Yeah!” I yell back, placing my cat on the floor. “I’m just gonna grab breakfast and I’m coming!” I continue, grabbing my bag from beside the bed.

“Tut tut I said no breakfast yesterday.” Harry sing-songs from the doorframe of his room.

“You were serious?!” I exclaim, placing my hands on my hips.


And that’s how I ended up in Louis’s car with an empty stomach and a very regrettable sore bottom. Fortunately, Louis had been nice and stopped on the way to buy me a coffee and a muffin. Regrettably, he kept mocking me for almost the whole ride because I couldn’t stop whining about how he had spanked me way to hard last night.

“I warned you last night love,” The Doncaster boy chuckles as he drives through the school’s parking lot entrance. “I told you you’d remember me. And you were practically begging for it yesterday...Disobeying me and stuff.”

“I still think you went a little too hard Louis! It hurts like a fucking bitch!” I mutter angrily, squirming on the car seat as I try to ease the painful sting.

“You’ve already been hurt by a bitch?” Louis exclaims.

“Come on Louis! No of course not but―”

“Well don’t use that nasty term if you don’t know what it’s like. And don’t swear. It’s not ladylike.” He demands, stopping the car. “Also don’t forget I’m picking you up after school, don’t keep me waiting too long please? And smile a little? You’re prettier with a smile... But don’t flirt with any other guys. And tell your friend I’ll be coming with you yeah?”

“Anything else?” I roll my eyes, opening the door with my pink arm while grabbing my stuff with the other.

“Have a very nice day.” He concludes.

“I might’ve had a bigger chance of having a nice day if it weren’t for my sore arse.” I state, before shutting the door. He lowers his window, putting his sunglasses on.

“Do I get a good day kiss?” he enquires cockily, smiling.

“Aren’t you supposed to be going on a date with a certain Eleanor?” I counter.

“Yes indeed... I better go. See ya later sweet cheeks.” Louis chuckles, starting his car.

“More like sore cheeks,” I mumble, watching him leave before I head inside the school.

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