Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


23. Fate and Karma

“You wanted a heating pad Louis?” Liam questions, holding a little pillow up.

“Yeah. Place it on her stomach and let her use her phone while I get rid of this,” The older boy sighs, motioning his growing erection. “Next time Soph, we’re going all the way.” He cautions.

“I won’t let any of you touch me sexually while on my period.” I retort, the feeling of well-being Louis had commenced slowly leaving.

“How long are your periods usually?” Liam enquires.

“5 to 6 days.”

“One week. I’ll have to wait for one freakin week.” Louis groans, before leaving.

“Harry’s gonna freak too...” Liam mutters, before giving me the heating pad and the cell phone. I sit up properly and huddle in the corner of the couch, placing the heating pad on the aching place of my stomach. I then look at the phone.

“You have five minutes precisely before the three other boys arrive... Use them well.” Liam advises, looking at me intensely.

I dial Ashley’s number quickly. She picks up on the first ring.

“Soph?” Her voice in panicked.

“Yes Ash it’s me.” I answer.

“Put it on speakerphone,” Liam instructs. I do as told; glad I could finally talk to Ashley.

“Look Ash, I only gotta couple minutes alright? So I just wanna let you know that I’m perfectly fine, even if I’m not where I’m supposed to be.”

“You’re not with Emily? Soph what is happening? I kept getting texts from your phone saying you were okay, but I knew you couldn’t be the one answering since it wasn’t a three-line reply and I just freaked out! You’re with them again aren’t you?” Her voice goes from panicky to angry on the other side of the line.

Liam is tense by my side, awaiting my reply.

“Soph? Do you want me to call the police?”

“No! Don’t...” I trail on. “I’m doing okay and that’s all you need to know alright? I promise we’ll talk again.

“You wanna hang up already? Soph you gotta help me if you want me to help you.” She pleads. I feel tears stinging the brim of my eyes.

“This is all I can tell you so far, or you would never be able to hear from me again alright? I love you, bye.” And I hang up, just like that, before dialing Emily’s number. It ends up on voicemail. Oh right. She’s still in class.

“Hey it’s Em here! Leave a message and I’ll answer a-s-a-p!” Her voice chirps. It beeps.

“Hey Em its Soph Umm... Just to let you know that I won’t be going to school for the rest of the week, due to.... problems. Don’t worry I’m fine, just a little unstable. They haven’t killed me yet, so don’t go ninja on them if you have the miserable chance of seeing them at school.” I chuckle and sigh. “So yeah take care.” I end the call just as I hear excited voices enter the house.

“Great timing,” Liam smiles, handing out his hand. I place the phone in it dejectedly and he places it in his trousers. I hear Louis running downstairs excitedly as he goes to greet the boys.

“Can you stay here for a moment?” Liam questions.

“I haven’t got the intention of going anywhere.” I respond. “I’d get lost and then you’d find me and blah blah.”

“Good point.” Liam exits. I close my eyes, pressing the heating pad to my stomach as I try focusing on their chatter.

“Should we take one...?”

“No leave them there!”

“Will she like them...?”

“Think so...”

“What’s wrong with your face...?”

“That Emily girl has a good right hook.”

I chuckle at Harry’s response, imagining the whole scenario in my head. Don’t think Emily’ll feel bad after listening to my message though. I think she was just glad to have a go on Harry.

Their voices suddenly get hushed and I know they are nearby. Zayn pops in first.

“Soph, we have a surprise for you.” He winks.

“Two,” Harry corrects, coming behind Zayn. The curly haired boy has a box in his hands. Liam and Louis enter next, the latter having a really excited smile on his face. Niall comes out last, with a basket in his hands. It’s peeping. What?!

“We bought you companions.” Harry says as Niall shows me the content of the basket. Six ducklings. “Because both Niall and Zayn said you needed a living presence other than ours. So since I didn’t want to bring another girl here, I brought six feathery creatures.”

“You get to pick the name of one.” Louis adds. “Because the five other names are already chosen by us. Harry named one Quackers, Zayn chose Neptune, Liam selected Bruce Wayne and Niall named another Shamrock. I know they chose boring names so I named mine, Glen Coco!” He says happily. So that’s what they were talking about when I was in the bathroom...

I am too flabbergasted to say anything. The little webbed-footed animals kept chirping happily, looking up at us in curiosity.

“Do you like them?” Harry questions worriedly after a moment of silence.

“Oh I love them.” I whisper. I place my hand in the basket, palm open and facing upwards. The ducklings peep and run to the corner. Except one. He comes closer to my hand, and gives it a soft, careful peck. He waits for a few seconds, and jumps on it. “I’m naming him Karma.” I decide, holding him up closer to me. I place him back in the box, noting that Karma was the one with the weird patterns on his wings.

“Oh Soph. She’s for you,” Harry says, giving me the box. 

I open it to find a ginger kitten looking at me with big blue eyes. I gasp, looking at Harry wide-eyed.

“I thought that she could live in your room, while the ducklings live in the pond outside.” Harry explains, petting the kitten. “But the ducklings can come inside the house too, it’s so big.”

“You have a pond?”I ask incredulously.

“Yeah, outside.” Liam shrugs. “It has fishes and turtles already.”

“She’s never seen outside the house. Maybe we could...” Zayn says, looking at Harry for permission.

“Do you wanna go see it?” Harry asks me. “Wanna go outside for a bit?”

I nod. I would indeed love a little fresh air. I pick up the kitten and cradle it in my arms lovingly while Louis picks up the basket whispering something about Glen Coco, again. The boys take me out the living room and towards the backdoor, Harry beside me, Niall and Louis in front, Zayn and Liam in back..

“So how will you name the kitten?” Niall asks, in front of me.

“Fate.” I answer, caressing the ball of fur. She purrs.

“Cute.” He chuckles just as we step outside.

“Wow...” I breathe out. “You guys have... Space.” I continue, looking at the massive green carpet of grass laid in front of us. I could see the faint outline of a forest when I squinted.

“When you gotta the money, you can have and do lots.” Harry shrugs. “And we are in the middle of nowhere sooo...”

“What do you do with all this ground?”

“Play football,” Louis answers.

“Run,” Liam adds.

“Wrestle.” Zayn finishes, elbowing Louis knowingly.

“You need that much room to wrestle?” I enquire, cuddling Fate as I motion the green carpet that extended farther than necessary. The kitten mewls, her head turning left and right in curiosity of her surroundings. “This terrain is almost as big as a soccer field. Or football as you guys call it.” I persist. Louis makes an insulted sound.

“Yeah football. You’re the weirdos that call that other thing where you use hands football. It doesn’t even make sense! You should call it handball but another sport is already handball so that―”

“Not the point Lou. You don’t need this much greenery to wrestle...And I bet you guys even have a room for that.” I huff.

“No we don―” Harry gets cut off by Louis.

 “But yes we need this much to wrestle, because you need to have a lot of space to be fast when you steal Liam’s boxer stash.” Louis explains. “And then when he does reach you, he just tackles you to the ground and drags you around in the grass ‘till you tell him that they were hidden under his bed the whole time. So yes we need that much space to wrestle.” He continues, smiling sheepishly. “True story.” He adds.

“Wouldn’t doubt it.”

“Basically it’s to permit a greater deal of amusement.” Niall laughs, recalling the event.

“And I don’t know why we’re even arguing on this on the first place.” Harry groans.

“Me neither.” Liam approves.

The ducklings in the basket start peeping.

“Apart from that soccer field.....where’s the pond?” I ask, seeing no water source for the poor ducklings.

“C’mon,” Harry chuckles. His hand on my lower back, he leads me to a massive half-circled shaped hedge, located on the side of the house. The boys on our heels, the curly-haired boy takes me through an iron gate, placed in between two hedges as an entrance.

Once inside the restricted area, which was really big considering it was closed in around the whole side of the house; I stop and stand in silent awe for a few seconds, admiring what sat in front of me. On the side of the house there was a beautifully set up patio with a picnic table. The patio had a glass panel that led to a room inside the house that I didn’t know of, since Harry still doesn’t want me familiarized with my surroundings, scared I’ll get too comfortable and use it as an advantage I guess. Great idea. Maybe this week I can do some exploring since the boys won’t touch me much? Perhaps Lou will want to join me on my little adventure... Or Zayn. He’d be safer. I guess all will depend on who’ll have to go substitute at school... Thoughts start to jumble up into my head as I get excited, but I calm myself down and continue inspecting what I can see presently.

 The pond, was pulled straight out of a children’s book. In the middle of the semicircle of hedges that surrounded us and the terrace, there was a pond with a small waterfall, surrounded by pebbles and rocks. It was filled with goldfishes, turtles, ferns, water lilies and cattails. Frogs were probably in there too, but I couldn’t be sure from where I stood. There even was a little wooden bridge placed over the middle of the pond. A little bridge where Louis, Liam and Zayn suddenly stood, away from Harry, Niall and I. Weird, I didn’t see them go... Must’ve been when I was busy looking at the patio. What could they be talking about..?.

Louis and Zayn were in the middle of what seemed like an important discussion, while Liam was casually playing with the turtles all while adding to the conversation here and there. They had serious faces.

“So....” Niall pulls me out of my inquisitive trance.  “You wanna show the ducklings to their new homes?” He enquires, holding the basket out.

“Yeah sure.” I say, “I’d love that.” I go to place Fate on the grass but she mewls in protest, clinging to my arms. I chuckle. “Harry, can you hold Fate?”

“Of course I can... But you’re missing a little magic word love...” He taunts, smirking as he crosses his arms over his chest. I huff in annoyance and look at Niall. He has his arms full with the peeping basket. I turn to face the darker boy that stood with Liam and Louis on the bridge.

“Zayn?” I call out as I start walking into his direction.

The browned eyed boy spins around from his conversation to look at me intensely, questioning clear in his eyes.

“Can y―”

“Fine. I’ll hold the pussy.” Harry puffs in exasperation as he stops me, holding his hands out for me to place the kitten in.

“You make it seem like a chore... And her name is Fate.” I raise an eyebrow, caressing Fate lovingly. From the corner of my eyes, I see the three boys coming to join us.

“Can I please hold the kitten? Please?” Harry sighs. I look directly in his eyes for mere seconds and snigger to myself, seeing the beginning of a bruise forming on Harry’s cheek because of Emily. Good job Em.

“What a change of situation huh? You are the one who ended up pleading me. But here, you’re cute when you beg.” I chuckle, giving him the ginger ball of fur.

“Soph...” Niall warns as Harry makes a disgusted sound.

“I’ll show you cute. I’m not cute.” He starts advancing on me but stops and turns around, a frustrated sigh escaping his lips. He whirls back around to face me. “Sophie you are lucky to be on your period right now, because I swear that if you weren’t, the situation would have switched around again, in my interest.” Harry menaces lowly. “And speaking of which, how many days does your period last usually?” He asks as I reach for Karma in Niall’s basket. Placing my hand under the duckling softly, I lift him up and carefully walk to the pond with the boys on my heels. I gently push Karma into the water, before turning around to face Harry to answer him.

“They last―”

“Six days mate.” Louis answers for me as they reach us. “Terrible huh?”

“Six? Why can’t it be three or four?” He groans in response.

“Because I don’t get to choose my periods.” I retort. “And I think it’s great for me and my sanity to get a break from all the sexual stuff you do.” And if I didn’t have them, I’d probably be fucked and toyed with every hour.

“Well you and your sanity better get stronger sweet cheeks, because we’ve barely gone hard on you yet. A, you’ll have to be punished for harming yourself, you broke a rule. B, I may have gotten you out of detention, but I’ll find a way to make you repay that little favour. And C, we still have a date to go on.”

“So the date will involve sex?” I ask dejectedly. Why can’t he change? Can’t he see he breaks me?

“Maybe.” He mumbles, looking away.

I huff and take care of placing the five other ducklings in the pond, before taking Fate back into my arms.

“Did you guys think of stuff for Fate? Like food and a litter box and these kinds of things?” I ask the boys, scratching my kitten’s head.

“They’re in the car,” Niall answers. “I’ll bring them up to your room yeah?”

“I’ll... Come with you?” It came out as a question.

“No. You’re staying with Harry,” The blonde denies, before walking to the terrace and inside the house. He doesn’t even give me a second glance.

I’m astounded. Something is wrong with what just happened. I start following him but Harry grabs my arm.

“Harry please.”

“You heard the lad, he can do it alone.”

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