Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


48. Emily

“Okay people now we need to talk.” Liam says very seriously once we’re all served.

“About?” Louis enquires, before eating a spoonful of pasta.

“A lot of stuff. First, the magazine.” Liam takes a deep breath. “Harry and I talked to the publishers. So apparently, it was only published in this particular town. They were planning on extending it all over Ireland tomorrow, and then the whole Europe the day after, before going worldwide. Obviously we threatened to sue them for false information, but it turns out that they have a witness.” Liam continues, his glare suddenly meeting mine.

“I swear to God I didn’t say anything.” I defend angrily. “S’not like I went out a lot these days anyways.” I continue. Can he drop the subject? I know I’m responsible for all this! Just stop telling me! I feel Harry’s hand squeezing my leg in what was meant to be a soothing manner, only it aggravates me more. I push his hand away, not in the mood for his sexual advances just now.

“Well maybe you didn’t say a thing, but your little friend Emily could’ve spilled the beans now could she?” The Wolverhampton boy retorts.

“No. She wants the best for me.” I deny, shaking my head.

“And don’t you think the best for you, in her mind, would’ve been us in prison?” Liam snaps.

I feel like shouting, crying and laughing at the same time. It’s frustrating.

“Liam can you quit your interrogatory? You’re agitating her for absolutely nothing.” Harry admonishes the older boy. It’s only then I realise I’m shaking.

“Liam... Emily would’ve spilled long ago if really she didn’t believe Sophie was somehow safe with us.” Zayn says, before taking a bite out of his salad.

“How’s that proof that she didn’t say anything?!”

“Well it’s not exactly but―”

“That’s why she―”

“Okay we get it Emily could have said something or not.” Louis cuts very seriously. “Now what we need to focus on right now, is what‘ll happen to our careers now that it’s done? What do we have to do to stop the magazine from spreading, and save our careers?”

“We have two options.” Harry answers. “Either we bring them Sophie, so they can hear her version of the story since she’s the main target in all of this, or we find who has paid them to actually make this magazine.”

“What do you mean make the magazine?!” Niall protests.

“The magazine was non-existent until barely a month ago. Someone paid them to make it. Someone wants to ruin our lives.” Liam answers bitterly.

“So what option are we going for?” I enquire calmly. “I think the easiest would be me going to them bec―”

“You’re not going to them. No way.” Niall denies.

“Why not?”

“It’s a trap. I’m positive.”

“Why would you say that?” Zayn frowns.

“I don’t know honestly... I just have this gut-wrenching feeling that bringing them Sophie would be to their advantage, not ours. I’m sure that somehow, they already know about her being ours, and they’d probably like to see to what extent we have control over her.”

“What do you mean, control over me? I can go and escape from you guys if I please.” I snort.

Louis chokes on his food and utensils drop. It’s silent for a few seconds, before the five boys all start laughing madly.

“That was a good one Soph.” Harry laughs, holding his stomach. “You sure know how to dissolve a tense atmosphere.”

“It wasn’t a joke.” I say very seriously.

They laugh even more.

“Okay where’s the funny part in all this?” I huff, annoyed.

“The part where you actually think of being able to be away from us.” Louis replies chuckling once they’ve calmed down a bit.

“If I really put my mind to it, I can get out easily when you blokes are sleeping. I can drive you know, and stealing car keys is more than easy.” I snap. I feel Niall stiffen beside me, just as Harry squeezes my thigh warningly.

“Okay so let’s pretend you do escape with one of the cars... you wouldn’t last a day.” Liam points out.

“No I think that maybe you’d be able to stay away for a few days... ” Zayn denies. “But maximum a few weeks.” He smirks.

“But either way we’d find you again or you’d just be lured right back to us. We’re like the family you never had.” Harry ends. How did I manage to have feelings for him again?

“Sophie, what I meant by control, is how deep you actually trust us.” Niall brings us back to the subject at hand. “It’s certain that if you go to these magazine publishers without any protest, they’ll know we have your complete trust.”

“But you don’t.” I whine. “There are some things I wouldn’t trust you at all with!”

“Love, you’d trust me with your life right?” Harry intervenes.

“Yeah bu―”

“Well there you go.”

“Look lads I think everything is somehow connected. That person who paid them to make the magazine... the one who wants to make our lives miserable... I think he wants Sophie. So I think he’s the one who hit me with the car, so media could hear about us hiding from management for so long, and at the same time, manage to make Sophie a little more visible to the public eye.”

“Are you mad?” Louis enquires. “That doesn’t even make sense. Who would go through so much trouble, and not even bother exposing themselves to being the one who discovered One Direction’s dark secret.”

“Nobody knows about our little purchase. No male person anyways.” Zayn contradicts.

“So maybe it’s a she.” The Doncaster boy points out.

“Maybe it’s Emily.” Liam brings up again.

“It. Is. Not. Her.” I seethe menacingly.

“What about her mum?”

“She’s too alcoholic to think straight for long enough to formulate such a complicated plan, if someone really did what Niall just proposed. And she doesn’t want me, she sold me in the first place.” I mutter.

“Well that doesn’t leave us many options now does it?” Harry huffs, before stretching in his chair. His gaze drops to my arms. “What’s that?” He frowns, eyeing the little cut I had made earlier while in the bathroom. He takes my wrist in his large hand, observing it closely. “Sophie? What’s that?” He repeats slowly, letting my limb go.

It’s Niall’s turn to grab my arm, inspecting Harry’s sayings.

“Sophie... You didn’t, right?” Niall begs, already on the verge of tears.

“No. It’s a paper cut.” I lie smoothly. No need to make them freak out. “I didn’t harm myself.” The blonde very visibly relaxes, but Harry is still unbelieving.

“Are you lying to me?”

“No Ha―”

“Yes she is.” Zayn replies.

I shoot him daggers with my eyes, mouthing him fuck you.

You’ll have angry make-up sex, he mouths back smiling while he motions Harry. The Bradford boy clears his throat once before continuing, “I went to fetch her from school today, and she was pretty upset. I don’t blame her honestly, that damn magazine pictured her as a slut and she blamed herself for the possible ending of our career.”

“I told you she―”

“Liam shut it and let me finish.” Zayn sighs, rubbing his temples. “So then on the way home, Sophie admitted she wanted to harm herself. So I locked her in the bathroom, putting all the blades at her reach, and convinced her she’d be able to overcome her desire to cut herself alone. And that’s exactly what she did.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Niall exclaims angrily. “Letting her alone in a room full of razors, while she has an emotional turmoil inside her! You’re bloody insane!”

“Niall calm down. Bloody hell do you think that if I wasn’t sure she was able, I would’ve taken that risk?” Zayn replies coyly.

“She cut herself though!” Niall protests fiercely, pointing the centimeter-long mark on my skin. His emotions we’re rapidly getting the better of him, and I was starting to get scared. Zayn did mention he didn’t want his medication... I need to convince him to take it.

“Irish, calm down... It could’ve been worst.” Louis rolls his eyes.

“Don’t call me Irish and don’t roll your fucking eyes at me! Don’t you see what could’ve happened?!” He yells, standing up. I flinch.

“Niall...” Harry groans.

“Hey Niall...” I say softly. Suddenly, all eyes are on me and I take a deep breath. Okay I have to do this... I have to lie to him if I want him to calm down, and take his medication. “If it can make you better... I thought of a happy memory to stop the urges...” I gulp before talking again. “I thought of you. It made me stop.”

“It did?” His face practically lights up.

“Yes but please... You’re scaring me like this, all moody and bi-polar... Can you just take your medication please? I like you better when you’re stable.”

He blinks a few times, taken aback. “I uh yeah okay... I’m sorry Lou.” He says softly, suddenly flushing red from embarrassment.

“For what?” The older lad chuckles. “I found that pretty entertaining.” The blue eyed boy continues, before he starts eating again. We all do so afterwards, and from the corner of my eye, I watch Niall take the prescribed pills out of his trousers pockets, before downing them down with water. I guess he must’ve sensed me watching him because as soon as he’s done swallowing; he turns around to me and grins, before attacking his food.

We’re all about done with our pasta salads, making small talk here and there, when Harry speaks to me, but still makes sure the four other boys can hear him.

“Love, I’ve made a decision.” The green eyed boy starts, sighing loudly. He pauses for a few seconds, looking at me very seriously before elaborating. “I don’t want you to go to school anymore.”


“Please Sophie just hear me out.” He begs, cutting off my protest. Tears spring to my eyes as he continues talking. “With the magazine shit and probably your whole school assuming stuff about you... I just don’t want you being miserable every single day. People are horrible. They don’t think before speaking, and I know for a fact that some words scar for longer than wounds.”

I know that Harry. I just can’t be away from Emily. She’s practically all I have left.

“Mate you’re impersonating Zayn.” Louis chuckles humorously. Harry silences him with a cold glare.

“Can I talk to her alone for a few?” Harry asks the other four boys. Zayn shrugs and stands up, picking up his empty bowl and utensils. Louis pouts, doing the same and Niall and Liam almost immediately follow.

“Harry I need to go to school.” I say, my voice breaking slightly at the end as tears trickle down my cheeks.

“Hey don’t cry love.... ” He shushes, hugging me lovingly from his chair. “You need to understand that I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Harry I know... And in all honesty I don’t wanna go to school anymore. But it’s Emily. She’s my only anchor to reality. To me. To the old me. I need her. Just like I need you boys.” I cry, hugging him back.

“Hey you’ll be able to invite her over.”

“Really?” I pull away, looking hopefully in his green orbs.

“Yes really.”

I smile, suddenly really joyful.

“Could we maybe have a girl’s night? Like we could use the Theater room downstairs and watch a movie ad talk about hot boys or something?”

“If it makes you wanna stop going to school altogether, yeah.” He shrugs.

“Could Zayn invite Perrie over sometime, while we’re at it?”

“Don’t you think you’re asking a bit much?” Harry chuckles.

“No... I am going to give you your twenty-four hours alone with me, am I not?” I roll my eyes, picking up my empty salad bowl from the table before standing up.

“And when do you think that’ll be?”

“A day where I don’t have my cast.”

“But that’s like in two or three weeks!”

“Harry... What can I do with a cast? If I’m going to spend 24 hours with you, I better be spending it without restrictions, which means with two functional arms.” I explain as I watch him pick up what’s rest on the table.

He follows me as I bring my stuff to the kitchen. The four other boys we’re in a semi-circle, talking quietly. They stop talking as I place my stuff in the sink.

“So Harry apparently you’re going to let Emily here?” Liam seethes. “You’re gonna let her explore our house, to let her have more details to give to that magazine?!”

I clench my hands in fists. I’m fucking tired of him assuming Emily was responsible of all this. He had himself to blame, for not helping me escape the first few days where I actually wanted to leave.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to listen to other people’s conversations?” I retort coyly, controlling my anger.

“Maybe, but at least mine was more present than yours!”

I shut my eyes, trying to take in the verbal blow without too much emotion.

“Take that back.”

“Harry I’m telling you Emily is the culprit!” Liam urges, disregarding me completely.

“She. Is. Not.”


“Oi shut up you two.” Harry shuts Liam with a wave of his hand. “Sophie doesn’t think Emily’s the magazine’s witness, and I trust her.”

“Because you’ve become all lovey dovey and shit since you told us you love her!”

Harry takes my hand into his, and squeezes it.

“Well I’m out of here,” Zayn mumbles, before exiting the kitchen.

“I think Zayn needs helps... You coming Niall?” Louis asks nervously, also wanting to leave the tension filled room. Niall though, doesn’t move. His eyes are fixed on Harry’s hand gripping mine.

“I am not ‘lovey dovey’ as you call it! I’m more protective that’s all!” The younger boy protests firmly.

“Niall,” Louis begs, pulling the younger lad.

“Liam snap out of it!” Harry orders. “Breathe. You don’t need to make us live hell because of your breakup!”

“I bet she made a plan of her own.” Liam continues, ignoring Harry’s comment. “Making all of us, fucking idiots, weak around her because she made us believe she was fragile, emotional, and always on the verge of crying. Sophie is and always was a fighter! But she placed all of that aside and acted frail while she slowly gained our trust and put her plan into action right beneath our eyes.”

I see red, my control about to shatter.

“I’m pretty sure she’s been scheming this since day fucking one with her little friend Emily at school, far from our ey―”

I slap him hard.

“Don’t fucking talk about me like I’m not here!” I burst finally.

“You don’t get to control me. It’s the other way around.” He seethes, raising his hand.

And suddenly, I’m knocked out cold.

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