Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


25. Dreaming

I’m in a completely white room, sprawled on something soft. A bed I guess. Everything is fuzzy and unclear, from the surroundings to my thoughts. The only thing I know is that I’m aroused as hell, and I feel soft, warm hands exploring my body hungrily, under the silky dress I wore. Focusing is impossible, arousal and ecstasy taking the reigns over all my actions. All I can think about is lust. Lust for another body to please mine.

“Do you like this Soph?” A husky voice demands, hands under the dress, ghosting slowly over the outline of my excited body.

I shut my eyes as whimpers escape my lips, my hips rolling to make our skins come into constant contact.

“Do you want to experience more?” My head snaps downwards, and Harry’s mocking green orbs meet mine. He’s almost naked, only the thin cotton of his boxers retaining his growing erection. “Is this enough to satisfy you?” He repeats, kissing a line down my stomach as his hands continue teasing me.

“No... Touch me more,” The plea pours out of my lips before I can fully process it. But I really mean what I pronounce. I need him to bring me to the edge... “Harry, take me somewhere nice and pleasurable.” I beg softly, shutting my eyes and clutching the sheets beneath me as his curls tickle some sensitive skin.

“You want me to take you to another world sweet cheeks?” He says lowly, his fingers taunting my eager body again.

“Yes!” I groan in exasperation.

“That’s what I like to hear...” Harry purrs, his hot breathing on my naked skin making goose bumps surface on my pale skin. I shut my eyes and shiver as he carefully lifts my dress off of me and tosses the lacy panties aside. His moist lips connect with mine hungrily as soon as the material is off. His lips taste like spicy cinnamon and sweet honey. The perfect bipolar mix.

“Lads I think it worked...She has been moaning for the whole night.” I’m surprised and confused as I hear another voice. It’s farther away though. It’s as if the person talking was watching from above.

“Clearly. Your eyes are dark rimmed. I take it you didn’t sleep much?”

“Couldn’t. Some noises she makes are just sooo... arousing.” The voice sighs.

“Maybe she’s having a nightmare. You sure they weren’t whimpers and whines of fright?” The worried Irish accented voice far-away frightens me, but I don’t get to dwell on the thought for long as Harry’s mouth latches on one of my breasts, eliciting a loud moan and distracting me completely from the outer voices.

“That’s good huh?” His raspy voice questions, without wanting an answer as he attacks again, this time assaulting the other nipple.

“Yesss...” I gasp and moan at the delicious feeling.

“Nah mate that was definitely a moan. An aroused one.”

“Do you know who she’s dreaming about?”

Harry leaves my lips, and places himself so he’s in between my legs, before dropping down to nuzzle into my neck to make his mark. He nips playfully on the delicate skin and I flinch as he opens the skin, but sigh as he licks and sucks the spot to soothe it. My eyes are shut as he repeats the process on more than one spot, while one of his hands starts fondling with my breasts.

“Weirdly no... She hasn’t said a name yet.”

“Ok but Hazz... As charming as you two look sleeping together, you need to have your rest. Her school called and wants all of us in, except Zayn. And you and Niall need to be over there at noon. Liam and I are leaving in like twenty minutes.”

I’m confused. It couldn’t have been Harry talking... Harry’s with me. Why would Louis be talking about Liam, Niall and Zayn? There not there! None of them are! There’s only Harry... I look down to be certain, and see the mass of curls is now over my stomach. What feels like his nose, is rubbing around near my lower regions.

“Did you know you smelled delightful?” The green-eyed boy says, taking a deep breath as our eyes meet. “Love?” He adds a little worriedly, cocking an eyebrow upwards at my puzzled expression.

“I think we should all get out of that school.”

“And leave her alone over there?”

“No. Get her out also.”

“Love are you alright?” The Harry touching me asks again, his thumbs rubbing slow circles on my thighs. “Focus on me. It’s only us here... I’m the one who’s gonna make you feel good.”

“You don’t hear them?”


“The voices.”

He shakes his head negatively, his curls bouncing on his head. “Ignore them. Focus on ME.” His fingertips brush my clit suddenly.

I gasp, my hands suddenly clutching the sheets beneath me once more as the arousal returns.

“Want me to eat you out, sugar lips?”His husky voice screams sex.

I’m about to agree, but the voices continue perturbing my thoughts.

“But how is she gonna win her life without her studies?”

“She won’t have to work... I think we have enough money to keep her living a full life with everything she deserves. And we could find her a job once we go on tour also.”

“She won’t agree to this. A, She wants to keep seeing Emily, that’s for sure. B, she surely won’t accept we give her money... She’s just not like that.” Someone denies.

“I’ll convince her.” Another voice whispers.

“Sophie.” Harry’s voice is commanding. “I’ll leave if you don’t concentrate.”

“But Harry I’m serious about you needing some rest. Let Zayn take your place.”

“Fine but I don’t want to wake her up.”

“Let’s just lift her head, and place her on my stomach to match your previous position.”

I feel myself being sucked out slowly of the white room. I shut my eyes and whimper.


I whine in protest and open my eyes as Harry slaps my ass.

“And Zayn... I don’t want her to orgasm in that dream...”


“Stay here with me.” Harry orders firmly. But then, he starts fading before my eyes, his curly locks being replaced by darker hair and his green orbs by amber ones. Suddenly, it was Zayn towering over me, not Harry. I’m baffled.

“Zayn? Why, how, where―” His index on my lips, he silences me. He’s dressed just like Harry’s prior almost naked state: only in his boxers.

“Shhh.” He coos. “You’re with me now... It doesn’t matter anymore....” Zayn continues, tossing a strand of hair out of my face.

I sigh shakily, trying to get sucked out of the white room again. I didn’t want to be aroused some more. I wanted to know more about the boys’ voices.

I realise I’m dreaming the whole thing. But before I can fully grasp the fact, a hand caresses my hair tenderly.

“Shhh... Continue sleeping love...Go back to sleep. Don’t be afraid to dream for a little longer, darling.” The sweet voice lulls me into a deeper dreaming state and I groan.

Zayn’s hand start trailing along my body, very similarly to Harry’s previous actions.

I can’t help flinching. Last time he touched me in a sexual way, it ended up in rape. I was not opting for a repeat, even if it’s in a dream.

“Zayn...” I almost deny.

“Soph... I’ll be gentle with you alright? Give me a chance.” The dark boy pleads. “I’m not the same... I’ve changed. Please just...I just wanna...” He kisses me softly, his fingers intertwining with my hair. He tasted like caramel. He pulls back after a few seconds. “I’m not who I was.” He trails on, his breathing slightly raspy from our recent kiss.

I look away in uncertainty.

 He nuzzles into my neck, but oppositely to Harry, he doesn’t make a hickey. He just stays there, immobile, breathing shallow as he holds most of his weight up with his arms.

Suddenly, he spins us around so I’m on top of him, straddling his waist. I gasp in surprise, catching myself using his broad shoulders as support. I shoot him a confused look.

“You take control then.” He says. “Make it count though.”

I cock my head to the side. Take control? I’ve never done that before. What am I supposed to do?

He chuckles, noticing my uneasiness. “Here, let me give you a hint and a head start.”He speaks.

Slowly, he starts rolling his hips into mine, igniting multiple sparks of arousal inside near the lower area of my stomach.

As Zayn continues moving, I start drawing patterns on his chest, tracing his tattoos slowly one by one. I take it he likes it as his eyes shut, a muffled groan escaping his newly swollen lips. He reaches and pinches my upper right arm.

“Oww...” I whine. “Why’d you do that?” I question, tapping his chest.

He shrugs.

 I feel him hardening under me and shut my eyes, arousal suddenly kicking in fully.

“Zayn please...” I moan out. Why now? Why was I more aroused now than just a few seconds earlier?

“What?” he stops moving.

“Can you just take me? I just... I need it.”

“You don’t want the control?”He enquires, a little incredulous.

“I did a few seconds ago... But right now...Now I just want you and I don’t want to take the time to learn...” I shake my head, not understanding why either.

“Okay then,” He spins us back around so I’m back under him. One of his hands starts caressing with the skin on my inner thighs, while the other starts playing with my folds.

An obscene sound makes way out of my mouth and I shut my eyes.

“So wet...” He groans from beneath me. He shoves a single digit in, keeping his other hand drawing figures on my thighs. “So tight...”

“Gosh Zaynnnn.”

He inserts two other fingers, and begins building a constant rhythm. Out of the blue, he curls his fingers, making me yelp.

“God Zaynnn, stop playing with me!” I beg.

“You sure you don’t want me to continue teasing?” He questions, curling them again.

I groan. “Yesss... Oh God Zaynnn...Yesss Zaynnn! Take me! Now!” I plea.

“Good.” He says as he removes his boxers with one hand, his other’s fingers continuing to ram themselves inside my now soaked insides. “Ready?”

He doesn’t wait for my reply and thrusts inside me.

“God Soph... Now tell me how good I feel, if you want me to move.”

“So fucking good Zaynnn...” I moan out, clutching his head to bring him in for a kiss. Our lips connect and he groans in the kiss, clearly restraining himself from fucking me hard.

“No Soph...You can do better than that,” he pulls from the kiss, his golden eyes taunting me. “Say something dirty...”

I grab behind his neck and pull him so I can whisper into his ear.

“Zayn you feel so huge inside me. Your massive cock is throbbing so powerfully inside me it makes me shiver and sha―”

I don’t get to finish my phrase as he wraps my legs around my hips and starts thrusting roughly in and out of me.

“C’mon Zayn... I want you to fuck me...Hit the pedal.” I groan. “Heavy metal.” I continue. To my great pleasure, it spurs him on even more, his ramming deeper and more precise, aiming for my g-spot. “Zaynnn!” I yell as he starts hitting it repeatedly.

Beads of sweat start pearling on both our foreheads. Never stopping his thrusting, he lowers down to whisper into my ear.

“You’re so beautiful love... You have no idea how gorgeous you actually are... I want to kiss every inch of you. I love the way your hair feels as I run my fingers through them. You look so beautiful and angelic, I feel like I’d dirty you just by touching you. Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful I can’t help but get lost in them.” He says that last one gazing deep into my eyes.

I feel like I’m gonna fall over the edge. Zayn cums with a loud moan inside me, filling me up so perfectly. And then, I’m sucked out of the white dream just as it is my turn to reach climax.

I wake up, aroused as hell.

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