Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


22. Cramps

“Good. C’mon let’s fill you up.” Louis starts pulling on my arm but I stiffen at the double sense his phrase just had. They wouldn’t do that while I’m on my period right? That would be... Disgusting.

“Now look who’s dirty minded?” Louis chides. “Silly! We’re gonna feed you with food, from the kitchen.” He chuckles, pulling me once more. He seems to be deep in thought as he drags me down the staircase and to the kitchen. “But would you like it though?” He asks while we’re in the hallway preceding the dining room.

“Like what?” I stammer confused.

“Being filled up?”He says it like it’s obvious.

“With food, yes.”

“No weirdo. With Liam or me?”

“No.” I respond quickly, not wanting to even think about it.

“Liar. Your nipples perked up ‘cause you’re aroused.” Louis states with a devilish grin.

“No. It’s because I’m cold and I don’t exactly have a bra on right now.” I can’t help snapping.

“Well I know just the way to warm you up love.” The blue-eyed boy says suggestively. “Nothing better than a little body heat.”

“Louis, I’m on my period.”

“What’s a little blood? Haven’t you ever heard of blood play? And are you saying you would if you weren’t on your period?” Louis demands, opening the door that leads to the dining room.

“Disgusting, don’t wanna think about it and no.”

“I’ll prove you wrong.” Louis promises, pulling me inside the kitchen.

“I’m so thrilled and excited to experience your oh so holy intentions.” I mock.

He shoots me a dazzling smile. “Careful love... You might wanna be careful not to provoke my inner monster.” He sing-songs. “Lots of things can trigger it...”

“Here Sophie,” Liam says, cutting Louis. He hands me a plate with various fruits. “Eat all you want, it’s healthy sugar.”

“And that’s his nice way of saying, eat it all babe.” Louis ends.

I roll my eyes, grab the bowl and sit on one of the stools, before shoving fruit pieces down my throat. From good old strawberries to exotic mangoes.

The boys sit down in front of me and watch in awe as I keep eating like there’s no tomorrow.

“Do you have Nutella?” I ask after a minute or two. “These fruits wouldn’t mind a little coating.” I explain.

“And to think yesterday you didn’t want to eat a little Ben & Jerry’s.” Louis shakes his head in disbelief, standing up to get the Nutella. He places it in front on me.

I open it and start shoving fruits in, taking large mouthfuls without letting any drop end anywhere other than in my throat.

“I bet it’s because of her period.” Liam resonates with an ounce of uncertainly. “I think girls how have their periods need more sugar to prevent cramps.” Not. Liam, sometimes I wonder where you get your information.

“Maybe. But as far as I know, she’s always loved food, just like Nialler. I guess yesterday was just... too much?” Louis contradicts, shaking his head.

 I shut their conversation off completely, solely focusing on the food. What indeed was wrong with me yesterday for refusing sugar? Doesn’t matter... This is just so heavenly.

Just as I’m placing a chocolate coated banana in my mouth, I get a small cramp, resulting into an unexpected moan. The two boys visibly stiffen as I redden in fervent embarrassment. Sophie you dumb shit. Moaning in front of the two most bipolar people of the house? That’s like raising a red flag in front of a raging bull you idiot. And it had to be the banana. Fuck you ovaries. You had to hurt me, make me moan, while I’m munching on a freakin’ banana. Stupid.

They both shut their eyes tightly, very visibly trying to push out images I sent them. Liam looks away suddenly, his breathing a little raspier than the normal.

“The things I would do to you right now if you weren’t on your period...” The brown-eyed boy hiccups.

“None of them to which I think I can restrain,” Louis bursts suddenly, grabbing my arm and pulling me off the stool. He pushes me up against the wall and places himself in between my legs, licking his lips as his eyes turn darker.

“You moaned on purpose right? You knew I’d wanna ravish you! Why do you keep playing with my restraints?!” He demands. “They’re gonna break!”

“No Lou! Look I didn’t mean to incite you to touch me in any way!” I beg, pushing him away from me.

Louis hits the wall beside my head. I jump in fright, but he keeps me pressed tightly against him, making sure I felt his growing arousal. Where is the earlier joyful Louis?

“Louis careful,” Liam edges, looking worriedly between the older boy and I. Good to see I’m not the only one worrying about Louis temper problems. Louis pays no notice to Liam’s warning. I look over Lou’s shoulder to see Liam mouthing a sorry.

“Why’d you moan then? The chocolate alone couldn’t have done it.” Louis makes me look at him again.

“Cramps. I just had a sudden abdomen pain that turned out into a groan.” I let out, pushing feebly against Louis’s stronger form. His eyelids drop for mere seconds, looking at the place where we were touching before looking back into my eyes.

“Liam, how much time before the boys arrive?” Louis questions the younger boy, his gaze not leaving mine once. I shut my eyes, his gaze frightening me. “Tut tut, open your eyes love.” Louis coos softly, lifting my chin up. I obey reluctantly, giving him the most pleading eyes I could muster to try to get jubilant Louis back.

“It shouldn’t be long; they didn’t have to stay until the last class of the day.” Liam replies, voice laced with uncomfort. “Louis, Harry said that she could make a call, but it has to be done before his arrival.”

“Exactly. He said Sophie could make a call. Does she deserve to make one though?” The blue-eyed boy cocks his head to the side. “I think she’d be too privileged, especially with all that’ll be coming up.” He continues, his finger trailing along the side of my face slowly. What?

“No Louis.” Liam denies.

Suddenly, my ovaries throb again and my knees go weak, a whimper making its way out of my mouth. I lean on Louis for support.

“Your periods are really strong huh?” Louis realises, keeping me upwards. He’s softer though with his actions. “I’ll help you push them away for a while yeah?”

“No Lou I don’t wanna have sex right now.” I shake my head, clutching my stomach and rubbing circles where the pain was located.

“No silly.” He wraps my legs around his waist and places my arms around his neck. He spins me around so I’m on his back. “I’m gonna take care of you. Liam, heat up one of those heating pads will ya?” He asks, before taking a very baffled me out of the kitchen. Major mood swing right there. “Oh and bring me the phone, peasant!” He yells just as we go by the dining room. He places me on the couch of the first room of this house I visited, the living room. “Here. I want you to lie there, and shut your eyes.” He instructs.

I shake my head in denial. “No Louis I don’t want―”

He places his finger on my lips. “Trust me?” It comes out as a question. I’m about to decline, but his troubled eyes make me swallow back my words.

“Keep your eyes open then?”

“Lou I don’t know...”

“What if you tell me when to stop?” He almost pleads. I flinch at another pain surge. “Please? I’ll only kiss it better. And massage it a bit. And distract you at the same time.”

I huff hesitantly and give in, nodding and hoping it wouldn’t turn out like it did with Liam two years ago. Louis places himself to straddle my body, but holds himself up with his left hand, which I now noticed wasn’t as swollen as yesterday. Lifting my shirt up with his free hand, he descends towards my abdomen slowly and starts peppering it with butterfly kisses. My heart rate speeds up unhealthily and Louis smiles on my stomach.

“Do you trust me enough to close your eyes now?” He mumbles.

 I squirm, doubtful, but end closing them after a few seconds, a shaky sigh escaping my lips. Louis resumes kissing my stomach, but as time goes, he starts going higher and higher, making my breath hitch. Unexpectedly, his mouth stops touching my body altogether, but I still feel him hovering over me. I’m about to open my eyes to ask him what’s wrong, but out of the blue, his soft lips connect with mine in a soothing kiss. I sense his right hand trailing along my stomach, stopping where I felt the pain the most. His fingers start massaging the spot slowly, his lips never leaving mine. I let out a wretched whine on his mouth as his finger digs in a particularly painful spot.

Louis mumbles a quiet apology, before reconnecting our lips and continuing his work.

I have to admit, it felt good. Too good. I wasn’t supposed to like this. It was too intimate for Louis and I. It was too weird for Louis and I to be like this. But as the kiss went more fervently, a feeling of comfort and security started building up. And Louis rapidly turns it into lust, his hips starting a slow humping rhythm.

“Louis get off her.” Liam’s stern voice breaks us apart, sending Louis tumbling on the floor in surprise.

“It’s not like I was hurting her mate.” The other lad grumbles, his lips swollen by our kissing. I also notice he has a tent in his trousers. Great.

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