Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


3. Confrontation

I wake up with a text message from Em.


Out with friends!

Won’t be coming until late tonight

so don’t be worried! Em xxx


 I look at the time 6 o’clock. I slept that long...? Maybe I was tired.

“Just great,” I sigh. At that precise moment, my doorbell ringsReu. Weird.

I frown, getting out of bed to go answer the door. I look in the peephole to find it covered.  That’s it, I try to convince myself. Em pranked me into thinking I’d be alone tonight! She knows I hate it! Oh I’ll so get her for that!

I chuckle to myself as I open the door.

I gasp as I’m face to face with a man’s chest. My eyes meet green ones and I’m frozen in place. It’s none other than Harry Styles.

“So... Missed me?” The husky British voice drawls. “I know I have. But I’m about to remedy to that since Louis gave you detention and you decided to skip it.” He says, pushing me into my apartment while closing the door behind him.

“Harry, get out of my flat!” I protest fiercely, pushing his chest into the door.

He grabs my wrists in his hands, holding them together easily.

“Are you alone tonight?” He asks, looking around.

“None of your business!” I retort swiftly.

“I take that as a yes.”

“Get the fuck out of my flat Harry or I’m calling the police.” I menace.

“Glad to see you’re just as feisty as last time... It would’ve been boring to punish you.” He says cockily before dragging me along with him. My heels dig into the ground, not wanting to budge.

“I’m not a child! I don’t need to be punished!” I spew; struggling against his grasp as he practically yanks me around the flat, opening doors. No doubt, he’s searching for my room.

“Yes, you do need punishing. Firstly, you escaped two years ago and then today, you skip detention. That’s a bad, bad girl.” He scolds. “Now where’s your room?” He asks me, confirming my earlier thoughts.

“I’m not gonna tell you!” I spit.

“I’ll find it either way.” He shrugs.

Indeed, he finds it a couple seconds after, recognizing Padgett who innocently sat on my pillows.

“Oh so you did miss us? Liam’s gonna be so glad to hear that you kept his gift.” He smirks, throwing me on the bed before straddling me dominantly.

“Leave me alone!” I scream, trying to get as far as him as possible. He easily slides me back under him.

“Do you, by any chance, have ropes or handcuffs I could use?” He asks, licking his lips.

“No! You’re a sick bastard!” I holler, trying with all my might to push him off me.

“Could you stop struggling?” He demands, pinning my arms over my head.


“Fine then,”

He rapidly gets off me, lifts me up, and places me on his knee. Oh no.

“Now are you gonna stop struggling when I ask you to?” He demands, one of his hands on my ass while the other holds my body down.

“No!” I kick and fight, trying desperately to squirm out of his grasp.

He sighs, before bringing my skirt and kickers down.

“I warned you,” he says before his hand goes down on my bare bottom. Smack!

The sound echoes loudly in my room as I jolt on his knees, yelping in pain. Smack! His hand goes down again, making me writhe and squeal.

“I’m adding five spanks every time you move sweet cheeks. I strongly suggest you stop right away.” He advises. His hand once again makes contact with my skin and I can’t help squirming.


“Dammit Sophie!” He groans, bringing his hand down again.


“I don’t want to hurt you, but you give me no choice!”


“You always have the choice!” I retort, silent tears flowing down my face.


“And you don’t mind at all whether you’re hurting me or not!” My nails dig into my palm as I try not moving on his knee.

He mumbles something sounding like “You’re wrong”, but I’m not positive.


This time, I only flinch, taking deep breaths. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! My ass feels raw after countless other spanks, but they finally stop.

Harry flips me around to a cradling position and I wince, feeling my bare ass on his covered crotch.

“I missed you, you know.” Harry mumbles, looking right into my eyes. “I miss taking care of you.” Why so moody? One minute you’re angry, and the next you say you miss taking care of me?

“And such great care you gave me! You only made my life a living hell.” I mutter.

“We only added a little more vivacity and excitement to it... You can’t say you didn’t think of seeing us again at least once. I’m pretty sure you even pleasured yourself to the thought of one of us filling you up again.” There he was, getting cocky again.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t.” I reply snarling. “I was glad to be far away from you!” I start writhing on him but he tightens his hold around my body.

“Right. You didn’t miss us in any way but you still decided to come to Mullingar and keep Padgett. How does that make sense?” He looks at me pointedly.

“Emily lived in Mullingar, that’s why I came here.” I retort.

“So this decision had no relation with the fact that Niall was born here?”

“No. I didn’t even think of him when I moved here.” I lie. He rolls his eyes, clearly not believing me, but he lets it go anyways.

“Okay and why keep Padgett then?” Harry says, laying me on the bed before towering over my body. His green orbs peer into mine curiously.

“Padgett’s cute and makes me happy. None of these adjectives refer to you.” I decide not to move right away, my bottom agreeing as it was still a little in pain.

“We can make you happy... I remember when I let you buy stuff for your room... You were happy then.” His voice was soft, almost loving. Almost.

“Yeah then you fucked me senseless because I had put a rope out the window. Right. Really happy. You were all acting like fucking horny jerks with me.” I snap, eyes hard. Keep being strong Sophie.

His eyes narrow angrily at my term, all softness gone.

“You liked most of it.”

“No. I didn’t. I fucking hated all of it. I hated feeling like an object.” I say, teeth clenching. My ass feeling less sore, I manage to struggle up to a sitting position and push him away from me.

He pushes me back down roughly, anger flicking into his eyes.

“I’m not finished with you. You weren’t used like an object. We were nice most of the time. You don’t remember what it felt like. But I’ll gladly give you ‘un rappel’ as you say so well in French.” He spews, taking his shirt off. I catch myself staring at his chiselled chest while he’s not looking, and rapidly look away ashamed.

Before I know it, he ties one hand to the headboard with his shirt. The right one. Fucker, he knows I’m right-handed. With my left hand, I try liberating my right hand but he rapidly grabs it and immobilizes it beside me while some of his weight presses on my bare legs. I buck my hips, trying to get him to fall off.

Harry takes no time at all to un-button my blouse and tears it away from my body. His hands automatically head for my bra, unclasping it skillfully with one hand. I move my legs, trying to hurt him in some way and writhe out of his grasp but I only end up angering him more.

“This isn’t even a punishment, and you’re struggling like crazy. Stop that.” He orders.

I pull against Harry’s shirt, alias my binding, but Harry’s knot is tight, digging harshly into my skin at every single pull. I desert that idea rapidly.

I whimper as his mouth connects with mine, locking us into a passionate kiss.

That’s the moment where my body decides to have a mind of its own, and it replies with just as much fervour to the kiss.

The green-eyed boy nips my bottom lip, begging an entrance I don’t grant. He nips again, before thrusting his tongue in for dominance.

While our tongues start dancing for some kind of control over the other, his hands start tweaking my nipples, making them harden under his hypnotic touch. His thumbs rubbing slow circles, the rest of his fingers manage groping my breasts, building a steady rhythm.

My back arches involuntarily under his touch, my left hand clutching my sheets tightly.

Harry breaks the kiss, his soft lips going down the valley of my breasts as his hands follow the contour of my body until he reaches my thighs. His fingers trail in the insides of them; making my body buzz with excitement as heat pools rapidly in my stomach.

“St-st-stop.” I stammer shakingly.

He raises an eyebrow curiously, keeping eye contact with me as his mouth lowers down to my wet center. His lustful glare never leaving mine, he licks his lips provocatively, his mouth centimeters apart from my clit.

“Stop?” He questions, his hot breath blowing on my crotch.

I nod, biting my lip. I’m not able to form words without moaning at this point.

“Sorry. I can’t have that right now. Your body is telling me just the opposite.” He replies, before his tongue takes a swipe at my bundle of nerves.

I bite my lip, drawing blood. The copper taste makes me wince.

“Come on... Surrender, you’re hurting yourself by refusing this...” Harry says huskily, his tongue taking a jab at my insides once more. Don’t, don’t, don’t...He’s too good.

“Oh God Harrrrryyyy....” I moan loudly, not being able to hold it in. Shaking madly, I feel juices pouring out of me.

“That’s my girl.” He groans, shoving his tongue in to lick my juices off.

I writhe as he does his treatment particularly slowly, making more heat puddle inside me. Suddenly, he thrusts a finger inside me and curls it, making me propel my hips upwards.

“So tight,” He moans, shoving another in. He thrusts them in and out a couple times, before licking them.

As soon as he’s done, he comes up to kiss me, making me taste myself on his lips. Our lips tightly locked together, he starts grinding his clothed crotch against my bare one, getting impatient and lustful.

“Help me. Take off. My trousers. ” he demands between kisses.

I shake my head no and he growls in exasperation.

“You’ve become way too stubborn,” he mumbles angrily.

Harry pulls back, rapidly undoing his belt and removing his pants. He’s already hard as he gets rid of his boxers, positioning himself at my entrance.

He doesn’t let me adjust as he rams himself in roughly, starting a rhythm that’s way too harsh for my taste.

“Uhh Sophie...” He groans, shoving himself as deep as possible.

 My left hand claws his back as I try making him slow down. It does just the opposite. His thrusts are deeper and faster.

“So tight....” Harry moans some more.

Pleasure and pain ignites my body, but I refuse to show any sign of it, closing my eyes.

 “Open your gorgeous eyes love.”

I don’t listen.

“Now.” He orders, pinching the inside of my thigh.

 I open them, and I’m met with forest green eyes. Harry’s sweating as his pounding continues. I end up looking away from him.

 “Look at me.” He pants, before grabbing my chin to force me to face him. “You. Have to. Cum first. Soph.” He says between hip thrusts. “Here, I’ll help you.” One of his hands starts rubbing my clit in circles, rapidly driving me to the edge. “Now say my name, or you’re in for a second round.” He orders lowly, seeing as I was falling over the edge.


I see stars as Harry also empties himself inside me with a loud groan. I’m shaking my head in disbelief.

He rests inside me a couple seconds before pulling out. Sighing, he dresses himself, undoing my hand-made handcuffs to put his shirt back on. I’m still a little overwhelmed and I have difficulty to move as Harry starts rummaging through my closet. He grabs something from one of my pants and puts it in his front pocket before he draws out underwear, sweats and my cheer hoodie. What in the world?

“You’re on the school’s cheerleading team?” he questions, his eyebrow cocking up in curiosity as he advances on me slowly.

I nod rapidly.

“Well that’ll be interesting.” He says almost to himself before climbing over me. I start struggling as he tries getting me to dress up. He sighs and backs away from me, reaching in his back pocket. He withdraws a damp rag.

I back up, scared.

“Soph, this isn’t chloroform, but it has the same effect, only less strong. If you don’t let me dress you, I’m using it on you.” Harry says calmly.

“I can dress by myself! I’m not a child.” I protest.

“I know. But it’s because of what I wanna do after that I have to dress you.” He says coming closer.

“What do you wanna do after?!? Don’t you think you’ve done enough?!?” I scream, scuttling away from him.

“You leave me no choice.” He exhales, before placing it in my mouth. “Breathe.” He urges. I hold my breath as long as I can but end up taking a whiff of the substance.


It takes a few seconds for the substance to kick in. My senses are blurred and my movements uncoordinated. Harry manages to dress me up without difficulty, before picking me up in his arms.

“Come on... I’m taking you home.” He whispers.

I only manage fighting a little in his arms, before collapsing like a doll out of fatigue. Or maybe it was because the damp rag. I don’t know.

“I want Padgett.” I mumble as he cradles me in his arms.

Harry chuckles lightly as he grabs the turtle and puts it on my stomach, before leaving and locking my flat. He takes me to his car, makes me sit and buckles my seatbelt.

The curly-haired boy gets in on the other side, starting the engine.

My eyes shut heavily as the chloroform like substance kicks in fully, making me see black.

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