Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


10. Bipolar


Cheer practice was dull and lifeless. I didn’t feel the usual thrill of doing something I loved so everything basically flunked. But didn’t put too much endeavour in it either, feeling dejected. Too bad Emily isn’t in the cheerleading team to support me.

I’m walking morosely to my next class when Harry, aka the Hall monitor, walks by me. He grabs my arms and shoves my into the janitors closet. I drop my books on the floor in surprise. I don’t pick them up right away, shock overpowering any sense of reason. Why is Harry angry now....?

“I was watching you during cheerleading practice....” His husky voice growls in the dark. “In short shorts.....” He groans, and I feel something hard pressing in the inside of my thighs. It’s not there a second later. Shit he’s horny.

“Harry! Lemme go! I have to go to class!” I object.

I’m practically throwing punches in the darkness, feeling lost and disoriented. I can’t locate him, and it seems like the broom closet was huge. Suddenly, hands lock around my wrists, pinning them together.

“You weren’t putting much of an effort were you?” He questions, his hot breath tickling the inside of my neck. “I talked to your coach, and she said that your weren’t doing your usual best... Tsk tsk. Now that just won’t do. I do believe we said you had to get excellent grades in everything, and I count cheerleading as physical education.”

“I’m sore! I was sore at practice okay!” I protest, trying to wriggle my hands out of his grasp. He roughly pushes his body on mine, against the door. I faintly see his outline, my eyes slowly getting used to the dimness of the closet.

“Nonsense! You were perfectly fine this morning. Plus, we barely roughened you yesterday night.” Harry snarls. “So now I get to punish you since you lied.” His hips grind a bit into mine. “And Mr. Malik will be more than pleased to punish you if you arrive late at class. So let’s make this fast but memorable.” He ends, pushing his hips into mine once more.

My back digs painfully hard into the doorknob as he rubs his hips harshly into mine.

“Harry!” I grimace. “Stop you’re hurting me!” I gasp, pushing against his muscular build. “Stop!” I beg. I didn’t find the will to be snappy

I can almost see his green eyes softening in the dark.

“Shhh...Quiet down. Someone could hear us.” He mumbles, his curls tickling my neck as he leans in to press a kiss in the crook of my collar line.

I stiffen at his intimate move.

“Relax...” He purrs.        

His hands warp around me, locking in us into a lovers hug. It’s almost if he’s forgotten he wanted to punish me. But then I feel one of his hands heading in between us, and the distinct unzipping of a zipper.

“Harry, no!” I start squirming out of his embrace, making as much noise as possible by hitting the wall and the door behind me.

“Stop. NOW.” He seethes lowly. His erection rests in the inside of my thigh as he grips my waist bruisingly hard, immobilizing me.

My breathing is shallow and uncoordinated as I try to writhe out of it.

“Quit it.” He says. Holding me easily with his thighs, his hands pinch my bum harshly, eliciting a whimper from my throat.

“Don’t do this... Please.” I hiccup as his hands snakes its way back in between us.

“I’m going to give you two options Soph.” Harry sighs, his finger sliding along the length of my nose before tapping it. “Because I’m that nice.”

Nice, my ass yeah.

I turn my head around to look away, but he grabs my chin forcefully, making me look into his emerald eyes, my own now adjusted to the dimness of the restricted area. He molds his body into mine, his breath hot on my neck as he nips playfully, before pulling back.

I’m utterly frozen in stupor.

“Either we finish what I started and I leave you alone for the rest of the day, or we stop now and you let me take you on a date without a fuss. Though I can’t guarantee I’ll leave you alone until then... You’re just so tempting...”

“WHAT?!?” I choke on my own breathing, caught completely off guard.

“Love, I’m not gonna say it twice. You heard me well enough the first time.”

“Bu-bu-but.” I say confusedly.

“You have ten seconds or I’m not giving you the choice anymore.” He menaces, his hands sliding under my skirt provocatively to prove that he’d get something he wanted both ways.

My breath hitches in my throat and I find myself rapidly calculating and weighing my options.

“5...4...3...” He urges, his hands climbing higher on my thighs after each number. “2...”

“Okay okay! Fine!” I panic. “I promise I’ll go on that ridiculous date with you!”

“Good. And it won’t be ridiculous, love. I think you’ll quite enjoy it.” He pulls away from my body a little, allowing me to advance away from the door.

“I doubt that.” I answer.

“Well you shouldn’t.” He retorts.

“And why not?” I sneer, the attitude suddenly coming back.

“Well you’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll give you the entree right now yeah?”

He doesn’t wait for my answer and unexpectedly opens the lights, blinding me for mere seconds. But these seconds are all it takes for Harry to latch his mouth with mine lovingly.

I’m completely astounded as his arms wrap around my shoulders, bringing my body flush against his. His hands then head upwards to caress my face, bringing our faces just as close as our bodies.

But the sweet kiss doesn’t last long as the older boy rapidly gets demanding, and we end up tumbling backwards.

It’s at that exact moment the door opens.

“You are not allow―”

I yelp as I fall but Harry catches me swiftly and pulls back from the kiss, bringing us both to a standing position. But he keeps a firm grip on my waist, holding me to face him.

I restart my heart and spin around to see Niall in the doorframe.

“Am I interrupting something?” The blonde boy asks, almost pained. “I’m sorry. I just thought you were another couple of horny students making out in the closet.”

“S’okay Nialler. We’re finished anyways.” Harry dismisses sighing, surely disappointed he couldn’t have his way with me.

My respiration is unsteady, and I’m still overwhelmed by how all had just happened rapidly at once. Harry is sooo confusing.

Just then the bell rings. Great. Now I’m late for Zayn’s class.

“Niall, could you bring her to class? I’d do it myself but she left me with a big problem.” The younger boy says, motioning his tight trousers.

“Sorry but that’s a small problem.” The words fly out of my lips before I can stop then and Harry shoots me a stern look. There I go, being mouthy again. Shut up Soph. Shut up.

“You and I both know that’s not true.” He says. I can practically feel his anger mounting.

“Sure Hazz. I’ll go.” Niall says, pulling Harry and I out of our vicious stares. I sense Harry calming down slightly.

“Can’t I go alone?” I whine frustrated. “It’s exasperating to always have one of you shadowing me!”

“Nope.” The curly-haired boy replies, popping the ‘p’. “I don’t trust you going anywhere alone anymore.” He continues, pushing me into Niall’s arms softly. He bends down and grabs my books which were sprawled miscellaneously on the floor of the closet, and hands them to me. “Now have a good day sweet cheeks.” Harry finishes, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

I wipe the kiss off angrily, obtaining a chuckle from both boys before Harry walks out of the closet to finish himself off somewhere.

I also get out of the small room and glare at his back, not budging as Niall pulls my arm.

“Come on Soph.... I’ll take you to class.” He says softly. He gives my arm a firm hard tug, pulling me out of my glaring session.

“What?” I snap angrily.

“Do not raise your voice with me young lady.” He replies, his voice tainted with a hard edge. “I haven’t been that harsh with you so I don’t know why you’re so tetchy with me.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry Niall.” I huff, before hugging him with one hand. “It’s just Harry... He makes me feel lost about everything.”

He returns the hug, rubbing my back soothingly.

“I know... Now come on. I have to take you to class. I can’t control anyone so I don’t know what Zayn’s gonna do about your promptness, but I’ll try to soothe things a bit.” He reassures, pulling me along to my next class.

“Thanks for being so comprehensive.... How can I make it up to you Niall?” I ask as we arrive near the class.

“I’ll let you know whenever I find something. But right now, you have to go in class.” He says, knocking at the door.

Zayn opens it, and gives us a probing look.

“Why are you late Sophie?” He demands, looking alternatively between Niall and I.

“It’s Harry.” Niall answers for me. Zayn sighs and nods, letting me in the class. He shuts the door before I can say goodbye to Niall.

Sulking, I head to the free desk in the back of the class and sit, grabbing my head in my hands. What am I gonna do with all the favours I owe? A date with Harry, something for Liam and something for Niall.

Suddenly I feel stares from different parts of the class. Lifting my head up, I’m met with tons of jealous glares. Most of them coming from Jade Cambers and her little gang.  Her brown eyes were practically trying to burn holes in my head I’m sure. What did I do?

“Sophie Miller. You arrived late. The least you could do is pay attention to what I’m saying.” Zayn says, walking to the front of my desk. Jade snickers, mimicked by her minions Gabrielle, Annaleigh, Elle and Rachel. Also known to others as J RAGE.

“I’m sorry Mr. Malik.” I say to him, ignoring the other five make-up raped morons.

“It’s okay,” He sighs. “Just try to keep focus okay?”

“Yes.” I answer, a little dumfounded by his reaction. Whoa? Is this the guy that raped me ruthlessly? 

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