Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


6. Bedroom

Harry’s look is calculative as he evaluates everything. After a minute or two, he yawns.

“Fine. But she’s the only one you’re allowed to tell. And you’re only telling her you’ll be living with us from now on, nothing more nothing less.” He closes, stretching. “Now everybody to bed, we all have to be in tip top shape for school tomorrow!”

“But really? I have to go to school on top of that?” I groan.

“Oh yes. Wouldn’t want you missing any of your cheerleading practices right? Plus, you missed my class today. You’ll have to catch up.” Zayn says, standing up from the couch. Freakin’ awesome.

“And you also skipped detention. Naughty girl. But I took care of that already.” Harry brags cockily.

“Why bring it back up then?” I spit, the memory still fresh in my mind.

 “For fun. Now, chop chop, and let’s go to bed.” He shrugs while standing up. Although deep down, I know he wants to let all the boys know I was mainly his for the taking. Bastard. I’m nobody’s.

“I don’t even have a room to sleep in.” I protest, trying to get them to let me sleep back at my flat. “And there’s no way I’m sleeping with one of you guys.” I add.

“And since when do you get to make any decisions?” Liam replies. “Hmm? Who gave you that right?”

I stay quiet, frowning. Wow. How’d he get so snappy so fast?

“Exactly.” He retorts to my silence. Sighing, Liam, Niall and Zayn leave the living room, Niall mouthing ‘midnight’ before walking out of my sight.

“Aww don’t worry love. You have a room. And I’m sure Louis would be very pleased to show it to you.” Harry says, also standing up.

That last one jumps up, erection very visible. Not good. This whole situation is basically screaming awful. God help me―

“Yes! Come on Sophieboo! I’ll show you!” Louis grabs my arm, dragging me with him. I feel disoriented as he takes me up a staircase somewhere in the mansion, then down a hall. He pushes a door open and practically shoves me inside the room.

It smells like Louis, and I can’t look behind me, scared of the mess I would see if I did because Louis definitely doesn’t look like an organized person.

“Louis... Harry said I had my own room.” I say slowly, locking my eyes with the turquoise ones in front of me.

“Sure you do.” His head nods to behind me.

I huff and turn around. I gasp as I see a door, in between two glass panels. Behind the glass, there is a bedroom. It strangely resembles to my old room. The one I had two years ago. Same bedding, about same furniture. Pretty much the same, but without last year’s resources such as the laptop and the rope. Wait. No, no, no! This room can’t be what I think it is right?

Louis chuckles, before tugging me through the door across his room and into the one behind the glass panels. He forces me onto the bed before towering dominantly over me.

I can’t help noticing that mirrors are now standing where I was sure glass windows previously were. In fact, there the walls were practically all made out of mirrors. What the actual fuck? What kind of sorcery is this?

Louis must’ve noticed my confused look as he starts explaining.

“You see, these are one-way mirrors. This means that from our rooms, we can see you through what seem like indoor windows. But you, from your room, can only see yourself.” He says, before pinning my wrists over my head. “We gave you a little too much privacy last time and see what it did? You slipped out of our fingertips.” His fingers tighten on my wrists. “Who knows...? Maybe the boys are watching us right now from their rooms, jerking themselves off.” His voice drops to a low, sensuous whisper. “Welcome to your new room.”

I start struggling as his warm breath approaches my neck sensually, his hands wandering up and down my body.

“St-st-stop!” I demand, voice shaking.

He shakes his head no, digging his hips into mine to make sure I knew he was aroused already. Believe me, I did.

At that moment precisely, Harry comes in with Padgett from one of the five doors that were place miscellaneously in my room. Those must be the entrance to each of their rooms, I think while rapidly eyeing their names, which were each rightfully placed on the owner’s door. So the only way out of my room is by going through one of their rooms. Just fucking great.

Harry throws the stuffed animal in some corner, before joining Lou and I on the bed. I fight to push them away, but it only arouses them some more as Harry helps Louis to hold me down.

“I thought I was supposed to sleep!” I plead.

Louis’s mouth latches on the side of my neck, nipping the sensible skin to make a mark. I whine and whimper in protest, trying to tear my head away, but he holds me still on the pillows as Harry proceeds to discard some clothing from my body and his. And weirdly, he doesn’t leave me naked though. He lets me keep the underwear, bra and panties.

His chest is bare and he’s in his boxers by the time Louis pulls back from my neck, licking his lips in desire.

“You remember two years ago I promised you some Larry? Well I’m just living up to my promises.” The younger boy smirks, pressing his chest against my almost naked one as Louis takes off his shirt and trousers also.

“So here are the rules Soph.” Louis starts, placing himself to straddle my waist as Harry starts kissing my thighs.

I squirm in discomfort.

“If you let Harry and I pleasure you like you deserve to be pleasured, we won’t make you pleasure us with your hands and/or that lovely mouth of yours. Understood?” His eyes are glazed with untamed lust as he finishes.

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