Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


1. Back to the Routine


The beeping sound of my cell phone alarm jolts me awake brusquely. I groan. Keeping my eyes shut, I reach over to my bedside table and reach for the loud object, shutting the alarm off before setting it back down to its initial place.

My head is pounding strongly, as if I was still at yesterday’s party. Even though yesterday was a Sunday, the students at school had decided it was okay to party. And I had joined fully, before Emily had pulled me back to the flat since I was drunk. More precisely she tried, since she was also drunk.

The results of last night’s activities quickly take over my body as I wake up groggily, feeling a little nauseous. Sitting up on my bed, I blink once or twice, rubbing my eyes in fatigue. Why do I have to have school today?

“Hmm Padgett? Why do I have school today?” I ask aloud, turning to the stuffed turtle that lay carelessly beside me.

Padgett is my only true confident. Even though he’s a plush turtle given by my kidnapper, I talk to him once in a while. Yes they left me that messed up.

“But you’re right Padge, school is better than you know what.” I respond to the silent reply of the turtle.

My stomach suddenly growls famine. Mmm. Food.

I pass my hand once in my messy hair before standing up from my bed woozily. Sighing loudly, I do my bed rapidly and put on my school uniform with distaste.

 After grabbing my cell phone from the bedside table, I walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. I open the radio on the way to the fridge, listening attentively for any signs of traffic on my road to school. I pull out milk, setting it on the counter before putting two toasts in the toaster.

“The roads are all pretty clear today for all students, but you still have to be careful.” Comes the announcers’ voice through the radio. “Wouldn’t want any accidents.”

I pull out a glass from the cupboards, pouring myself some milk before grabbing my toasts, spreading Nutella over them and sitting at the table. I happily munch my breakfast, half-listening to what the announcer was saying.

That is until something catches my attention.

“And now to make a secure atmosphere, here is One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful! And here’s some great news for directioners, I heard our hometown Niall and his gang are presently in Mullingar! Looking for a girl! Could it be you?”

“You’re insecure, don’t know what fo―”

I practically jump off my seat, shutting the radio off as the first strums of What Makes You Beautiful resonate through the flat. I can’t handle them. Not anymore.

I’m not scared, just really concerned about what the announcer just said. He must be bluffing... That radio jock just wants to attract some kind of attention from the girls, I reassure myself. But if it were true, I’d be ready to face them again. Or would I? I don’t know.

My phone buzzes at that exact moment. I open it to find a text from Ashley.


Hey lovely! You alright? You safe?

Have a nice day at school! I love you!

Ash. -Xxx-


It was the normal procedure for Ashley and I to inform each other on our safety since I had moved out of her place to go to Mullingar to pursue my studies. I didn’t have the money to return to Canada and neither did Ashley, plus I had nothing left over there so I built a new life in Ireland, with the help of some of Ashley’s’ funds. But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t worried about me.

Why Mullingar? Only because Emily was there. She was one of the few who helped me get through what happened to me two years ago. Because two years ago, I was kidnapped. These five bozos who I had just heard on the radio; they were the five perverted guys who kidnapped me while I was only sixteen. They kept texting me threats until I changed my number. Somehow, without being there, they were always haunting my every thought when I was living with Ashley. That was also a reason that encouraged me to move to Ireland.

I text my response to Ashley.


I’m fine. But things may go wrong.

I have to wake Em and go to school. I’ll text you later yeah?

Love you too, Soph. Xxx


I press send, finish my toasts and head to Em’s room.

“Em! Wake up sleepy head or we’ll be late for school!” I shout to her, knocking on her door. Her tired face appears seconds later, her dark hair tangled, her brown eyes weary.

“Could you not scream please? I have one of these headaches.” She whines, rubbing her eyes.

“Me too, but it’s either that or Mrs. Lively’s stern speech about being late.” I reply. “But she said we’d have a substitute today. So you can take your time...” I recall. “I’ll wait for you in the car.” I add before grabbing my backpack and heading outside to get inside the vehicle.

Minutes later, she arrives dressed identically as me and I start the engine.

“Are we really starting with drama?” She complains after a few minutes, rubbing her temples to ease her headache. Luckily, mine was already long gone. I didn’t drink as much as her, feeling as if I needed to be somewhat aware and alert of my surroundings.

“Yes. Indeed, we are starting with drama. So stop acting dramatic about it!” I joke, keeping my eyes on the road as I drove us to school.

“Not funny.” She replies, slouching in her seat. I chuckle in amusement.

I park the car in the school parking lot, before heading with Emily to our lockers. Weirdly, the hallways were empty. Okay not normal.

“Umm Em? Why are the hallways empty?” I ask, looking around.

“What time is it?” She shoots back. I check the time on my phone. Shit. I grab my books really fast, as she gives me a questioning look.

“Hurry up Emily! We’re late!” I explain. The message rapidly gets to her brain and she also grabs her books, shoving any unnecessary stuff into her locker. Shutting our locker doors loudly, we run to our class. I burst in the designed classroom, sitting down at my desk while trying not to interrupt the teacher. Seems otherwise.

“So. I see you haven’t improved your punctuality Miss Miller.” I recognise the voice immediately. The scolding British voice I’d know anywhere now. The one I lived with two years ago.

“It’s so nice to have you amongst us.”

 I lift my eyes up carefully to fall face to face with blue ones.

Louis Tomlinson is in the same room as me, looking at me with a feeling I can’t quite pinpoint.

“My name is Mr. Tomlinson, and I’ll your teacher for today’s period.” Louis announces to the class, smiling. “And maybe more if your teacher gets sick often.” He adds.

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