Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


16. Always Back to Harry

My eyes roll to the back of my head a bit, and I start twisting and turning, not wanting to moan. You shouldn’t... Don’t... So bad...He has to take it out and I’ll go down the orgasm....Yes... “Please....Take the thing out.” I gasp, my hands reaching to clasp his shirt tightly into my fingers.

He pries them of, holding himself up with one hand.

“Sophie... Remember who’s in control? All I ask you right now is to feel. Don’t think.”

I bite my lip hard, drawing blood.

“Please Niall...” I beg.

He laughs, his finger trailing along my cheeks, and descending to the hollow of my neck. “You are so cute when you decide to beg...”

I flush red. What?

“Is it what you really want right now? Me to take it out of you?” Niall questions, playing with the collar of my blouse.

“Yes....” I groan, not being able to take it anymore as he grinds his hips harshly against mine.

“Then turn around.” He sighs.

I hurriedly do as demanded and find myself rewarded with the gracious removal of the plug. But I was still hanging on the edge of climax.

“Got all you need now love?” Niall mocks spinning me back around to face him. Somehow he knew, I was still on the verge of reaching my peak, and he was laughing about since he was the only one that could help me right now.

“No...” I puff. “And you know that I’m still on the verge of climax...”

“I wanna hear you beg for it... I like hearing you beg....” Niall purrs, slowly unbuttoning the top of my blouse.

I shake my head no.

“Please....” He pouts, his cold finger slowly going down my cleavage, creating goose bumps. “I want you to...” He continues, his other hand ghosting the inside of my thigh lightly from under my skirt. “Beg for me...”

Don’t react, don’t react, don’t react.

Niall bends down closer. “Don’t think... Just feel.” He murmurs, nuzzling into my neck as his hand massaged my thighs sensuously. “Shut your mind and open your sense of touch...” He hums on my skin, nibbling on my earlobe.

I feel his words sinking inside me, and my body relaxes gradually, letting the sense of touch overpower everything. It’s almost like I’m under his spell.

“Now beg.” Niall’s voice is soft, just as soft as the caressing of his hands on the insides of my thighs, nearing my aching center every now and then.

“Please... Niall... I need you to help me... Now... Please.” I groan, my hips giving little thrusts when his digits got closer to where I needed him the most right now.

He chuckles in the inside of my neck, his hot breath tickling me.

“More...” He urges gently, his hands leisurely bringing my panties low enough for him to fit his hand between them and my throbbing crotch. “You need to really want it darling.”

Words pour out by themselves, the desire to be in bliss overriding every contradictory thought I could’ve had.

“I want it Niall! Please! Some teasing me! Just do something!” I plead, writhing under him, trying to get any form of pleasure.

“That’s what I’m gonna do.” He coos, looking straight at me. Suddenly, as his digit makes contact with my lower regions, he groans, shutting his eyes tightly. “Girl you’re sooo wet. How in the world did you hold off your orgasm?” He spews, his fingers playing lightly with my clit while I laid there, drowned in delight. “Here. You did well.” He finishes, shoving in two fingers into my tightness. It was all it took me. That little push to fall over the edge.

“Nialllll.” I moan intensely, shaking and clasping Niall’s shirt between my fingers as I see stars. I savour the feel of genuine pleasure, my release finally coating his fingers. I’m panting madly, the world being rainbows and all in my mind for a few minutes. I had to admit, this had been the best orgasm ever.

“So. How was it?” The blonde boys, removing his fingers and licking them off.

“Best thing ever.” I breathe heavily.

Something vibrates near my center, but it turns out to be Niall’s phone. He smirks and looks at it. His smile drops a little.

“As much as I like seeing you under me and all... I think you need to go see Harry.”

Out of the blue, reality hit me like a brick. I let Niall make me weak again. I let him control my thoughts...Only to have him take me back to Harry. It always ends up to Harry.




“Niall…. More…. Please”

My desires are rapidly fulfilled as he, to my great surprise, thrusts in me. I was astounded, to a point where the pain was dull and absent. I sighed in pleasure as Niall rested inside me motionless, kissing me and whispering tender words in my ear.

“I’m ready Niall,” I said as the pleasure took over like a wave. His thrusts were slow and passionate, putting everything he could into each of them. My high was already close, due to the lone pleasure his lovemaking caused. My little leprechaun kissed me, and I orgasm hard, grabbing onto him like he was a lifejacket holding me above sea-level. His movements got sloppier, and he kissed me again before releasing with a grunt inside me.

He held me against him for a few seconds, before pulling his cock out.

“So… Did I break my promise?” He asks, panting.


 He smiles genuinely, and got off the cum covered couch. There was a feeling of well being-inside me and I couldn’t help smiling back to him.

He got dressed and helped clothing me like Harry did, though I was fully awake this time. I look back at the couch.

“Isn’t the management going to say something about this?” I giggled slightly, feeling tipsy.

“They won’t give a damn.” He shrugs, before giving me a quick peck on the lips and pulling me outside of his “room”. He walks down the silent corridor, before taking the door where the stairs.

“Where are we going?” I ask, worried.

 “I have to bring you back to Harry.” He says reluctantly.

“But you said….”

“I don’t care what I said. I have to give you back to Harry, and keep the band a band. If I don’t, the guys are all going to be cross at me and then One Direction will probably split. It can’t be a girl’s fault that a boy band is torn apart.” He spits back harshly.

I feel like I had been slapped, and all the building kindness I had had for Niall disappeared. I want to run away from him, but he reads me like a book and grabs me before I fully turned around.


[End of Flashback]


“Niall. Get out.” I say, tears forming into my eyes.

“Su-su-sure... But why do you say it so harshly? After what I just gave you...” Niall stammers, hurt in his blue eyes as I push him roughly off me.

“You mean you can’t see the repeating pattern?” I seethe, sitting straight, buttoning up my blouse.

He gives me a confused look and I face him, shaking.

 “After everything we do together... The slow, soft, friendly stuff, you always have to break the peaceful atmosphere and take me back to Harry!” I sulk, rearranging my clothes properly and getting up and off the bed.

Comprehension and remembrance lights up in his face. He grabs my arm, forcing me to stay still in front of him.

“We’ll I’m sorry! Things just turn out that way! I can’t do anything! As far as I know, I’m also mostly there afterwards! I had your back lots of times; drying your tears and reassuring you after Harry or the others had done harsh things! Or have I not?!” His voice had mounted a few decibels, as he too became angry. “Why are you always dropping things on me like that? It’s because I’m the good guy? Is it because I’m all nice and sweet most of the times that when I have a sudden change of behaviour, I become a little more like Harry, you abruptly hate me?” He takes my hands in his, eyes calmer. “Why?”

I pull my hand away and frustration bubbles back up.

“So every time I step out of line I’m suddenly loathed?” He exclaims, raising his hands up, only to have them dig into his hair in desperation. “Am I not allowed to be mean anymore, make a mistake, because you’re used to me being nice all the time?!?”

“Niall I―”

“You’re treating me worse than how you treat Harry, even though my slipups are rarer than his! That’s not fair!” He trails on angrily, making big gestures with his arms. “Maybe I should become more like him! So maybe then you’d be a little more forgiving when I do something I’m not supposed to do!”


“You forgive him so easily Soph! You even kissed him today! Even after all he’s put you through! But when I’m the one that fucking steps out of line, I get shot down by your anger!” Niall’s voice drops to a whisper once more. “I’m the one that picks up and repairs as best as I can Harry’s broken vases, only to have them slammed back down on my head harshly. Why?” He questions, accent hushed as he’s scared he’d miss my answer.

“I’m so-so-sorry Niall, but―” I stammer, before Niall tone elevates once more.

“Don’t apologize! You have your own repeating pattern too you know? You’re no better than me! You start apologizing for your mood swings, and then you’re angry again when my emotions start getting in the way! I should be a little more like Harry, because at least then I wouldn’t have to continually keep my actions and emotions in check, and I’d still be loved by you!”

“I don’t love Harry!” I sob, shaking at the harshness of all he just said. The worst part was that everything he said was true. I’m such a horrible person... I think, gazing at the reflections returning my saddened look in the mirrors all around us. The other boys, they see all... Yet they do nothing? Maybe they can’t hear?

“You don’t love him? You kissed him! Willingly!” Niall retorts angrily, making me look back at the blonde. “What’s that if it isn’t a sign of love?!?”

“You guys kiss me all the time!” I protest, seeing blurry because of the tears accumulating in my eyes. Such an awful person...


I’m shaking frantically, thoughts being a jumbled mess in my head as I try not to crumble to the ground. The weight of his words was practically pushing me to the ground. It was only a kiss... It didn’t mean THAT much to them didn’t it? Oh no...

“Soph?” Niall enquires gently, cautiously. “Oh gosh I’m so sorry Soph I...” I lose the rest of his words.

I can’t. I can’t... But I have to... My eyes divert to Niall’s open room door.

“Sophie...?”As Niall starts going for my arm, I push him away and make a run for it.

I have to breathe... Alone.

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