Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


29. Alive

“Are we there yet?” I groan, breaking our eerie silence. We had stopped to eat a few minutes ago, but I was practically dragging my legs in fatigue. The sun wasn’t helping either, a little past the zenith, its heat was almost unbearable. Particularly now, as there were not a lot of trees over our heads, leaving space for the blazing sun’s rays to reach us. I had taken off my jacket a few seconds ago and wrapped it around my waist, and Niall had done the same with his jumper.

Brusquely, he stops in front of me, and places our almost empty bag on the ground, before taking his loose t-shirt and his pants off.

“Niall, what are you doing?” I whine as he takes off his socks and shoes, standing before me only in his boxers.

“Jumping off the cliff?” he says it like it’s a question. “To my death I think... You obviously hate me...And you can’t stop whining...So I’m ending our paths here.” He trails on.

“What?!” I ask incredulous as I now notice the rocky border, a few feet away from us. It seemed high, judging by what I could see on the other side of the opening. He’s fucking with my mind right now right? He’s fucking kidding me. He’s not trying to kill himself right?

I faintly hear water running as Niall starts backing away from me slowly, a mischievous smile on his face. “Niall this isn’t funny...” I start but he spins around and jumps off the ledge and into the cavity. “Niall!” I scream just as I hear a loud splash of water. I run, bending over the edge where he just jumped. “Niall!” I gaze down to see a clear water-filled bay, with a small cascade. There were moss covered rocks here and there, and a peach body at the bottom of the water. I hold my breath, anxiously. Please be alive. Please be―

Niall’s blonde head pops out of the water a few seconds later, laughing.

“Niall!” he imitates, using a girly voice. Dead. Bastard.

I pout, crossing my arms over my chest. “That wasn’t funny.”

“Hell yes it was.”

I don’t reply, placing myself on my stomach so I can look down at him angrily.

“Aww c’mon love... Aren’t you gonna join me?” he demands from the water. “The water’s cool... refreshing.”

“What? So suddenly it’s okay to talk?” I bite back.

“Shouldn’t you be glad I’m talking now? Like you said, sometimes you just need to shut off some people. I just didn’t feel like talking earlier... I had nothing good to say.” He says, swimming around in the water. “Now c’mon down!”

“Niall I’ll wet my clothes if I join you.” I counteract.

“Take them off... Stay in your underwear just like I did. And before you complain, love it’s nothing I haven’t seen before and it acts just like a bathing suit.” He shuts me off, shaking his wet hair before plunging inside the water.

“What if I can’t swim?” I defy him once he’s back out of the surface.

“Can you? You can swim right?” There’s an ounce of worry in his voice.

“Yes but―”

“See? You have absolutely no reason not to jump.” He quiets my protests.

“Okay fine.” I snap, getting up. “You’re gonna catch me though?” I add, once I’m out of my outerwear. I take a peek down where he was before pulling backwards nauseously, rubbing my arms to get rid of my goose bumps.

“I promise I’ll catch you.” He answers, pulling his arms out of the water. “Now jump.”

I shut my eyes, taking a long respiration.

“Everything will be fine love... I’m here.” He calls out. I let out another shaky sigh, and then I jump, fueled by adrenalin. I feel alive for the first time in a couple weeks as the wind bites my exposed skin, the water rushing exhilaratingly fast towards me.  Niall’s blurry shape is suddenly a few centimeters away and just as I feel hands on my waist, the bay swallows me whole, the force of my impact bringing Niall underwater with me. Everything is suddenly dulled, my hearing impaired as my ears fill with water.

I hold my breath, opening my eyes to gaze through the clear water with amazement. A couple of little fish were swimming peacefully here and there, mostly around the rocks and weeds. I look downwards. Wow.... This is deeper than I thought it’d be. Forgetting for the fraction of a second that I’m underwater, I gasp in surprise. Water fills my lungs just as I feel the hands on my waist tugging me upwards.

 I manage to get my head out of the water seconds later, wheezing.

“Niall?!” I panic, my legs kicking under me to keep my head over the surface.

 “Shhh love it’s alright. Everything’s okay, I’m with you.” Niall coos, helping me to gain control over the water. “You told me you could swim...”

“I can... I just panicked and I-I-I lost control.” I blabber, trying to regulate my breathing.

He eyes me inquisitively. “Did you actually try to breathe under water?” he realises, chuckling lowly.

“No I gasped... But yeah dumb move I know.” I puff.

He bursts out laughing, and I splash him, angry.

“You’re serious?! You tried gasping underwater?! Ha ha ha!” He laughs.

“Not my fault! This thing is just so deep and I was surprised and... Never mind.” I abandon as him laughter continues. “Look are we gonna keep swimming for the whole time? I feel like my legs are gonna give out.” I heave, a little annoyed of his mocking.

His laughing gone abruptly, Niall shakes his head, making water droplets drip off his hair.

“Boy are you whiny today huh? It’s like you can’t be satisfied with anything I do... ” he sighs. Why does he have these sudden mood swings?

I’m about to retort something but he continues.

“C’mon, there’s a place in this little cove where you can actually touch the bottom.” He chuckles, pulling my arm as he swims through the waterfall effortlessly. I stop in front of the cascade.

“Isn’t it gonna push you downwards?” I question, eyeing it uncertainly.

“Give me your hands,” he instructs from the other side, his voice slightly dimmed by the falling water.

“What why―”

“Do you trust me? Would I hurt you purposefully?” he shoots simultaneously.

“Okay fine...” I reply before carefully passing my hands through the curtain of water.

As soon as our fingers lock under the water, the blonde boy tugs me rapidly towards him, the force of my body sliding through the water creating waves that end up splashing on his chest. Surprised, I reach for his shoulders to steady myself, but my hands end up grasping around his neck. Our eyes meet.

“I love you Sophie Miller.” Niall mumbles, before his lips latch on mine. He wraps my legs around his waist, hauling me up so I’m higher than him, my upper body out of the water. My hormones, who were familiar with the feeling of being abandoned and ignored, decided it was okay to kick in full drive. Cupping his face, I return his kiss heatedly, cherishing the contact of our skins together and the attention he was giving me right now. I feel his wet hands slide up and down the length of my body and I shiver from the cool contact, arranging my position so our body warmth could mix properly.

Water droplets slide down my skin and onto his as the kiss gets calmer, more loving and less desperate.

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